Best Large Duffel Bags

Best Large Duffel Bags

A large Duffel bag should be able to wrap all travel provisions needed for a week or longer. They should be spacious and have more pockets will be an added advantage as they reduce any stress while packing. Typically, a large Duffel bag should be more than 35 inches (ca. 89 centimeters) or at least 100) if we go by volume. Just one more thing before we dive into the best large Duffel bags.

Large Duffel bags are more suitable for long road trips. Road trips are unlike anything, they are not comfy like air travel or ship cruise. To get yourself comfortable, you may need so many provisions and helping apparatus, and that is why Large Duffel bags are the perfect choice for people who want to quench their thirst for adventure via road. But this is not limited to them, people going for long trekking or people who carry a lot of work-related equipment or even people who go hunting often can also buy these large Duffel bags.

Top 10 Best Large Duffel Bags

I am trying to make an exhaustive list that will include some of the best Large Duffel bags available in the market. Apart from size, we have so many other things to look out for while buying Large Duffel bags. So I will be encompassing many other factors to bring about a comprehensive selection yardstick.

Gothamite 42-inch Wheeled Rolling Duffel Bag

Gothamite 42-inch Wheeled Rolling Duffel Bag

Buy this large Duffel Bag whose size is about 42 inches (ca. 107 cm). This is one of the best large Duffel bags that is available below $50. It doesn’t look stylish, yet it has a decent look to carry during your Travel. Some main reasons why I choose this bag is, due to its quality, features, usability and above all, these features are available at an incredibly reasonable price. The main compartment is unbelievably voluminous and has three pockets on its walls and the other four pockets are present outside. For smooth travel, there are 3-wheels at the bottom to carry this jumbo-sized Duffel bag. You have a retractable handle with a zipper closure for dragging, and you can lift your heavy bag with the help of two hoop handles and two straps.

  • Size: L 42” x H 18” x W 18”
  • Material: 1200D polyester
  • Cost:$142.11

Rockland Rolling Duffel Bag, 40-Inch

Rockland Rolling Duffel Bag, 40-Inch

The stylish-looking 40-inch Duffel bag is perfect for air travel. . It is available in numerous colors and color combinations. You have a wide spectrum of skin designs to choose from. This is one of the best Large Duffel bags for people who are looking for bags that have plenty of print options. The manufacturer has given the same importance to features they gave to looks. The main section with U-shaped zipper closure can hold a hell lot of items. Outside you have six zippered pockets to keep stuff like, iPad, wallet, sunglasses, etc. For this large Duffel bag, you can use two carrying handles, one is the telescopic handle, for dragging through the airport terminal and the other one is hoop handles to lift them at check-ins. This type of bag is more suited to air travel, you can take this bag as your checked-in luggage.

  • Size: L 40” x H 17” x W 17”
  • Material: Polyester
  • Cost:$73.11

INFANZIA 45 Inch Zipper Duffel 

INFANZIA 45 Inch Zipper Duffel 

This is one of the best large Duffel bags that you can find in the market, which has a mega-size of about 42 inches (ca. 107 cm). This rectangular-shaped large Duffel bag looks compact and smooth. You can use this Duffel bag in various scenarios such as sports, gym, tours, etc. It doesn’t have any exterior pockets except for a single large compartment. You can stuff all your items inside in an organized or unorganized manner and start traveling towards your destination.

If you are planning for fishing at a nearby lake, you just need to throw your fishing rod and other related items before zipping them up. And similarly, if you are planning for a trek, this bag can accommodate big objects like a tent bag. We can conclude by saying that this Duffle bag is a huge sack with a zipper closure that can hold pretty big items or more items. It is available in three colors namely Black, Blue, and Grey.

  • Size: L 45” x H 12” x W 12”
  • Material: Polyester
  • Cost:$20.88

Farm Blue Store Military Duffel Bag

Farm Blue Store Military Duffel Bag

Buy this never-out-of-trend Military Duffel bag. These bags are raw and plain. This high-quality Military-grade Duffel bag is from Farm Blue Store. Using this bag, you are promised to get endurance and high durability as they are made up of 100 percent plastic. This bag is a quintessential Military Duffel bag, comes with an opening on the top, which is the customary case with military Duffel bags. You can stuff all your materials and close them using a D-shaped hooker. Overall, it is a typical army Duffel bag that is built to last. If you are looking for a rugged and strong military Duffel bag, then this bag is for you.

