Best Leather Garment Bags

A leather Garment bag can be the best choice if you want to look classy and posh. Even though leather is one of the oldest materials humans have been using, leather products are still in use. But, we all know how expensive an animal leather product is. Very few people could afford them, but this changed after the advent of products made from leatherette material. Synthetic leather products are much cheaper and almost resemble authentic animal leather. Furthermore, we are witnessing a huge surge in demand for vegan leather as people want to live an animal cruelty-free life.

Top 10 Best Leather Garment Bags

As I said before, there are types of leather in the leather industry. Each leather type has its own application, advantages, and disadvantages. On the below list. I have tried to enlist the best Leather Garment bag made from various types of leather.

Hook And Albert Men’s Black Leather Garment

Hook And Albert Men's Black Leather Garment

This leather bag looks smooth and sleek with fine finishing. With a modest design, it cannot look more professional. All the zipper, wall, and metal wares are black. You would look smart and stunning if you carry this black Leather Garment Bag wearing a contrasting cloth. The manufacturer has shown the same brilliance in storage facilities as well. The outer zipper section has so many sleeves and pockets to keep necessary items such as pens, chargers, cables, etc. It also withholds a big sleeve, where you can stow laptops whose sizes are less than 15 inches (ca. 38 cm). And for carrying options, you have two loop handles and a detachable shoulder strap. After finishing the journey, you can fold your Garment bag.

  • Size: L 22” x H 11” x W 13.5”
  • Weight: 5.1 lbs
  • Material: Premium Leather
  • Cost:$640

Tahiti – Leather Garment Bag

Tahiti - Leather Garment Bag

Buy this Leather garment bag that can be used as both messenger and Garment bag. It is made from a vegetable-tanned full-grain leather bag. And, this means that the bag decomposes easily, and you are doing a great service to the environment. Now, talking about storage facilities, it has three pockets on the outside. Two small pockets in the front and one large pocket on the back. Place your essentials in the smaller pocket and your laptop in the larger one.

  • Size: L 16.5” x H 21.1” x W 7.08”
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs
  • Material: Full grain hand stained vegetable tanned leather
  • Cost:$501

Papeete – Leather Garment Bag

Papeete - Leather Garment Bag

Like the previous one, this is also a full-grain leather bag. Since both the bags are not processed, the leather has uneven colors and looks very raw. But this is what leather lovers want. As the bag ages, it will look more amazing with patinas. The leather smell that comes from the animal leather is irreplaceable. People who love high-quality leather derived from animal skin will definitely love it. Storage facility-wise, this has three large zippered sections, two on the front and one on the back. At last, these two are the best Leather Garment bags which can be used as a messenger too.

  • Size: L 22” x H 11” x W 8.6”
  • Weight: 7.5
  • Material: Full grain hand stained vegetable tanned leather
  • Cost:$501

Robert Myers Leather Garment Bag

Robert Myers Leather Garment Bag

This is a very simple leather Garment bag with a zippered pouch. Insert the suit inside and stow all the essentials inside the pouch. And, that is it. We can call it a traditional garment bag made up of leather. Speaking of leather, the manufacturer has used top-grain leather. Hence, we get uniform tan-colored skin. The bag has a top handle that uses brass material. This is one of the best leather Garment bags in traditional Garment bag design.

  • Size: L 21” x H 39” x W 1” (Unfolded)
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs
  • Material:  Colombian cowhide leather
  • Cost:$349

Hook And Robert Women’s Garment Bag

Hook And Robert Women's Garment Bag

One of the best Leather Garment Bags for women. It can perfectly contain dresses like gowns, frocks, and even wedding dresses. Likewise, for cosmetics and other accessories, there is a separate toiletry bag. In addition to all this, there is a zippered pocket on the exterior too. You can also store more items than a traditional Garment bag could, as the bag can be converted to a Duffel bag. Hence, ladies who attend parties frequently should definitely consider this.

