Best Backpack Purses

Best Backpack Purses

Mini backpack purses are purses on your shoulders. They help you travel as cool as a cucumber because they give you more flexibility while moving. You can do so many things with a Backpack purse on, which cannot be done with customary purses or handbags. After the advent of backpack purses, so many people embraced them due to the convenience they offer. College students and young people especially welcomed them with a whole heart. They felt it looked both fashionable and comfortable. Before we dive into a list of best backpack purses, let’s take a look at a few pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Backpack purses


  • You get to move freely
  • Less strain on your hand
  • More comfortable to carry
  • Feels light as the weight is distributed between two shoulders.
  • Lower chances of the bag getting snatched away


  • You cannot easily access your items.
  • High chances of theft as the backpack is not in your visibility.(Note:-There are few backpacks that come with anti-theft zipper section)

Now it’s time for the Best Backpack Purses.

Top 10 Best Backpack Purses

Some people wanna look trendy, some are budget conscious, while some are brand conscious. We have different people who have varied expectations. So the market has diversified their product line and some even offer customized pieces according to the likeness of the customer. Here, I will be considering some major factors such as cost, style, features, and quality to sort out the best Backpack purses from the market and catalog them as a list.

Slater Medium Leather Backpack Purse

Slater Medium Leather

Grand, rich, and luxurious. These are the words that come up in my mind when I see this bag. The exterior of the bag looks smooth and sleek, while the interior of the bag looks cozy. You can increase your splendor with this bag, or we can say this bag complements your fashion sense. The golden chain adds more richness to the bag. Inside the bag, you have a sleeve to place your iPad that is not more than 11 inches (ca. 28 centimeters), a zippered pocket, and a slip pocket. Oh, Look! It looks like one of the best backpack purses you were looking for. You might also want to take a look at our full grain leather duffle bag from here.

  • Size: L 10” x H 13” x W 5.5”
  • Material: Leather
  • Cost:$158.90

Hawee Sling Bag

Hawee Sling Bag

I love sling bags. Wearing them makes you look cool, don’t they? This type of bag is suitable for younger people, as they look fashionable. Now, talking about this bag particularly, it is available in three skins and all its skins look cute and attractive. The theme of the skin is more feminine and steals our eyes. For Melophiles who always want some rhythm, you have an earphone hole that lets you extend the wire from the phone. This can be one of the best backpack purses you could carry to your college.

  • Size: H 17.3” x L 10.8”
  • Material: Polyester
  • Cost:$25.99

Nevenka Backpack Purse

Nevenka Backpack Purse

This is a very casual backpack purse. It is not fancy, but it looks classic. Due to its casual look, people of any age can carry them. Youths can carry them to their school, women can carry them to their office, etc. and that is why I call this everyone’s Backpack Purse. It has one main compartment with two-way zipper closure and another two zippered pockets on the front and back. You also have multiple sleeves and a zipper pocket inside. It can hold all your articles. This back is available in multiple monochromatic colors. It is one of the best Backpack purses made up of PU leather/faux leather.

  • Size: L 10.2” x H 12.6” x W 3.9”
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Cost:$22.99

Anti-theft Backpack Purse

Anti-theft Backpack Purse

This backpack purse made up of faux leather looks as original as the authentic leather bag and the skin is very shiny. This bag can give you a very rich leather experience at a very cheap price. Apart from appearance, it gives us so many pockets to keep our things organized, It has one main compartment with many sleeves for holding your electronic gadgets and cosmetics. And another zipper section outside can be used to keep essentials. You also have two side pockets where you can stow your water bottle. And above all, this bag has anti-theft features in the zipper. Take a look at other best backpack purses too, but you can always come back to this one.

  • Size: L 12.6” x H 12.6” x W 5.9”
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Cost:$26.99

Pincnel Backpack Purse

Pincnel Backpack Purse

Travel in style by this bag. This bag looks incredibly stylish and is available in plenty of colors. A combination of PU leather and nylon adds strength to this bag and water-resisting ability. So we can call this bag a blend of quality and fashion. You can buy this bag to enjoy it for a long period. This bag has a thick top handle for carrying them with ease. You also have a removable decoration fur, which I think makes the bag look a bit cute. There you have it, one of the best backpack purses.

