Best Kids Rolling Backpack

Best Kids Rolling Backpack

The tender shoulders of your kids can get a break if you are choosing to buy him or her a roller backpack for school. This is the newest and the easiest way kids can appear at their school. A rolling backpack has two or three wheels at the base. This takes away the load from your kids’ shoulders. They can drag their backpacks to their school. This causes little or no stress on your kid’s hand. Your kid would also feel more comfortable with a roller backpack over a typical backpack. Kids prefer it for various reasons such as comfort, style, and usability. So, parents can grant their kids a great school-going experience by buying them the best kids rolling backpack.

However, you should not forget such rolling backpacks can be used in other scenarios too. This luggage type would be a great choice for your kid when you are planning a picnic or vacation. Most of the time, parents would be packing their kids’ travel items in their luggage. This stress for parents can be easily avoided by buying them separate luggage. And that luggage would be more perfect for your kid if it is a rolling backpack. Also take a look at our luggage rack for bedroom recommendations from here.

Top 10 Best Kids Rolling Backpack

While buying a rolling backpack for your kids, you should search for various aspects of it. For selecting the best kids rolling backpack, I have been mindful of such aspects while preparing this list. Have a look at the list that contains top rolling backpacks.

Mackenzie Navy Solar System Glow-in-the-Dark Backpacks

Mackenzie Navy Solar System Glow-in-the-Dark Backpacks

This rolling backpack is available in three sizes namely, Mini, small, and larger. You can choose the size according to the age of your kid. Usually, a mini rolling backpack is enough for pre-school kids. For kids who are studying in primary school may require small and large rolling backpacks. Nevertheless, the high-water mark of this backpack is the glowing effect in the dark. The solar system printed on this backpack will glow in the dark for more than three hours if it was kept under the sun for half an hour. This alone is a convincing reason for a kid to pick this rolling backpack.

Parents can buy this for their kids by ordering it from

  • Size: 10″ H × 8.5″ L × 4″ W (Mini Backpack), 15″ H × 12″ L × 6″ W (Small backpack), 17″ H × 13.75” L × 7.5” W (Large backpack)
  • Weight: Info Not Available
  • Material: Polyester
  • Cost: $44.50

Slim Rolling Backpack For Kids

Slim Rolling Backpack For Kids

This would be the best kids rolling backpack for students who are in high school. It has enough space to stash the books, laptop, and other files. The front zipper section can be used for keeping items such as pens, keychains, and other small items. This backpack can accommodate a laptop whose size is less than 15 inches (ca. 38 cm). It also safeguards laptops and books stored in the backpack from water. Since the backpack is made from recycled PET water bottles, it is water-repellent, durable, and lightweight. This eco-friendly backpack is available in two patterns, Rose Agate and Plaza Medallion. Finally, this is one of the top rolling backpacks manufactured, keeping the environment in mind.

You can buy any one of them from the website

  • Size: 17.25” H × 12” L × 6.25” W
  • Weight: Info Not Available
  • Material: Recycled PET Water Bottles
  • Cost: $140-70

Tilami Rolling Backpack With Armor

Tilami Rolling Backpack With Armor

The main feature of roller backpacks for teens is more space and pockets. And this bag has that feature. It is big and has four compartments. The small compartment at the front can be used for keeping the essentials such as phones, pens, and items that a teenager would use often. The top front pocket can be used for storing similar products. Behind these pockets, you have two main compartments. They can be used for storing big items such as books, iPad, laptops, etc. The last compartment has a designated laptop sleeve that would fit a laptop whose size is less than or equal to 18 inches (ca. 46 cm).

The handle of this Tilami rolling backpack is made from Aluminum and its usage for the handle provides high durability. You also have a guard below made up of propylene. This protects the rolling luggage from sudden impacts and accidental collisions. On a whole, this is the best would be the best rolling backpack for college.  

This strong and durable Tilami Rolling Backpack can be ordered online via Amazon.

