Best Briefcases For Women

Best Briefcases For Women

Briefcases are rectangular, box-shaped containers that were initially used for carrying documents and files. The term Briefcase is a combination of two words, ‘Brief’ and ‘Case’. In the legal world, the word ‘brief’ means notes that help lawyers during their judicial proceedings. They used to carry this ‘Brief’ in a case. And that is how the word came about. Now the briefcases have increased their spectrum of usage. People of various fields are using briefcases now.  Briefcases have traveled a long way since the 19th century. We are in the 21st century now. So many things have changed. The important change is the high participation of women in working.

The Briefcase Is Coming Back In A New Light

The gap between men and women is reducing constantly. That is a good thing, to be honest. We, humans, are aiming for bigger things, for which we need to work together. To work better, convenience is more important. In this way, women have incorporated so many things, from clothing to accessories, from men. There are so many products that have become gender-neutral. The briefcase is one such product. Despite all this, each gender will have its custom need. Manufacturers have considered such requirements and have started manufacturing their products accordingly. Likewise, briefcase manufacturers have adopted these suggestions too. I have listed below some of the best women’s briefcases that are available in the market. 

What Are Some Best Briefcases for Women?

I have seen women carrying a handbag in one hand and a separate bag that carries work-related items. Carrying your items like this is not only inconvenient but also less formal. From clothing to bags, everything should look professional. That is why a briefcase would be the best option to choose. Briefcases have enough space to accommodate both personal and office-related items. There are also models that come in briefcase purse combinations. Here, I will be listing some of the best briefcases for women considering various factors such as style, utility, cost, and weight. 

Professional Briefcase For Women From Easegrave

Easegrave Professional Briefcase

This briefcase perfectly blends utility and fashion, and that is why I call this the best women’s briefcase. The outer design of the briefcase offers you a beautiful look. You can carry this briefcase to your workplace as they appear both professional and fashionable. The interior of this briefcase provides enough room for all your items. It has two main compartments with a padded laptop sleeve. The laptop sleeve can hold laptops whose size is between 15.6-17 inches. You can place your purse, phones, make-up items, and other accessories.  The bag material is made up of eco-leather. You can be fashionable and eco-friendly at the same time. The eco-leather gives you the same appearance and feel that a legitimate leather would offer. On top of all, they cost less than $50. This is one of the best briefcases for women that is not only trendy but also affordable. 

Leather Lawyer Briefcase For Women From Time Resistance

Leather Lawyer Briefcase - Time Resistance

This ladies briefcase is a carefully crafted piece. It is handmade in Italy by very skilled craftsmen. These craftsmen have kept their craftsmanship a secret and passed them down to their families. The craftsmen have allocated enough time and attention to craft each briefcase. They have manufactured this briefcase in such a way that the raw feel of leather is preserved.  Their hard work and creativity have yielded results. Also, these briefcases are extremely light weighted too. They come in two colors, namely Black and Blue. Adding fancy color has been avoided as the leather loses its originality in appearance. I consider this as one of the best briefcases for women lawyers. You can look both classy and professional at the same time. Can it be more perfect, when you can get the best of both worlds?

CLUCI Women Oil Wax Leather Briefcases

CLUCI Women Oil Wax Leather

Carry this slim briefcase which offers huge space. This is one of the best briefcases for women who travel a lot. Speaking of traveling, you might also want to take a look at our travel duffel bags article from here. You will be less irritated after using this briefcase because it is incredibly easy to carry around. Bulky briefcases cause discomfort by hitting our bodies. Considering the appearance, you should not mistake it for less capacity. The briefcase is voluminous and has plenty of pockets to hold various items in place. It has 3 zippered compartments and a front pocket. The 3 zippered compartments have 5 card slots, 4 pen loops, 2 inner zippered pockets, and 1 padded laptop sleeve. The laptop sleeve can hold laptops whose size is below 15.6 inches (ca. 40 cm). This briefcase can accommodate files, papers, and documents too. These briefcases are available in many combinations such as White-brown, Red-brown, etc. Monochromatic colors such as Black and brown are also available. 

ECOSUSI Women Briefcase PU Leather

ECOSUSI Women Briefcase PU Leather

Are you looking for a ladies Briefcase that has a good feminine touch? Then, this is the briefcase you should be buying. The main feminine attraction of this briefcase is the detachable ribbon, and that makes this the best women’s briefcase. Students and professionals, both can use them. This briefcase has a top handle and an adjustable shoulder strap. In case your briefcase weighs heavy, you can carry them on your shoulders. It has 1 main compartment with a padded laptop sleeve. Laptops whose sizes are below 15.6 inches will fit in. There is a zippered pocket outside(under the flap). This briefcase is made up of eco-friendly leather material. These briefcases are available in monochromatic colors such as Black, Brown, and Red. Other than those, a Black and Brown combination is also available.  On a whole, this is one of the best women’s leather briefcases.

Durable Briefcase For Women From EaseGave

Durable one from Easygave

This is one of the best briefcases for women who are looking for a product that has a high lifespan. These briefcases have a smooth finishing. They have only one zippered section. This zippered section hides within 4 large compartments, 2 slip pockets, 2 pen holders, and a padded laptop sleeve. The laptop sleeve can hold laptops whose size is between 14-17 inches. There is enough space to store a laptop, iPad, iPhone, mouse, Sunglasses, book, keys, wallet, and cosmetics. There is a large spectrum of colors to choose from. 

