Best Luggage For Women

Best Luggage For Women

Are you looking for a piece of luggage for travel? Do you need a purse where you can store all your cosmetic items? Be it whatever type of luggage you are trying to buy, it would be better if they have a feminine touch. In addition to that, you should also look for women-friendly features in them. However, you don’t have to strain your eyes looking through a huge list of luggage in the market and find the best luggage for women. This article can come in handy here. After spending a good amount of time researching the luggage that is meant for women, I have come up with a list of the Best luggage for women that has stylish and cute luggage for ladies.

Top 10 Best Luggage For Women

To choose the best luggage for women in each type of luggage, I have taken into account different factors. However, the key focus has been on style, women-friendly features, and price. I have mostly included gender-specific luggage and a few pieces of gender-neutral luggage. You can choose the best one among these.

Blueboon Weekender Luggage Bag For Women

Blueboon Weekender Luggage Bag For Women

I have chosen a stylish weekender bag as our first product on the list. This weekender has ample space to pack the things needed for a day or two. So, you can rely on this bag when you are out for a picnic on the weekend. Speaking about carrying features, it has hoop handles and an adjustable shoulder strap made up of high-quality faux leather. This helps you carry it as both the tote bag and the shoulder bag. You can even take this out as a shopping bag. If you want to take this to your office, it has enough space inside that can hold laptops whose sizes are below 15.6 inches (ca. 40 cm). Overall, this is one of the best luggage for women who are looking for a bag that would accommodate items needed for an overnight stay.

You can buy this stylish weekender from Amazon Store.

  • Size: 16.2″ L × 8″ W × 14.5” H
  • Weight: 2.09 lbs
  • Cost: $35.99
  • Material: Leather

Herschel’s Strand Duffel Bag

Herschel's Strand Duffel Bag

A classic Duffel bag from Herschel. This Duffel bag is entirely made from polyester material and hence lightweight when compared to Duffel bags made from other materials. Some notable features from this Herschel Duffel bag are snap-down sides and Reinforced top handles. The snap-down sides give us extra storage space, while the reinforced top handles give us extra comfort while carrying this Duffel bag. Herschel provides two color choices. The two colors are black and Ash Rose Crosshatch. At last, we can say this as one of the best luggage for women from Herschel.

You can buy this Herschel’s classic Duffel Bag from

  • Size: 17″L × 5.5 W × 12” H
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs
  • Cost: $69.99
  • Material: Polyester

Away Luggage For Women

Away Luggage For Women

This is a smooth and sleek Duffel bag. The bag is made from water-resistant nylon and the hoop handles are made from leather material. Nevertheless, the important feature of this bag is its organizing facility. The interior of this bag has around 6 pockets and a padded laptop sleeve. Laptops whose sizes are below 15 inches (ca. 38 cm) can be stored inside. This Duffel bag has three carrying options such as hoop handles, detachable shoulder strap, and trolley strap. Finally, this is one of the best luggage for women who need a fashionable Duffel bag.

You can buy this Duffel bag with high utility from

  • Size: 16.3” L × 7.3” W × 10.2” H
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs
  • Cost: $165
  • Material: Available in Nylon and Pebbled Leather

DELSEY Paris Womens Carry On

DELSEY Paris Womens Carry On

One of the best spinners for women. It looks fashionable and attractive. Moreover, the leather accents embellish the overall appearance of the luggage. While the material used for fabricating this spinner, Polycarbonate, can endure rough handling and abuse. It has TSA-approved numbered lock system and hence this spinner can be the best luggage for women who are traveling on flights frequently. Speaking about the interior of the bag. It has two compartments that can be closed with web straps after you pack the items. In addition to that, you have a removable hanger, laundry bag, and shoe bag. On a whole, this is one of the best carry on luggage for women.

You can buy this luggage with an amazing look and features on Amazon Online Store.