  • Size: 19” H × 13” L × 8” W
  • Weight: 4.85 lbs
  • Material: Info Not Available
  • Cost: $74.99

J World New York Kids’ Rolling Backpack

J World New York Kids' Rolling Backpack

You get this kid’s rolling backpack with a lunch bag. Furthermore, you get these two bags at a cheaper price. Besides, your kid will have so many skins to choose from while buying this rolling backpack. All the skins would be likable by kids. If you want to give more variety while buying him/her a rolling backpack, this would be the best kids rolling backpack you could find in the market. The shoulder strap and handle are designed for less stress and more grip. So the kid using this rolling backpack will have a great time with it.

Buy this backpack with beautiful skins from the Amazon website.

  • Size: 16” H × 12.5” L × 6” W
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs
  • Material: Ripstop Polyester Fabric
  • Cost: $64.99

Sassafras Red Ladybug Roller Backpack Bag

Sassafras Red Ladybug Roller Backpack Bag

Small kids love animal or cartoon-themed backpacks very much. So, I am including this wonderful ladybug-themed backpack. This 3-D red ladybug looks cute and adorable. The 3-D structures of the ladybug constitute exterior pockets that can be used for stashing essentials. Talking about the material used for fabricating this backpack, the company has used Nylon that has given this bag a smooth surface. The polished surface shimmers outside. This ladybug can be considered as the best kids rolling backpack for kids going whose age is 5 or above can opt for it.

Order this ladybug roller backpack from the Amazon store.

  • Size: 11” H × 10” L × 3.5” W
  • Weight: 1.36 lbs
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Cost: $92.8

Toddler Dinosaur Rolling Backpack

Toddler Dinosaur Rolling Backpack

Apart from ordinary animals, kids are also fascinated by fabled animals such as unicorns or any other animals that are not found in the real world. And one such animal is an extinct dinosaur. This is not limited to kids but even adults. We are always fascinated by things that are not found in real-time, stating it as special. Having said that, this T. rex dinosaur will definitely intrigue your kid. The fluffy dinosaur can be attached or detached from the backpack. This roller backpack for school with Dino is sure to be your kid’s best companion.

Order this Dino rolling backpack from

  • Size: 12.5” H × 10” L × 3.5” W
  • Weight: 0.6 lbs
  • Material:  denim-styled polyester fabric
  • Cost: $42.98 – 34.98

Tilami Rolling Backpack 18 inch

Tilami Rolling Backpack 18 inch

The theme of this rolling backpack is unique and amazing. It looks cool for teenage kids. Furthermore, this rolling backpack has good space and compartments for stowing the things that are carried by a teenager. The rolling backpacks for teens should have pockets and compartments that support stashing all their items. There is a padded laptop sleeve, and they can use the remaining space for storing other objects such as books, smartphones, keys, etc. Finally, this is the best kids rolling backpack for college-going teenagers.

This college students’ rolling backpack can be ordered online from the online Amazon store.

  • Size: 18.92” H × 12.87” L × 8.27” W
  • Weight: 4.85 lbs
  • Material: Polyester
  • Cost: $109.99-79.99

Kreative Kids Rolling Backpack

Kreative Kids Rolling Backpack

Send your kids to their kids with their best companion since childhood, the bunny. The bunny and the rolling backpack booth have a woolly surface. You can either keep the bunny or replace it with a bunny that your kid already has. Your kids can use it in other scenarios too. When you are out for a family trip, you can store your kid’s items in this rolling backpack. So, kids will not miss their best friend during travel. We can conclude it as the best kids rolling backpack that would let the kids travel with their buddy.

This fluffy rolling backpack can be ordered from Amazon.

  • Size: 14″ H × 10″ L × 6″ W
  • Weight: 1.45 lbs
  • Material: Plush Fabric
  • Cost: $39.99

Disney Buzz Lightyear Rolling Backpack

Disney Buzz Lightyear Rolling Backpack

Disney and kids are inseparable. Similarly, the characters created by Disney have become an essential part of many kids. Most of the top rolling backpacks for kids have a Disney theme. Among the big list of cartoon characters, Buzz Lightyear is one of the most famous characters. If your kid is a fan of the Toy Story movie series, he will immediately sync with this luggage. He will not be careless about the backpack or lose it. The roller backpack for school has wings that don’t fly, however, this would definitely bring joy to your kid while dragging this rolling backpack.

