Best Gucci Duffel Bags

Best Gucci Duffel Bags

Duffel bags are one of the ultra-utilitarian travel companions. They can be used under various circumstances. Daily commuters or business people or backpackers, all they need is a Duffel bag. Different Duffel bags have different add-ons. This helps you choose a customized one according to your needs.  Initially, cylindrical bags made up of cloth that had a top zipper were considered Duffel bags. Now, the term included all the soft bags that have rigid bottoms. With that out of the way, why don’t we dive into some of the Best Gucci Duffel Bags, we know that’s what you are here for, aren’t you?

What Are Some of the Best Gucci Duffel Bags?

Most of the items I have listed below will come from Gucci 100 collection. They have included many products that reflect upon Gucci’s interaction with Pop-culture. This is an attempt to pay tribute to famous old-school hip-hop rappers. Gucci is a luxury brand and is very expensive. For many years, even now, Gucci is synonymous with richness and grandeur. Pop stars have extensively used Gucci in their lyrics as a synonym to luxury.  Here is trivia, Gucci has been cited 22,705 times in all international songs. This shows how deep is the connection between music and Gucci. 

Gucci 100 Duffle Bag

Gucci 100 Duffle Bag -Best Gucci Duffel Bags

Celebrate the long trust and bond that you have with Gucci. As a part of its centennial celebration, Gucci launched this Duffel bag.  The design of the skin is a mixture of Gucci’s logo and circles. The bag looks funky and wacky. It is said that the design expresses the playful and whimsical nature of the Gucci fashion house. The psychedelic skin comes in blue and orange color combinations.  This is one of the best Gucci Duffel Bags for people who are offbeat always. Being different is a good thing. You can celebrate your special bond with Gucci with this Gucci Travel Duffel Bag.

  • Size: 17.3″ W x 10.6″ H x 9″ D
  • Weight: 4.7lbs
  • Cost:  $3,100 

Gucci 100 Duffle Bag

Gucci 100 Duffle Bag - Best Gucci Duffel Bags

This Duffel bag is also part of the Gucci 100 collection. This Duffle bag includes the lines from a famous song ‘The R’ sung by Eric B and Rakim. It can be a very good gift for people who are from the 90s. This is providing an opportunity for the 90s people to reminiscent about their sweet past. We all know that music is ever-evolving, but they are never out of trend. This is one of the best Gucci Duffel bags for 90s music lovers. Also take a look at our ladies backpack purse article from here.

  • Size: 21.5″W x 13.8″H x 8.3″D
  • Weight: 4.36lbs
  • Cost: $3100 

Gucci 100 Horsebit 1955 Duffle Bag

Gucci 100 Horsebit 1955 Duffle Bag - Best Gucci Duffel Bags

Gucci and its products are part of our life. Some products can help us recollect interesting events that happened in our past. However, fashion changes from time to time. New designs and models sprout every year. Many products and designs get lost in the past. They become antic. For such nostalgic persons, Gucci has come up with this Duffel bag. After thoroughly exploring designs from their archives, they have come up with this bag. The exterior has a multicolor strip design. The bag is made up of Baiadera stripe canvas. The handles are made up of leather. This Duffel bag is handy and easy to carry around. It has one top zippered section. The zippered section has two compartments and a phone pocket. This is one of the best Gucci Duffel bags for people who miss retro-style bags. 

  • Size: 15.5″W x 13.4″H x 5.7″D
  • Weight: 3lbs
  • Cost: $3400

Gucci Les Pommes Duffle Bag

Best Gucci Duffel Bags - Gucci Les Pommes Duffle Bag

This is another goofy-looking product from Gucci. The cartoonish apple found on the skin of this Duffel bag gives it a whimsical look. Fun-loving people would enjoy this Duffel bag. This Duffel bag expresses your playful attitude. Fashion sense is more than looking trendy. They are your representation. So, light-hearted people here is a perfect Duffel bag that represents your joyful mood. 

  • Size:17.3″W x 10.6″L x 9″D
  • Weight: 4.7 lbs
  • Cost: $ 2980

Gg Embossed Duffle Bag

Gg Embossed Duffle Bag - Gg Embossed Duffle Bag

This is one of the best Gucci Duffel bags made from leather. The skin of the bag has a smooth and shiny appearance. The emblem of Gucci is imprinted on the skin. Again, Gucci has been conscious of the environmental effects of manufacturing leather products. It is a well-known thing that the byproducts of the tanning process release carcinogenic pollutants.  So, they have used a leather material that doesn’t require a tanning process at all. It has one zipper section whose volume is around 28L. This section has 2 smartphone pockets. A top handle and a detachable shoulder strap are present in it. The bag has five Gucci emblem engraved feet at the bottom. Leather product lovers who want to be eco-friendly can buy one of these Best Gucci Duffel bags. 