  • Size: L 13.4” x H 13.4” x W 6.7”
  • Material: Water-proof Faux Leather
  • Cost:$25.99

All Camp Backpack Purse

All Camp Backpack Purse

Mommies out there! This bag is for you. It could be your bag that you can carry while traveling with your baby in a trolley. You can connect this bag to the baby trolley and keep all the items necessary for the baby in reach. The main compartment of this bag has ample space to keep baby clothes and sockets on the wall to hold the feeding bottles of the baby. I can say this is one of the best Backpack purses for mommies who have infants.

  • Size: L 13.39” x H 12.04” x W 8.27”
  • Material: Nylon and Faux Leather
  • Cost:$48.88

Cuyana Leather Backpack Purse

Cuyana Leather Backpack Purse

If you are looking for an exotic backpack purse made from high-quality Italian leather, then this bag is for you. This bag has an elegant and rich look. It is available in three colors namely Black, Caramel, and Stone. The surface of the bag has a pebbled leather texture. If you wanna make an extravaganza appearance at a party, this is one of the best backpack purses you could choose. But the only thing that itches me about this bag is, it is very expensive.

  • Size: H 14.5” x W 10.75 ” x D 8.25 ”
  • Material: Italian Leather
  • Cost:$450

Theandibrand’ Backpack Purse

'Theandibrand' Backpack Purse

This is one of the best Backpack purses that has a drawstring closure. Be it any bag type, drawstring closure type bags are special to me. They are crude and archaic. If we are gonna talk about this backpack purse, it is the same with a modern touch. Speaking of the material, it is made up of nylon and hence this bag is completely water-resistant. This bag doesn’t have many pockets, the main compartment has one sleeve where you can keep your phone. On the outside, you have two meshed pockets on two sides where you can keep water bottles or other essentials.

  • Size: H 16” x W 14” x D 5.5”
  • Material: Water-resistant Nylon
  • Cost:$118

Sherpani Backpack Purse

Sherpani Backpack Purse

Sherpani has come up with one of the best backpack purses that have anti-theft features. All the zipper closure of this bag has an anti-theft mechanism, and you can also protect your bag from snatchers using a loop system that helps you tie your bag to some support. The material of this bag is so strong for thieves to tear open your bag. Sherpani has given enough importance to carrying features too. The bag has multiple sleeves and pockets to hold all your gadgets, wallet, and cosmetics.

  • Size: L 11” x H 15.55” x W 4.5”
  • Material: Melange & Nylon Fabric
  • Cost:$119.88

Modoker Backpack Purse

Modoker Backpack Purse

A perfect backpack purse for office goers, college students, and any people who carry a lot of tech gadgets with them. This bag has enough pockets to hold all your electronic equipment. There are six compartments and among them, you have dedicated compartments for your iPad and Laptop. You also have a USB charger port to charge your phone on the go. This is one of the best backpack purses for your gadgets in an organized manner. The shoulder straps are padded to reduce the stress on the shoulders.

  • Size: L 11.8” x H 16.5” x W 5.1”
  • Material: 600D Nylon Fabric
  • Cost:$29.99

How to use a Backpack purse?

Your fashion sense will not stop with buying, the journey of that bag with you has just begun. Now you need to focus on how to use them? To be precise, you should always know the ways to look fashionable with this bag. It should sync with your apparel, walk, and attitude. So let’s discuss it.

Wear Matching Apparel

Fashion is not about buying super attractive apparel and backpack purse. You should choose the right apparel which is in harmony with the backpack purse. Both of them should represent well together. I will be talking about it in the other sections below.

Contrasting colors

Your backpack purse should be in contrasting colors with the top-dress or shirt. There are plenty of contrasting color combinations, but the all-time classic is black and white. Yup, a black purse with a white top or vice versa can give you a stunning appearance. However, it all depends on individual taste too. So you can choose whichever suitable combination you like.