  • Size: L 20” x H 13” x W 9.5”
  • Weight: 3.9 lbs
  • Material: Pebbled Premium Leather
  • Cost:$640

Piel Leather Tri-fold Garment Bag

Piel Leather Tri-fold Garment Bag

A traditional Garment Duffel bag that is made using full-grain cowhide leather. It is a handmade leather Garment bag that gets fabricated in Columbia. You can fold this tri-fold garment bag twice to reduce its size while traveling. Because of this feature, the stress on your hand reduces tremendously. Furthermore, you can also use the trolley strap and this shifts the weight from your hand or shoulder. This bag has an unusually long hook for hanging on the hanger. Considering all these features, I would like to say this is one of the best leather garment bags in the traditional leather garment bag category that is tri-fold

  • Size: L 22” x H 17” x W 4”
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Material: Full Grain Cowhide Leather
  • Cost:$299.99

MAHILeather Garment Bag

MAHILeather Garment Bag

This is the kind of Garment bag that you would want if you don’t want a complex and multifunctional garment bag. A plain and sleek Garment Bag made from high-quality full-grain leather. It is a handmade product that has a very smooth finishing and good stitching. But the main highlight of this bag is, despite using high-quality leather, the manufacturer is selling it at an incredibly low price when compared to other sellers. Hence, it can be considered as one of the best leather garment bags available at an affordable price. You might also want to take a look at our carry on rolling garment bags recommendations from here.

  • Size: Customizable (Standard: L 23.6” x H 38.9” (Unfolded))
  • Weight: Customizable
  • Material: Full-grain Leather
  • Cost:$159.34

Garment Bag Sullivan

Garment Bag Sullivan

We have another handmade Garment bag made using high-quality cowhide. But this bag has more pockets when compared to the previous one. It can house the entire ensemble inside. There are five separate pockets for storing various accessories that you have to carry with your suit. This is definitely the best Leather Garment bag that is handmade using premium leather.

  • Size: L 22” x H 18.2” x W 1”
  • Weight: 6.61 lbs
  • Material: Naturally Tanned Cowhide Leather
  • Cost:$508.2

ParasolkaUA Leather Garment Bag

ParasolkaUA Leather Garment Bag

Buy this stylish-looking Garment bag crafted by hand using exotic Italian leather. There are two zipper pockets on the outside and two zipper pockets on the inside. You should use the inside zipper pockets for storing the accessories related to the suit, and the outside pocket should be used for keeping the items that we tend to use often. The interior of the bag is made up of cotton lining and gives us a smooth experience while using the Garment Bag. We can conclude this as one of the best leather garment bags that has a slim and sleek look.

  • Size: L 22” x H 25.2” x W 8.6”
  • Weight: Info Not Available
  • Material: High-quality Italian Leather
  • Cost:$255

Goldwinners Leather Garment Bag

Goldwinners Leather Garment Bag

An overnight Garment bag made from fine quality Buffalo leather. This bag has plenty of compartments and sleeves, which gives enough space to store all our items needed for an overnight stay. It has a leather loop for hanging on the wardrobe. Silver color metal wares have been used, which I think is a disadvantage to this bag. Instead, gold-coated metal wares would have been a better choice. I personally feel gold metalware and brown-colored leather to be the best color combination for the best leather garment bag.

  • Size: H 44”
  • Weight: Info Not Available
  • Material: High-quality Buffalo Leather
  • Cost:$345.62

Some Tips To Take Care Of Leather

Don’t Overload

Leather bags are flexible and can stretch. When you overload the products that are made from leather, the bag will stretch. Nut, while stretching, marks are created in the bag. These will become permanent bags and would spoil the skin’s design.

Keep It Under Shadow

Never keep your Bag or purse or any leather product directly under sunlight. If the Leather is exposed to sunlight for a long period of time, it will become very dry and after that, it will start cracking.

Add Moisture To The Leather

If you are observing the leather in your product getting dried, immediately moisturize them. For moisturizing, you can use a leather dressing or leather cream. If they are not available in the market, you can definitely ask your seller. You should continue moisturizing them despite not using them for a long time because they can get dry even if the leather isn’t exposed to the sun.

Be Careful While Using Leather Products

If you are conscious about using leather products, they can last for a long period and still look good. You just have to keep a few things in your mind, which I have listed below.

  • Avoid unnecessary wear and scratches.
  • Prevent the bag from getting stained.
  • If stains, clean them using soft clothes regularly.
  • Be cautious while storing sharp accessories.

Clean Regularly

There are plenty of ways to keep your bag clean and new. I have listed a few items below, have a glance at them.

  • Use steam cleaner to disinfectant leather products.
  • Use smooth and soft clothes to clean the stains from the bag
  • You can also use warm water or soap to clean the stains

How To Choose The Best Leather Garment Bag?

Leather is an age-old material that has been used for producing numerous products. They became popular as we started to grow cattle. Leather is actually a by-product of the meat. After killing the animal for its meat and the skin utilized for making leather. Also, the natural quality of the leather made it an important raw material for years to come. Leather is durable, wear-resistant, and water-resistant too. For so many years, no other material was able to replace leather until the modern era. Now we have leather material that is produced using plastic. They almost imitate original leather and are also low in price. The market is filled with products that are made from such leatherette material. To be honest, Some of the best leather garment bags are made from faux leather.