  • Size: L 42” x H 14” x W 14”
  • Material: Cotton Canvas
  • Cost:$280

K-Cliffs 42 Inch Duffel Bag.

K-Cliffs 42 Inch Duffel Bag.

Mega-sized Duffel bag that looks neat and sleek. It is one of the best Large Duffel bags that gives you extreme quality at an affordable price. The body of the bag is made up of thick layered water-resistant material and the manufacturers have used heavy-duty metal wares in the bag.

This bag is best suited for athletes with its large main compartment. You can throw in all your sports apparel such as towels, shoes, clothes, etc. A football, or a Hockey stick, or a Cricket bat, anything will fit in. But one disadvantage is it doesn’t have wheels. This automatically eliminates this bag from the travel bags list. Other than that, this Duffel bag is fine. It is available in three colors namely Black, Navy, and Camouflage.

  • Size: L 42” x H 20” x W 20”
  • Material:  High Density 600D Polyester
  • Cost:$43.00

Northstar Sports Duffel Bag

Northstar Sports Duffel Bag

We have another quality Duffel bag made by Northstar. Northstar is popular for creating quality Duffel bags, and they haven’t disappointed us this time, too. This Northstar over-sized Duffel bag is a perfect sport or gym bag. The wall of the bag is made using ripstop fabric which is woven in a diamond pattern. And that means high durability and endurance. This quality is not limited to the wall, even the zipper is built-in construction-grade and self-repairing technology(You can fix them up yourself). If we are gonna talk about its appearance, it is cylindrical and has shiny skin outside.

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For carrying options, you have an adjustable shoulder strap and two loop handles. This bag doesn’t have wheels. I mean, for such a big bag, you need wheels. However, this bag is perfectly alright for athletes and fitness freaks. It is available in seven colors namely Midnight black, International Orange, Pacific Blue, Slate Grey, Desert Shadow, Forestry Green, and Steel Grey. And finally, I have to say Northstar has given one of the best large Duffel bags in its series.

  • Size: L 30” x D 14”
  • Material: 1050 HD Tuff Cloth
  • Cost:$29.99

Mountain Hardwear Expedition Duffel — 100L

Mountain Hardwear Expedition Duffel — 100L

One of the Best Large Duffel bags that can be used for the expedition. This bag has so many innovations and increases our convenience. And among these, one of my favorites is an extended zipper closure that increases the lifespan of the zipper. After opening, you can fold the zipper collar for an extended opening. The inner walls are designed in such a way that it compresses as we add more articles inside, which means we get extended volume and soft wall at the same time. Two zippered pockets present outside can support you in accessing the essentials swiftly. There is also a meshed packet outside where you can temporarily store wastes until you see a trashcan or bin. You can carry them using hoop handles or a foam-padded shoulder strap that reduces the stress on your shoulder.

  • Volume: 100L
  • Material: 840-denier carbonate coated plain weave nylon
  • Cost:$240

Bago Wheeled Duffel Bag — 100L

Bago Wheeled Duffel Bag — 100L

A 100L Rolling Duffel bag that looks like a briefcase can be a very good companion during your travel. The exceptional feature of this bag is the two large wheels at the base. These large wheels help you drag your bag easily, even on uneven surfaces. It is a foldable Duffel bag which when stretched gives us a big main compartment with a secure pocket inside. On the outside, you have two pockets in the front and one pocket in the side. Another feature to be noted is it also has a dedicated shoe compartment. Having carrying options such as two hoop handles, a shoulder strap, and a top handle, this bag makes for a perfect travel Duffel bag. Overall, this is one of the best large Duffel bags that has an effective design for dragging comfortably.