  • Height: 21 inches (ca. 53 cm)
  • Weight: 7.9 lbs
  • Cost: $255.99
  • Material: Polycarbonate and Leather

Samsonite Store Hard Side Spinner Luggage

Samsonite Store Hard Side Spinner Luggage

Another hard-sided spinner from one of the reputable luggage manufacturers. Firstly, let us talk about the appearance of the exterior. It looks modern and smart. And is available is in a wide spectrum of colors. Secondly, talking about the features, it has numerous pockets for staying organized, TSA-approved built-in lock, and a scratch-resistant polycarbonate shell. Thirdly, talking about the carrying features, you have a retractable handle and side handle for lifting it to store on the overhead bin inside the flight. Atlast, this is one of the best luggage for women who need a piece of fashionable and quality luggage.

You can order this Samsonite’s hard-sided spinner from the Samsonite website.

  • Size: 22.5” H × 14.5” L × 9.5” W
  • Weight: 6.97 lbs
  • Cost: $269.99
  • Material: Polycarbonate.

Rockland Fashion Womens Carry On Bag

Rockland Fashion Womens Carry On Bag

This is one of the best luggage set for both women and men. It has a 4.4-star rating and more than forty-four thousand people have rated the product. This luggage set consists of a soft-sided trolley and tote bag. The organization features, quality of the luggage, and functionality are on par with some of the best luggage for women. Be it whatever, the exceptional thing about this luggage set is, it is available at an incredibly affordable cost. This luggage set is less than $60. Hence, we can call this one of the best luggage set for women at a low cost.

This affordable luggage set from Rockland is available at Amazon.

  • Size: Upright: 20″ H × 13″ L × 7.5” W (with wheels), Tote bag: 13.5″ L × 11″ H × 5″ W
  • Weight: 6.84 lbs
  • Cost: $59.99
  • Material: Eva-molded hi-count fabric

Steve Madden Signature 6-Pc. Luggage Set

Steve Madden Signature 6-Pc. Luggage Set

Buying a luggage set will save you money and stress. You can buy different types of luggage from different places, unfortunately, it will not be economical when compared to the luggage set. Another advantage of buying a luggage set is the uniform look and this helps you in keeping together all the pieces of luggage. This luggage set consists of 6 pieces of luggage, and they are two uprights, Duffel, shopper, shoe bag, accessory kit. This is an incredible combination because it consists of luggage that can be used for both long journeys and on a daily basis.

You can buy this Steve maddens luggage set that has a wide variety of bags from

  • Upright-28″, Carry-on 20″, Shopper 18″, Wheeled Duffel 22″, Shoe bag 14.5″, Accessory kit-10.5″
  • Overall Weight: 24 lbs
  • Cost: $239.99
  • Material: ABS/polycarbonate; Soft sides: polyester

Monos Womens Carry-on

Monos Womens Carry-on

This hard-side carry-on from Monos looks chic and elegant. It is limited edition luggage because the skin of the exterior is inspired by a material called terrazzo. This terrazzo is found in places such as old Italian villas, 1920s Art Deco architecture, and modern designer spaces. This architectural material is a stone material, and the skin of the spinner reflects the same appearance. The design of the bag is smart, and you would definitely feel the outcomes of the smart design while using this luggage. Finally, this is the best carry on luggage for women who want to add a unique piece of luggage that is rare.

Buy this limited edition luggage of Monos from their website.

  • Size:  22″ H × 9″ W × 14” L
  • Weight: 7.01 lbs
  • Cost: $255
  • Material: Aerospace-grade German polycarbonate Hard Shell

Floyd Spinner Luggage For Women

Floyd Spinner Luggage For Women

A grand-looking spinner that can be carried as a carry-on. The highlighting things about this best carry on bag for a woman are its attractive look, smart design, and high quality. For producing high-quality luggage, the manufacturer has used high-quality materials. The hard shell is made using Polycarbonate and aluminum has been used in the handles. Furthermore, the smart design of the luggage will give you a comfortable packing and travel experience. This womens suitcase with wheels is available in various monochromatic colors.

This rich-looking spinner is available at

  • Size: 21.8” H × 15.4” L × 9.05” W
  • Weight: 8.8 lbs
  • Cost: $445
  • Material: Polycarbonate

Nevenka Store Women Backpack Purse

Nevenka Store Women Backpack Purse

Women backpack purses are a trendy and comfortable way of carrying your cosmetics and essentials. The main advantage of any backpack is you can relieve your hand from carrying luggage and shift it to your shoulder. This frees two of your hands. Now, talking about this backpack purse, it looks extremely fashionable and modern. It also gives a rich look. This backpack purse is one of the people’s favorite backpack purses. A 4.5-star rating with more than ten thousand ratings on Amazon gives us the confidence to choose this Backpack Purse.

