Best Luggage GPS Tracker

Best Luggage GPS Tracker

Have you ever lost your luggage while traveling? Or do you fear it would get lost? If you have lost any luggage, you could use a luggage GPS tracker to prevent such unfortunate incidents in the future. At the same time, this luggage GPS tracker can take away your fear too. A luggage GPS tracker is a device that helps you locate your luggage. Current luggage GPS trackers are small and can easily fit inside your luggage. After placing the GPS tracker, you can start locating the luggage using your mobile. Make sure, it has an internet connection. A GPS tracker is more helpful to passengers who travel by flight. There are many incidents where people have lost their checked luggage at the destination airport terminal.

Many GPS trackers have a dedicated mobile app for locating. All the smartphones have GPS in them and hence there is hardly any chance that your phone will not support GPS-related apps. However, there are different types of technology that are utilized for creating luggage trackers such as GSM, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. Each technology has its own pros and cons, which we will be discussing later below.

Top 8 Best Luggage GPS Tracker

There are different types of technology-based trackers that can be used as luggage trackers. Manufacturers use Bluetooth, GSM, GPS, or a combination of three to provide an advanced tracker. I will be listing the Best luggage GPS tracker that has good service and technology. Take a look at them to select the best luggage GPS tracker for you.

LugLoc GEGO Luggage Tracker 

LugLoc GEGO Luggage Tracker 

This device has been approved by TSA, FAA, and FCC. Hence, this is one of the best luggage GPS trackers for people who travel by air regularly.

Technology: This luggage tracker uses both GSM and Bluetooth technology for locating your luggage. Bluetooth is usually used for finding the luggage if it is nearby. For long-distance, cell tower-connected technology(GSM) is used. For faster connection, a 3G or 4G network is used. You can track the device all the time with a real-time location tracking system.

Feature and service: The dimensions of this luggage tracker are 2.1” x 3.5”. It is available in two colors, which are black and white. The rechargeable battery inside will let you use the GPS tracker without charging for 15 days. However, the highlighting feature of this device is the airport arrival notifications. You will get alerted about the luggage when you are about to reach the destination airport terminal, this remembers you to collect your luggage without forgetting.

Subscription: You have three subscription plans. All three subscription plans include a tracker with free skin and a one-year service. But for different subscriptions, you get different skins such as Camouflage, marble, and vintage map skin. The cost of the tracker with the subscription is $115, and you can get two trackers without a subscription at $39.95.

You can buy this GPS tracker from the website

Tile Store Tracker

Tile Store Tracker

This is a small piece of luggage tracker. It uses Bluetooth technology for locating the luggage. It is also one of the highest-rated luggage trackers on Amazon. This small luggage tracker has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon and more than four thousand four hundred people have rated it. It also has good luggage tracker reviews.

Technology: It uses Bluetooth technology to locate the tile. You just need to download the tile app, and you can find your device.

Features and services: The dimensions of this Bluetooth tracker are 2.32 × 1.32 × 0.3. This luggage tracker has a long-lasting battery. Once you have brought it, you don’t have to charge it for a year. Nevertheless, the battery is not rechargeable. One disadvantage of this tracker is its operation limit. Since it is using Bluetooth technology, you can locate the luggage only if it is within the short-range only. The maximum range of this Bluetooth tracker is 120 meters. You can download the TILE app on your android or iPhone and locate the luggage if they are nearby. In case you lose your luggage, people finding your luggage can contact you using the QR code present on the key. However, for this, you should update your contact information on the TILE app.

Subscription: If you subscribe to their premium plan, you will be able to unlock the Smart Alert notifications option. It alerts you when you are leaving behind any of your tiled items. Furthermore, the tile has promised reimbursement in case you end up not finding the tiled item despite using the Bluetooth system.

This Bluetooth tracker can be ordered from Amazon online store’s website.

Tracki (2022) 4G LTE Mini GPS Tracker 

Tracki (2022) 4G LTE Mini GPS Tracker 

The best luggage GPS tracker you could buy. You can just buy this and start using it immediately. On top of all, this tracker is less than $15.