Order this Buzz Light-year Backpack from

  • Size: 22.5″ H × 12″ L × 6.75” W
  • Weight: 1.95 lbs
  • Material: Polyester
  • Cost: $55.99

Unicorn Themed Rolling Backpack

Unicorn Themed Rolling Backpack

This rolling backpack would be a good choice for a girl. Along with a rolling backpack, you will also get a lunch bag and a small purse. To be more precise, this is a perfect purchase for an elementary school-going kid. This roller backpack for school has unicorn skin, which is one of the favorite mystical animals for small girls. So, This could be the best gift that a dad could present for her daughter.

This product is available on Amazon.

  • Size: 16.5” H × 11.8” L × 7.5” W(Backpack), 9” H × 8.2” L × 4.3 W(Lunch Box)
  • Weight: Info Not Available
  • Material: Glitter Sequin & PU material
  • Cost: $62.99

How To Buy The Best Kids Rolling Backpack?[Buying Guide]

Parents should focus on what kids are attracted to while buying rolling backpacks. Top rolling backpacks will have those kid-friendly enticements in them. At the same time, parents should focus on factors which don’t pay attention to. In the below section, I will be including both the factors that kids would like and factors parents should look out for. Please go through the below section for buying the best kids rolling backpack.


There are many kids who are not good at handling objects. If your kid is one among them, then this should be the first feature you should look for. While dragging or pushing the rolling backpacks, there are a great number of chances where your kid would dash or bump the backpack onto obstacles. So, in order to prevent this, a few kids rolling backpacks attach a guard made from strong material. This guard would absorb all the shocks and protect the body of the rolling backpack. This guard is usually present at the facade of the bottom portion. In my opinion, in order to consider a backpack as the best kids rolling backpack, it should definitely integrate this feature.

Size And Weight

The size parameter is very important for choosing the best kids rolling luggage or in other words choosing a suitable rolling backpack. Kids of various ages carry different types of items to their school or college. Usually, small kids carry fewer items when compared to teenagers. Teenagers in addition to books carry a lot of personal items with them. So, they require more space. Personal items can include, smartphones, iPad, cosmetics, etc. Now talking about the weight factor, since the backpack has wheels, the weight of the bag is of the least concern. Nevertheless, it is always better to buy rolling backpacks that are lightweight.


The theme of a rolling backpack plays a critical role. Kids of different ages have different likes and dislikes. The world of primary school kids is completely different from a high school kid. Teenagers tend to have the tendency of following the trend among the mass. As kids grow, they start noticing differences and similarities among them. They would like to spend time with people of similar age. And materials like backpacks, watch, laptop skins, etc. become the identifiers for finding people.


Kids don’t pay attention to this feature. For kids, the external appearance would be of major concern. But the material used for a kid’s rolling backpack is a critical factor that determines other factors such as quality, durability, strength, etc. So, which material is used in the best kids rolling backpack? The material used for both the backpack and the roller wheels should be able to sustain great abuse and rough handling. This guarantees a good lifespan for the luggage. At the same time, the material used should be lightweight. In addition to all of this, if you want a budget-friendly, the ideal option would be Polycarbonate.


The lesser the compartments, the messier would be the rolling backpack of a kid. With more compartments in a backpack, kids learn to pack their items inside it. At the same time, buying a rolling backpack that has more compartments than required will increase the stress of searching items from the backpack. So, buy a rolling backpack that can accommodate all the items carried by a kid and also help to hold them in their places. For that, you would need more designated pockets and sleeves.


The majority of kids rolling backpacks have only two wheels. Furthermore, the wheels are present at the rear end only. This creates an imbalance while making the rolling backpack stand upright. So, check if the kid’s rolling luggage has two feet at the front portion of the bottom. This has become a common feature in two-wheeled rolling luggage. However, still, there are a few rolling backpacks that don’t have feet to support. Speaking of the context, you might also want to take a look at our backpack with wheels for girl article from here.

How Should We Maintain Our Luggage?

You can make sure that your luggage works perfectly for most of the time in its lifespan by following the below steps. They are simple steps, but they can go a long way in increasing the durability of the luggage.