  • Size: 17.5″W x 11″H x 9.7″D
  • Weight: 4.6lbs
  • Cost: $3400

Gucci Off The Grid Duffle Bag

Gucci Off the Grid Duffle Bag

Any eco-friendly person would buy a product that is manufactured using the concept of Sustainability. Excessive exploitation of our natural resources can be detrimental to our environment. Considering this, Gucci has come up with a new production line called ‘Circular production’. The products that were made using this production process used only recycled materials and trim. This is one of those Best Gucci Duffel bags that are made from Nylon fabric. This material can be recycled and used for production. The trims are made up of leather that is manufactured without the tanning process. The white leather trim and the silver fabric give us a contrasting look, and this could be a good designer bag for men. This is one of the best Gucci Duffel bags for people who wanna cause the least harm to the environment.  

  • Size: 18.7″W x 9.4″H x 9.4″D
  • Weight: 2.9lbs
  • Cost: $1790

Gucci Psychedelic Black Duffle GG Large Leather

Gucci Psychedelic Black Duffle GG Large Leather

I am gonna include another Psychedelic Gucci Duffle bag here. The thing about psychedelic skin is, you will be distracted from this crazy and busy world for a few moments. Bags that have psychedelic skin boosts my mood whenever I have a hectic day. Speaking about this bag, it is a used Gucci Duffel bag. The exterior design is a combination of hexagons (filled with stars) and Gucci’s logo. You have an adjustable shoulder strap and a top handle. It has one zippered section at the top. Protective feet at the bottom help you place your bag in a stable position. On a whole, this could be a great designer bag for men and women.

  • Size: 19.6″W x 8.2″H x 11.8″D
  • Weight: 2.6lbs
  • Cost: $3199

Gucci Off the Grid Duffle Bag – Cuboid

Gucci Off The Grid duffle bag - Cuboid

Like the previous one, this Gucci Duffel bag is also made using ‘Circular production’. This bag has a rectangular box shape. The skin is made up of black Nylon that is sewn using recycled thread. The logo of Gucci is imprinted in the same color so that it has an opaque background. The smooth logo glares at different brightness. The main compartment has a U-shaped zipper. It has a hoop handle and an adjustable shoulder strap. This bag is extremely light weighted. It weighs only 2.9lbs. This is one of the best Gucci Duffel bags for people who need a light-weighted bag. 

  • Size: 19.7″W x 11.4″H x 7.9″D
  • Weight: 2.9lbs
  • Cost: $1980

Gucci Convertible Duffle Bag GG Velvet Medium

Gucci Convertible Duffle Bag GG Velvet Medium - Best Gucci

The softness felt after touching a woolen or woolen-like material is such a pleasure. Carry bags made from such material are comfortable. The exterior of this bag is made from such material. This bag has a wonderful expansion capacity. The skin is brown. It has two straps with a color combination of red and green. You have a top handle and a padded shoulder strap. This is one of the best convertible backpack shoulder bag from Gucci for people who like fluffy and smooth bags. 

  • Size: 11.5″W x 17″H x 6″D
  • Cost: $2146 

Gucci Neo Vintage Web Duffle Bag GG Coated Canvas Medium

Gucci Neo Vintage Web Duffle Bag GG Coated Canvas Medium - Best Gucci

This is another Neo-vintage Gucci Duffel bag. This Gucci bag has adopted the design from the vintage collection. This Gucci Duffel bag has a funky color combination in the handle. One of the top handles is yellow, while the other handle is brown. The metal accessories are in gold color. It has 5 feet (ca. 152 cm) at the bottom for better stability. It has two leather tags 

  • Size:  12″W x 17″H x 6″D
  • Cost: $1953

What Is Gucci Fashion House?

Gucci has long been a leading fashion brand for a century. They are known for their unique fashion sense and high quality. Their brand is popular all over the world because of its commitment to customer satisfaction through quality. Even their tagline signifies the same, “Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.”  You trust a product because you have confidence that it will deliver what it was promised to deliver. The products of Gucci have been delivering the promise that it was made for.  Apart from quality, creativity and innovation are important things in the fashion industry. Gucci’s products are in the front line in this case too. Gucci’s designer fashion sense is evident from their creative products. 