BOSTANTEN Formal Leather Briefcase Shoulder Laptop

BOSTANTEN Formal Leather Briefcase Shoulder Laptop

This briefcase is quite heavy when compared to other briefcases listed above. It weighs about 3.6 lbs. However, it is made from genuine cowhide leather. This is one of the best briefcases for women who love leather briefcases. The metal accessories are made up of silver color alloy. Only black color briefcases are available. It has no external pockets. There is one big zippered compartment within which there is 2 zipper pocket, a laptop sleeve, 2 pen slots, and 3 card slots. The briefcase usually holds a laptop, iPad, iPhone, and A4 sheet. This briefcase can be a perfect choice for business use. It looks more professional. At last, we can call it one of the best stylish laptop bags for women.

CLUCI Briefcase for Women

CLUCI Briefcase

Best Female briefcase that has a stylish-looking. You can use it for your college or office use. This briefcase is made up of fine-quality cowhide leather. The interior has a smooth fabric lining. It has one main compartment. Within that, you have a padded laptop sleeve. The laptop sleeve is reinforced with foam to absorb shock and prevent your laptop from damage. It has a top handle and a shoulder slip. The shoulder slip has a good grip. These suitcases are available in various colors and combinations. Contrasting colors have been selected to have a pleasing look. The bottom of the briefcase has feet in four corners, which helps the briefcase stand upright when placed down anywhere. On a final note, I would say, this is one of the best women’s leather briefcases that can be taken to the office.

 Alpine Swiss Rolling Briefcase For Women Lawyers. 

 Alpine Swiss Rolling Briefcase For Women Lawyers. 

Best female briefcase for Women lawyers, and they can easily roll these briefcases to the court. These briefcases have wheels at the bottom. This helps lawyers to carry their heavily loaded briefcases. This briefcase is made up of hard material so that you get an extended lifespan. The interior of the briefcase is spacious enough to hold your laptop, files, and document. The laptop sleeve has a strap to hold your laptop in position. You have a rigid top handle and a telescopic rolling handle. This is one of the best briefcases for women who are looking for comfort while traveling.  

Samsonite Toploader Briefcase For Women And Men

Samsonite Toploader Briefcase For Women And Men - Best Briefcases For Women

Are you a person who doesn’t like carrying around fancy briefcases? Are you looking for a simple and modest briefcase that you could take with you? Then this briefcase is the best choice for you. It has a simple design yet, it gives you a professional look. This is one of the best briefcases for women who need a modest briefcase.  It is available in monochromatic black color only. A rugged fabric material has been used for extended durability. Two zippered pockets are present in the front for quick access to your essentials.  The main compartment comes with a laptop sleeve. The laptop sleeve can hold laptops whose sizes are below 17 inches. You can also store files, documents, and papers in the main compartment. 

Filson Original Briefcase

Filson Original Briefcase - Best Briefcases For Women

This is one of the best briefcases for women that is made up of cotton. Cloth bags are incredibly cheap and useful. They don’t give you a standard briefcase look, but they have the same functionality as briefcases made up of other materials. Briefcases made up of cotton are expandable. These briefcases are perfectly sewed to last for a longer time. The canvas is treated with oil to prevent water from soaking in. It can protect from light showers and snow.  The handles are made up of leather so that you get smooth touch while carrying.  This is one of the best briefcases for women available at cheap rates. 

What Are Some Pros and Cons of Using Briefcases?

Briefcases are very useful that have numerous functionalities. But some features can be advantageous or disadvantageous according to our needs and situations. Let us have a look at some of the pros and cons of Briefcases,


Professional look

Briefcases add dignity to your appearance. They are more formal. These briefcases will tell who you are and what you do. This is the reason still briefcases are used by many professionals. The modern briefcases are wonderfully crafted to look both fashionable and formal. People who are fashion conscious can buy them too. 


Briefcases can be a wonderful companion for women. Modern Best briefcases for women are designed in such a way to accommodate both personal belongings and work-related items. This eliminates the need for carrying two bags(Purse and Workbag).    



Most briefcases made up of leather are costly. If you need a briefcase made up of fine-quality Italian leather, then it will cost you much more. However, other briefcases are made up of cotton, plastic, and eco-leather materials. They are available at much lower prices. But the sleep and professional look offered by the leather briefcases are unbeatable.  

Your Hand Is Always Busy

One of the biggest disadvantages of a Briefcase, when compared to a backpack, is flexibility. You can do more complex activities with your backpack. But, this is not the case with the briefcase. Briefcases, in general, offer you fewer degrees of freedom. This makes briefcases one of the most unsuitable baggage for off-beat adventures. 

Are You Ready For A Small Chronicle About Briefcases? 

Briefcases have been in existence for a long time. The history of the briefcase case begins in the Roman Period. Roman soldiers used to carry a briefcase-like bag made of leather with them. These bags were mostly used for storing provisions.

About Briefcases

These satchels were used by common people too. I would like to quote a few lines from Shakespeare’s play ‘As you like it. 

“And then the whining schoolboy, with his satchel”. 

This proves that briefcases had been a part of the life of common people.  However, Briefcases representing modern ones can much later. They became very popular in the 19th century.   At first, they became very popular among lawyers. Later business people, workers, and politicians started using them too. Now,  briefcases are modified in such a way to assess the needs of the modern world. 


I have listed some of the best briefcases for women. Briefcases of various brands, prices, and materials were taken into consideration. Most of the above products are a blend of fashion and professionality. They are more suitable for fashion-conscious women at their workplaces. When it comes to material, usually leather briefcases are of high cost and cotton-made briefcases are lower in cost. I have included some of the best briefcases for women that are made up of eco-leather. You don’t have to sacrifice your fashion sense to be animal-friendly.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) – Best Briefcases For Women

1. What are some cheap briefcases for women?

    Briefcases made up of cotton are less expensive. 

2. Are briefcases vegan-friendly?

    There are briefcases made of eco-leather. You can choose from them.  

3. Do we still need to carry a purse after buying a briefcase? 

    NO. The briefcase has enough room and pockets to hold all your items. 

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