Choose The Correct Material While Buying

There are certain things that you should be aware of before buying the luggage. Knowing them can reduce the maintenance time and effort that you may have to invest after buying the luggage. The material used for fabricating luggage is one among them. Which material should one select while for better maintenance and usage of the luggage? Well, there are two types of luggage material that are used for fabricating two types of luggage. They are materials used for manufacturing Soft-sided and hard-sided luggage. So, for better maintenance and long life, one should choose polycarbonate in hard-sided luggage. Similarly, for soft-sided luggage, one should choose ballistic nylon. Leather is the material that would require the most maintenance.

Clean Them Regularly

After every trip, make sure you clean all the dirt. The faster you clean a speck of dirt, the easier would it disappear. However, if you delay, the dirt can become a permanent spot in the luggage. Also, if you are stacking it away somewhere for a long time, you will find it damaged when you take it out later. So, it is better to store it in a clean place where you could access it easily. Because, even though you are not using it, still, you have to clean it regularly. But cleaning off the luggage depends on the luggage materials. We can broadly classify the material used for manufacturing luggage into three categories. They are leather, Hard-sided material, and Soft-sided material.

Leather Luggage

You need just these following three items for cleaning luggage made from leather material. They are cloth, cleaning solution, and warm water. Take the cloth and dip it inside the warm water before you apply slight pressure on the leather while cleaning the grime. You can also use a cleaning solution according to the leather type used in the luggage. In both cases, make sure you don’t over-stress while cleaning, as it would damage the leather instead.

Hard-sided Luggage And Soft-sided Luggage

The first step while cleaning hard-sided and soft-sided luggage is leaving it under the sunlight for a few hours. This will remove the malodorous smell from the luggage. After this step, pick up a vacuum to suck out all the dust settled on the luggage. In the third step, detach all the removable parts from the luggage and clean it separately. During the fourth step, you should use different techniques for cleaning Hard-sided and Soft-sided luggage. Put your soft-sided luggage into a washing machine for cleaning. While cleaning hard-sided luggage, use a soap solution and cloth to wipe or scrub the inside and the outside of the luggage.

Pack Them Wisely

The better you pack, the longer will your luggage function perfectly. Damage to any part of the luggage will reduce its functionality. So, it is important that you pack wisely. Firstly, don’t overpack the luggage. Again it depends on the material. If your luggage is made from a material of high resilience, it can sustain abuse to a certain extent. But materials with less resilience are not resilient enough to bear the stress caused by over packing.

Look For Safety Features

If you don’t want to lose the luggage, it is significant that you buy luggage that has a lost and found feature. A piece of luggage is set to have a lost and found feature if the specific code of that luggage can be linked with the owner. So, when someone else finds your luggage, they will be able to contact the manufacturer or you. Nevertheless, if your luggage doesn’t have such a feature, there is an alternative option for you. The alternate feature is the GPS tracker. You can buy a GPS tracker with a subscription policy and use it to locate your luggage that is anywhere in this world. You can use your phone for this purpose by downloading the app of the tracker.

Utilize Warranty Policy

A good deal of luggage provides a warranty for a period that would start from one year up to fifteen years. Few companies even provide a lifetime warranty. So, read the warranty policy of your luggage’s manufacturer thoroughly so that you can get free repair or replacement of damaged parts. Nevertheless, keep in mind that few companies provide warranty for selected few parts only. Furthermore, the period of warranty changes from part to part.


A rolling backpack offers unbelievable comfort to kids. If you are buying the right rolling backpack for your kid, there are high chances of that backpack becoming one of the important reasons for your kid going to school. Hence, I have enlisted the best kids rolling backpack that is suitable for small kids to teenagers. Furthermore, I have included a few key factors parents should consider while buying a rolling backpack for their kid. Additionally, I have added steps to be followed for maintaining I hope this article helped both the parents and kids. Happy shopping! Also take a look at our best boys backpacks for school recommendations from here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Best kids Rolling Backpack

1. What should be the age of the kid for taking a rolling backpack with them?

Any kid who is aged above 3 can use a rolling backpack. If the size of the rolling backpack is bigger for the kid, the parents can drag the rolling backpack by stashing the items that are related to their kid.

2. What are the benefits of using a kid’s rolling backpack?

Less load on shoulder and hands.

3. Can college students use a rolling backpack?

Definitely! Rolling backpacks are being used by adults too. Teenagers can buy a rolling backpack that has features and themes they wish.

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