Trendsetter Gucci

Gucci fashion house is a trendsetter. They are rightfully regarded as the pioneer of fashion. Once a famous American actress, Grace Kelly, requested Gucci to design a floral Scarf for her. That was when floral scarves started appearing. This scarf has 47 types of plants, insects, and flowers in 37 different colors.  

Alessandro Michele

The current director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele, has been creating a lot of sensation in the fashion world. Michele entered the fashion world with a sounding success in the Milan runway. His first womenswear collection that he introduced in Milan was a huge hit. He has increased the collections of Gucci multifold by using his enormous creative power. Recent collections of Gucci have numerous pop-culture references. He also recognizes the rich history of Gucci and he established a Gucci Museum that showcases all the best Gucci products including the best Gucci Duffel Bags. 

Some Interesting Facts About Gucci

Gucci has a lot of interesting stories to tell us. Gucci brand has made a roller coaster ride from 1921 to 2021. Currently, this year, it is celebrating its centennial. 

Bamboo Bag

During World War 2, Italy was under a fascist regime. The supply chain of Italy was badly affected by this. Guccio,  who was manufacturing leather baggage, faced a shortage in leather supply. So he swapped his material with linen and burnished cane. The burnished cane, also known as ‘Bamboo bag’,  is still sold in the market by Gucci. 

Are you wondering where did the double G in the Gucci logo come from? Those double G indicates the name of the founder, Guccio Gucci. However, this GG logo was introduced after Guccio passed away in 1960. The logo was introduced to honor him. 

Guinness Record 

The company once made a Guinness record by selling the world’s most expensive jeans. Those jeans were called ‘Genius Jeans’. The Genius jean was sold for a whopping $3134 way back in 1998.

Fashion Show In London

Gucci was the first brand in the world to host a fashion show in Westminster Abbey. This fashion show took place in 2017. It should be noted that the Gucci story began in London.  

Gucci Museum

The legacy of Gucci is worth remembering. The rich heritage of Gucci can be revisited in Gucci Museum. Some of the best products that were launched by Gucci are kept here. The museum also comprises a small book store and restaurant. 

About Gucci And Its Popularity

Now let’s talk about some of the Best Gucci Duffel Bags along with some of its other products. They are not everyone’s wardrobe items. Gucci is a luxury brand that has a rich heritage and reputation among elites. The story of Gucci begins with elites. It all started when Guccio Gucci, the founder of the Gucci brand, started working as an elevator operator in London’s Swanky Savoy Hotel. There he had a chance to interact with big celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Winston Churchill, etc. He got inspired after watching their exotic accessories. After returning to Italy, he established Gucci in his hometown, Florence. He started with detachable leather bags used by horsemen. Speaking of which, check out our take on the best leather duffle bags recommendation from here.

Later, he expanded his brand and products until he died in 1953. His three sons took charge after their father died. However, bad luck hit their brand hard, after Scandal stories related to the Guccio family started appearing in Press and Magazines. Their sales dropped significantly. They appointed Tom Ford as the Creative Director of Gucci. It was Ford who brought back the past glory of Gucci. He increased the sales of Gucci products by 90 percentage within 5 years of appointment. Since then, Gucci has paraded as one of the best luxury brands among famous personalities and thus has earned a sport with us. This is the entire reason we have created an article called the best Gucci Duffel bags. Here is an interesting trivia, famous rapper 2 Chainz’s said ‘When I die, bury me inside the Gucci store.


Gucci is focused on kindling some of the best memories. Their centennial celebration is strengthening the bond between their brand and customer via a common link called Music. Guess what? People are loving their reminiscent products. The sale of Gucci has increased tremendously this year. Gucci has been very careful in selecting the perfect sync between music and Gucci. Their lyric selection has proved this. Apart from this, Gucci has proved again what it is best at.  High quality, exotic material selection and exhibiting their rich heritage.

The quality of Gucci bags is unmatched. This answers the questions of why Gucci Bags are so popular and expensive. The material of duffle bags has been chosen wisely, considering different types of customers in mind. Veganism is a big thing now. Gucci has shown they are conscious of vegans and have launched various products that are vegan-friendly. Gucci’s designers were careful enough,  not to spoil the texture and appearance of bags that are made from leather-like materials. One hundred percent originality of leather has been retained in the bags made from leather-like materials. 

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs) – Best Gucci Duffel Bags

Is Gucci still the Guinness record holder?

No. Levi broke their record in the later years. 

How old was Guccio Gucci when established Gucci?

Guccio was 40 years old when he established his company in his hometown. 

Who is the current owner of Gucci?

French luxury group called ‘Kering’ is the current owner of Gucci.

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