Buy this fashionable Backpack Purse from Amazon.

  • Size: 21.8” H × 15.4” L × 9.05” W
  • Weight: 1.23 lbs
  • Cost: $22.99
  • Material: Faux Leather

What Are Some Essentials That A Woman Should Carry?

The companies manufacturing the women travel luggage should have a clear picture of what are the essentials that are carried by women. Only then they will be able to design luggage that will be suitable for women. Otherwise, the customer buying their luggage will have a hard time managing their items inside the luggage. The main focus of manufacturers should be on providing designated compartments or pockets for keeping different types of essentials carried by women. Now, let us look at some of the essentials that are carried by women when they leave their houses.

Lip Balm

No woman would like to show a dried, cracked, and peeled lip to people. The drying of lips happens due to certain body conditions. So, having a lip balm on hand would help you keep your lips fresh and organic anytime.

Sanitary Pad

This is an important product that helps a woman function effectively in the world. With this product, women are able to manage their work-life balance efficiently. Be conscious about the date and carry the sanitary pad accordingly. Still, I would advise having a pair of sanitary pads all the time with you. You can keep them in your tote bag or purse so that you will be able to access them easily.

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are great products that keep your skin fresh and clean. It is also the quickest way to get yourself cleaned when you are rushing in a hurry. However, it is used in so many other places too. Ladies who have kids can use wet wipes when the kid unloads his/her bowels. You can use it to sanitize your hand after having food at a restaurant.


You can never predict the weather, and hence a moisturizer is the best solution. Furthermore, this would become a mandatory product for a woman when she has dry skin. Buy best-quality moisturizers that would keep your skin moisturized for a long time.

Water Bottle

A water bottle is a must item for any man or woman while traveling. But they would become more important for women if they are pregnant. If you prefer drinking hot water, carry a water bottle that would seal the heat inside.


People around you should feel comfortable while standing or sitting near you. Regrettably, there are few enemies who would make people standing near you uncomfortable. It is sweat!. It is natural for any person to sweat, but unfortunately, people don’t like them. So, applying a perfume that has a good fragrance is one of the best ways. It would be better if you keep it inside your purse or tote bag. In addition to that, perfumes can also make you smell exotic and fresh.

Safety Pins

You never know when an accident would happen. However, we have to accept that it is the nature of accidents. You cannot prevent it but get prepared to face it. I am not talking about accidents that would hurt your body, but accidents that would hurt your cloth. So, in order to prevent a cloth catastrophe, it is better to keep safety pins always with you.

Toiletry Bag

This is a must when you are out for a trip longer than a day or if you are heading for someplace where you would require toiletries. You can either buy them separately, or you will get them along with other pieces of luggage while buying a luggage set. You can either pack them inside a suitcase or carry them in your hand.

Pepper Spray

I don’t want to fret any woman, but here’s a bite of the reality sandwich. Women are vulnerable to dangers in certain circumstances. There can be a few bottlenecks while traveling. You may or may not find those bottlenecks before you start your journey. Hence, instead of being lethargic, it would be good if you buy a pepper spray. Women are not physically stronger, but products like this can help you escape dangerous situations without causing serious damage to the assaulter. Always have them stored in your tote bag or any other type of bag that you are carrying in your hand. You should have immediate access to pepper spray.

Safety Alarm Keychain

I would advise any woman to have this in their hand. It can save your life at a certain point in your life. There are many types of alarm keychains that are available in the market. By pressing one button, you can send an alert to the police and your family members. The alert will send your current location too. So, there are high chances that someone will come to help before anything bad could happen. Speaking of the safety Alarm, you might also want to take a look at our luggage with built in charger recommendations from here.

What Things Should You Look For While Buying the Best Luggage For Women?

There are particular factors that every woman should observe before buying luggage. I have listed certain key factors below. Have a look at them for the best purchase.