  • Size: L 29” x H 17” x W 12”
  • Material: Not Available
  • Cost:$148.95

REI Co-op Roadtripper 140 Duffel

REI Co-op Roadtripper 140 Duffel

The skin of the bag looks simple and sleek. It is also the best large Duffel bag if you are looking for an eco-friendly Duffel bag. Recycled polyester has been used for fabricating this bag, and this recycling process reduces the large amount of waste that ends up in landfills. Using it is not only good for the environment but also for you because the bag has high wear-resistant and abrasion-resistant.

  • Size: L 37” x H 15” x W 15”
  • Material: Recycled Polyester
  • Cost:$74.95

Amazon Basics Large Travel Duffel Bag

Amazon Basics Large Travel Luggage Duffel Bag

How can we ever end the list without including Amazon Basic Duffel bags? Most of the Amazon basic Duffel bags have been excellent with superior quality and less price. And this bag is no exception. It is one of the highest-rated Large Duffel bags. This bag is simple in both its looks and features. The nylon material makes this bag extremely weightless yet durable. This is one of the best large Duffel bags available at the cheapest prices. It is available in three colors namely Red, Navy Blue, and Black.

  • Size: L 32.5” x H 17” x W 17”
  • Material: Nylon
  • Cost:$19.99

How To Pack Large Duffel Bags efficiently?

Before we talk about packing, I need to remind you of two things that you should know before you start packing. They are Destination and travel mode. Yup. They are very important because at first, you have to select the luggage according to the aforementioned two factors and the packing will vary according to both the luggage you have selected and the other two factors.

Things To Consider Before Packing


Your luggage type depends on the destination you choose. Supposedly you are packing for a trail trek and which type of bag will fit in? Will buying a wheeled Duffel bag that looks smooth and shiny survive the harsh trek condition? Definitely not!. For such adventurous expeditions, that bag has to be rugged and enduring. If you are going to Paris for a visit, and you need to roam around the city. In this case, a Duffel bag with wheels should be preferred.

Travel Mode

Whether you are traveling by air for a business purpose or you are cruising across the Atlantic, enjoying your holiday, your luggage selection should be precise. You need a Large Duffel bag for cruise trips, while a short overnight Duffel bag is enough for a 2-3 days trip. Let us say, you are going for a long road trip, there you need a Jumbo-sized Duffle bag that can hold enough rations that last at least a week.

Packing Guide

Now let us focus on packing. You need a plan before packing. Having chosen the type of Duffel bag now you need to stow all your travel articles in an organized and smart manner. When you pack your Duffel bag in an organized manner, you will remember where to reach for the item when you require them. Smart packing is prioritizing the usefulness of the packed items according to your need and placing them in the right places. Let us talk about these things in a detailed manner below.

Prepare The List

You should prepare a list containing essential and non-essential items. Essential items are things that you can’t buy outside easily, or they could be costly to buy. This stuff should be given importance while listing. Non-essential items are things that you can buy outside easily, and also they are cheap. You can even leave out a few non-essential items from the list, as it will save you some space.

Mind map your packing

After including all the things that you are going to put in, you have to take a look at the Duffel bag’s compartments and pockets. Now, you need to select the right pockets for the right items. Wasn’t I talking about smart packing? This is where it is needed. The items that you are gonna use often during travel should be kept in peripherals, while the least required can be placed inside.

First things First

Be it any type of Duffel bag, you should always place heavy items below. This will not only help in protecting your items but will allow your Duffel bag to be more stable. The flexible or foldable Duffel bags are to be necessarily packed this way, as they don’t have a stable base.

Using the main compartment

The main compartment will be holding most of your items. Some bags are divided into different sections for packing in an organized manner. You can keep your clothes in a compartment and cosmetics in another one. If there is only one large compartment, you can use solid and flat pieces to divide and use them.

Using pockets

In general, there will be two or three sleeves inside the main compartment. You can use them to store your private items securely. There are Duffel bags that have multiple zippered pockets on multiple sides. You can keep your phones, wallets, etc. in them.

Look for laptop sleeves

Many modern Duffel bags have laptop/iPad sleeves inside. But you ought to be watchful about the size of the sleeve and check if your laptop size matches.