Leather Jacket and Leather Purse

Elegant-looking Leather Jacket and Leather purse is the best ensemble you can ever find. They give you a rich and exotic look. Here, it is not necessary to have a contrasting color combination. The same color combination can give you a better look.

Carry Using One shoulder

Carrying your backpack purse using one backpack strap on one shoulder makes you look cool. I consider this as showcasing that we are not kids anymore, we are hormone-driven teens living our crazy times.

You Can Use Top Handle

Most backpack purses have a top handle, making them multi-functional. To look professional, you can carry them using a hand.

You Should Know These Things Before Buying Backpack Purses [Buying Guide]

You will be overwhelmed after checking out the variety of backpack purses that are available in the market. Sometimes, despite having hundreds of options to choose from, you may not feel like buying even one. Yeah! That is what is called ‘Confused’. This happens with many people. So I have listed and explained some important factors one needs to consider before buying backpack purses.


Apart from clothes, a purse is another important style characteristic people look for. For some, purses are a symbol of status. Stating this, I can say one must buy stylish-looking purses only but guess what? That is wrong. There is something called personal taste, which is unique for everyone. So you don’t have to tail behind the style trend every time, instead, you can search for a bag with looks that you like.


Material controls a lot of other factors such as cost, appearance, and quality. Each material has its set of characteristics, where some are beneficial while others are not. People have to make choices between them. However, manufacturers of each company keep would keep trying to overcome its downsides with innovations.


Look for the best quality, functionality, and stylish-looking backpack purses at a reasonable price. Well, I know it is difficult to find a purse that can satisfy all three factors in the range of cost you are expecting. But these bags are not like, they don’t exist. If the amount is not your concern, you can start trying reputed brands. Speaking of which, you might also want to take a look at our Gucci travel duffle bag from here.

Sleeves and pockets

If you are going to college or office, you may need sleeves and pockets to hold your laptops and pockets. A mommy with an infant may need pockets for stowing feeding bottles, tissue pockets, and other things related to the infant. It all depends on usage, so choose wisely.

Anti-theft zipper

This is one of the important features you should look for in a backpack purse. We keep a lot of valuable stuff like MacBook, Smartphone or even iPad. Hence, it is important to safeguard the items that you keep inside using the Anti-theft zipper feature.

Different Types Of Backpack Purses

Zippered Backpack

These type of Backpack Purses reflects a mini-version of standard backpack used for schools or colleges. You may have 2 or 3 compartments with zipper closure. They are more suitable for college students.

Satchel Backpack Purse

Satchel Backpack Purse has a flap closure, often with snaps. These types of bags look classic, and sometimes they also have a top handle to carry them in your hand. This way, they look both fashionable and professional.

Sling Backpack Purse

Sling Backpack Purses are trendy and stylish. It has a single strap that you can wear across your body. And also they are incredibly convenient because your hands can easily reach them. This is one of my favorite Backpack Purses.

Drawstring Backpack Purse

They are rustic-looking Backpack Purses that have a drawstring closure. These bags are for people who prefer simple and raw-looking Backpack purses.


Backpack Purses are trendy and effective. You can get the best of both worlds with them. Backpacks, though effective, are sometimes considered less fashionable or kiddish. In such cases, fashion-conscious people can carry them using the top handle. Other than this two, you also have a sling backpack purse that you can wear across your shoulder, they are more stylish than the former two. These backpack purses are limited to people of a certain age only. People of any age can use backpacks in general, but you have to be picky while buying them. You might also want to check out our best duffle bags for girls recommendations from here.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. Are Backpack purses suitable for college?

Yup. They look trendy, and you can wear them to your college.

2. Which type of Backpack Purse looks stylish?

I find the sling Backpack purse more stylish.

3. Can we store all our essentials in a Backpack Purse?

Most Backpack Purses have enough space to store your essentials.

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