The skin of the luggage should be feminine or gender-neutral. You can select the luggage that has a theme related to women. However, the style not only varies from gender to gender but also between individuals. So, I would not stress the above-said point as it would have a bad effect on personal freedom of choice or taste.

Type Of Luggage

As soon as you plan for a trip, the next thing you should be thinking about is choosing the luggage. What kind of luggage would reduce our stress while traveling? Which luggage would accommodate all our stuff that we pack? There will be plenty of questions like this while selecting luggage. Fortunately, you have different types of luggage in the market. Each type of luggage would offer us different services, and the responsibility of choosing the best luggage for women lies on you.

Size And Weight

The size of the luggage should be chosen according to the travel plan. Why is it important to consider a travel plan? What would be the consequences if you don’t take them, into account? A travel plan encompasses a wide variety of factors such as medium of travel, duration of the trip, the comfort of the person carrying the luggage, etc. Let us assume, you are selecting to travel by air, there you must be careful about the dimension limits enacted by the airline and TSA for luggage. If you are carrying luggage that exceeds the dimension limit of a carry-on, you may end up spending extra bucks that were unplanned. So buying womens carry on bag would be a good solution.

The weight of the luggage depends upon the material used for manufacturing luggage. Most of the luggage is less in weight as the modern luggage bags and suitcases are made from lightweight materials such as polyester, polycarbonate, nylon, etc. But you also have luggage that is made from metal, especially aluminum. You should not consider buying them unless you think your luggage should last for years to come.


Material plays a significant role in defining and enhancing the look or appearance of the luggage. Not only visual but the tactile(touch) experience too, which depends on the material. Leather and canvas are popularly used materials for manufacturing luggage. Metals such as aluminum are rarely used. The cost of the luggage varies according to the material. Luggage made from metal and leather derived from animal skin are very expensive. You also have synthetic or faux leather, they are not expensive. Luggage made from materials such as polyester, polycarbonate, etc., is affordable. Speaking of affordability, here are our recommendations for the best affordable luggage sets.

Pockets And Sleeves

Ladies carry a lot of things when compared to men. So, in addition to more room, women also need more pockets. Having a huge volume will stash all the items you require during the trip, but if you need to pack them neatly, you would require designated pockets. It helps you during packing and unpacking. At last, buying luggage with more pockets and sleeves will save time and reduce stress.

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, look for the other women-friendly features provided by the manufacturers. The manufacturer would have specifically mentioned and explained the feature, so it is not too hard to get to know them.

Carrying features

If you want to be comfortable while carrying your luggage, it should have better carrying features. But here’s the thing, a piece of luggage that felt comfortable in one scenario will not provide you the same service in another scenario. There are designated luggage types that can be used for different places and travel. For example, a Duffel bag would be the perfect pick for a gym bag. Womens carry on bag would be the best option for a woman traveling by air. A backpack is the default luggage one would select if they are going for a hike.

But buying different types of luggage for different purposes can be expensive. So, if you have to make an economical choice, buy convertible luggage. Convertible luggage has features that would let you use it as two or more different types of luggage at the same time. For example, a convertible Duffel bag can be used as both a Duffel bag and backpack.

You might also want to take a look at our best luggage GPS tracker recommendations from here.


I have included only the best luggage for women in each category of luggage. All types of women travel luggage in the list are checked for various factors such as cost, durability, material, style, etc. This gives you a comprehensive list of luggage for women. However, I have given more attention to womens carry on bag type. You can select the luggage that is best for various situations and scenarios. I have not laid any stress on the brand. I have included highly reputable brands and brands that are appreciated by the people. This gives you the undiscovered luggage that is hidden behind the big brand. I hope this list satisfied you. Happy Shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs) – Best Luggage For Women

1. Where should we pack our essentials?

Stashing the essentials on the exterior pockets would be the best place. If your luggage doesn’t have it, stash the essentials in your toiletry bag and carry the bag in your hand.

2. Which is the best way to pack our Jewelry or ornaments?

Buy a jewelry organizer. It will have designated pockets for storing different types of Jewelry and ornaments.

3. Which type of luggage would be the best for a gym?

Duffel bags are the best option. Please buy Duffel bags that have a dedicated shoe compartment.

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