Packing Clothes

Clothes should be either rolled or folded before placing them inside. This buys you more space. However, you should be careful about the material of those clothes because using the wrong method to compress the clothes can create wrinkles in clothes. Synthetic textiles such as nylon should be rolled preferably, while clothes made up of cotton fabrics should be folded. If the Duffel bags have various compartments, you can keep the sweaty clothes and fresh clothes in separate compartments. And if that is not the case, some Duffel bags have a dedicated shoe compartment, you can use it for sweaty clothes.

Packing Large Duffel Bags That Has No Pockets.

Even though most Duffel bags have at least one zippered pocket, typical military Duffel bags are devoid of them. So while packing them you should use a similar strategy, but here, you have to devise the entire plan for organizing travel items. But it is advantageous in another way because the standard bags have limitations in packing no of items, but here it can increase or decrease according to the quality of your plan. Maximum utilization of space is the key to increasing your packing items. You might also want to take a look at our best duffle bags for women article from here.

Different Types of Duffel Bags

Military Duffel Bags

Military Duffel bags are raw and naked cylindrical bags. They are also called ‘Seabag’ by sailors. Army Duffel bags(or Military Duffel Bags) are popularly used by marines and other American troops. Now it has evolved into different types that would have so many pockets and sleeves outside. More carrying options have been included. After this, they became popular among the public due to their properties such as toughness, durability, and endurance. People who go trekking, people who need tough bags to keep their hard and heavy materials, started using them widely.

Cylindrical Duffel Bags

This type of bag is the pro-version of the old “Seabag”. Instead of a hook on the end-cap, it would have a zipper opening on the wall. They are popularly used as a gym and sports bags. Sometimes, they are also used as a weekender or overnight bags.

Squared Duffel Bags

Squared Duffel bags, as the name suggests they have square shapes but not always they may be cuboid too. This type of bag that has a U-shaped zipper closure gives us a big mouth to keep our articles. But there is another important thing about these bags, they are structured. You can place them upright at an even or slightly uneven surface.

Rolling Duffel bags

This is one of the largest Duffel bags because of the comfort they provide. These bags make your travel seamlessly and effortlessly. But that will not be the case at every place because you will have a hard time dragging these bags on rough or uneven surfaces.

Duffel Bag With Backpack Straps

You cannot get a better Duffel bag for keeping your hand free while traveling, by shifting all your load to the shoulders. The backpack strips are mostly foam-padded to reduce focussed stress on your shoulders. This bag is best suited for offbeat journeys.

Various Materials Used For Making Duffel Bags


Leather Duffel bags are the latest addition to the materials used for manufacturing. They are more expensive when compared to other bags made from different materials. In simple terms, they are luxury items. But they are not only known for being luxurious but also for their durability. Duffel bag made up of leather is extremely hard and enduring, so any leather Duffel can last longer than other Duffel bags.

Faux Leather

If you are a leather lover, and you don’t have the budget to buy them, choosing faux leather or synthetic leather is the better option. This faux leather is mostly made from plant extract and almost represents a decent leather bag. It is also one of the best options for people who are vegans.


The very first type of Duffel bag was made using canvas. Cotton or linen was popularly used for manufacturing Canvas Duffel bags. Till now, Canvas Duffel bags are one of the favorites of people. This can be due to their reasonable price, durability, water-resistant nature, etc.


A wide range of Duffel bags with different designs, features, and styles have been checked before we started indexing them. Large Duffel bags are the default choice if one is planning a very long trip, they can take in a lot of things that you can’t imagine. These bags are not just travel bags, trust me, they are a lot more. One just needs to get the hang of how useful they are. Have a good time buying some of the best large Duffel bags. Also, check out our best backpack purses recommendation from here.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the capacity of large Duffel bags?

At large, most Large Duffel bags have a capacity of about 100L or 40 inches (ca. 102 cm)

Is a large Duffel bag enough for a week-long trip?

Definitely. A Duffel bag with 100L or more capacity is more than enough for a week-long trip

Do all large Duffel bags have wheels?

No. You have to look for it before buying.

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