Real Leather Vs Faux Leather

Leather has become a broad term, encompassing so many types of leather materials. Like, before the advent of Synthetic or Organic(Vegan) leather, the animal skin was the only fish in the sea. However, things have changed drastically over the past decades. So, when we say leather, we have to look deep into the raw material it is made from. It can be either leather made from animal skin or from plastic.


The real leather acquired from the animals is more durable than the ones fabricated using plastic. The original leather will last more than 15 years with proper care and maintenance, But, the leatherette material will last only for 10 years even with good maintenance.


Here, in this case, the leatherette material has more endurance than real leather. The reason behind this is, the leatherette material is made from plastic and hence has no pores. So the material will not bulge or shrink, after absorbing the water. And it can also tolerate rough handling.


If you need elegant-looking products made from leather, you should definitely go for processes of top-grain leather or faux leather. The leathers made from synthetic material have more acceptability to industrial processing and hence the leather product designers are able to come up with leather bags that have different designs and colors. But there are also people who prefer only unprocessed leather bags because they preserve the originality of the leather, and it doesn’t look artificial. They require the fresh and raw feel one would get while using it. This cannot be provided by the leatherette materials. Also, take a look at our best personalized luggage tags recommendations from here.


Leather is a water-resistant material that has pores. The pores help your leather product breathe. And this means you will have a comfortable experience during warm weather. All your sweat will be absorbed by the leather according to its capacity. But if the product is made from leatherette material, better be ready to deal with sweaty clothes.


A factor that changes the choice of many people. Cost-wise, leatherette materials are cheap when considered real leather. Products made from real leather are expensive, and it also varies according to the type of real leather used. The full-grain and top-grain leather are more expensive when compared to genuine leather. The former two are extracted from the top layer of the animal skin, which is soft and fresh. And the latter is derived from the lower layer of the animal skin, which is not less soft.

Why is leather material expensive?


If you want to buy a product that looks luxurious, there cannot be a better product other than Leather. Leather is one of the many products that elites have reserved for themselves. Yeah, Of course, you have faux leather that is available at a low cost. People can definitely opt for this option, as leatherette materials that are available now look exactly like real leather. But people who want products made from original skin will always prefer top-notch full-grain leather or top-grain leather.


These full-grain and top-grain leather are so expensive because of the manufacturing process. The manufacturing of leather starts with feeding and taking care of the cattle, and it will take a long time before you prepare the cattle for producing leather

Rare Raw Material

Leather isn’t a stocked resource to dig like an ore. They are extracted from animals, and we have limitations in growing them. Growing cattle, especially for leather, can be even more expensive. On another note, we have people who discourage the usage of real leather materials, stating animal cruelty.


Leather is more durable when compared to other products. But people shy away from buying leather material, stating high cost. But, they should know that it is worth investing in leather. A high-quality leather can last for more than 15 years or even longer, and I find this better than buying multiple times.

Italian Leather

Italy is known for producing many famous brands that manufacture leather products. And also it produces some of the best raw materials for leather. So, if you are buying a bag or backpack made from Italian leather, it will be very costly.

Hand Made

Hand-made leather products are costlier than mass-produced products. This is due to the unique touch of the hand-made craft and limited availability. Some families produce leather products that have trademark craftsmanship. This craftsmanship is usually passed down the family for generations. Buyer respects such rich heritage and buy the products for a higher price.


Choosing a leather Garment bag is not an easy task. You have to be careful with the product description of the products and if it is not available you should ask the seller for more information. Importantly, you should know the type of leather used in the Garment bag. If the manufacturer is quoting a high price, you should ask for reasons before buying them. Only if you feel the price justified, you should buy them. I have listed some of the best Leather Garment bags that are available in the market. Please have a look at them. Happy shopping! Also, check out our Disney luggage for kids from here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Leather Garment bags heavy?

Yes. When compared to canvas material, the leather garment bags are heavy.

What is the price range of Leather Garment Bags?

It depends upon the type of leather you choose. But, if you are aiming for leather garment bags at a cheap price, you should probably buy a leatherette Garment bag. However, if overlook branded Leather garment bags, there are a few small companies that sell some of the best leather garment bags made from real leather.

Which color combination is best between the leather and the zipper?

The gold-plated zipper and brown/black leather give you a beautiful look.

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