Technology: This GPS tracker uses GSM technology for tracking. It has an in-built SIM card and hence you just have to buy the tracker and activate it in order to use it. This GPS tracker uses the Vodafone network, a client of Tracki. The sim card will support 4G LTE, 3G, and 2G. With 4G LTE, you will have a smooth and fast experience while using it.

Features And services: The dimensions of the tracker are 1.75” x 1.5” x 0.55” while the weight is 1.26 ounces (ca. 48 g). Hence, it is both lightweight and small. Furthermore, it has a rechargeable battery that will last for 5 days. However, the life of the battery decreases with an increase in usage. If you are using the tracker to locate the desired items only 3 times a day, the battery will last between 30-75 days. Do you want more capacity? Well, there is another option for increasing the usage time. You can buy an additional accessory that would last more than 6 times than a 3,500mAh battery. With this, you can track every minute for 2 weeks or track once a day for 10 months.

Subscription: Tracki provides no subscription service.

Order this luggage tracker from Amazon.

TKSTAR’s GPS Trackers For luggage

TKSTAR's GPS trackers for luggage

This is a real-time GPS tracker which lets you locate the items anytime. It has an accuracy of 16 to 32 feet. This GPS tracker is not limited to luggage, it can be used in other things too. For example, you can use it to track your children or track your parcel, etc. The size of the tracker is very small and can be easily concealed inside any object. Therefore, we can call this the best luggage GPS tracker available in small size. Also take a look at our lightweight luggage sets recommendation article from here.

Technology: This luggage tracking device uses GSM/SIM/Cellular technology to operate. Hence, you may need to buy a SIM and subscribe to a network. You can buy any SIM card that supports 2G/3G/4G. The data demand for the operation of this GPS tracker is not more than 30 MB per month. The TKSTAR has recommended using SpeedTalk or T-Mobile SIM cards for people who are living in the US. There are no activation or cancellation fees for this. So, you can unsubscribe or subscribe to the service of TKSTAR anytime.

Features And Services: Using this GPS, you can track anything in the world. You just need a phone, PC, or Laptop. Once you have created an account for this GPS tracker, you can track multiple things simultaneously. The alert features of this GPS tracker are appreciable. You can set a geo-fence zone and when any of the trackers trespass the zone set by you, you will get an alert to your phone. There are other types of alerts too. You will be notified if the charge of the GPS tracker is low or when the tracker advances. Another important thing about TKSTAR is they provide 180 days of history reports on speed, timestamps, and map routes.

Subscription: The seller of this product is not providing after-sales service like others. So, you can use it yourself by connecting the device to your PC, Phone, or Tablet.

Buy this GPS luggage tracker from Amazon Website.

AMERICALOC 300 Mini GPS Tracker.

AMERICALOC 300 Mini GPS Tracker.

It has a 4.6-star rating and more than a thousand four-hundred people have rated this product. Moreover, you will find luggage tracker reviews appreciating its functionality. This is the best luggage GPS tracker in terms of battery that can last for a year.

Technology: This luggage tracking device uses CAT M1 technology. You can access this tracker by downloading an app on Android or iOS devices such as PC, phone, and Tablet. The device is integrated with a battery that would last for 8760 hours, in other words, it would last for one year.

Features and service: Once you have downloaded the app, you will get the location update every 60 seconds. Moreover, if you want, you can configure the location for 30 or 10 seconds too. Like the previous one, you can set a perimeter and check for alerts if the GPS device crosses the perimeter set by you. You will also get alerts when the GPS device shows any movement, switching on and off, speeding, etc.

Subscription: The first month’s subscription fee is around $25. Nevertheless, you will be charged less than $25 after the first service. Or you can make long-term subscriptions for saving more money. Another important policy of AMERICALOC is, the subscription doesn’t have an automatic renewal feature. Hence, you can reactivate the device when you wish and there is no cancellation fee either.

This CAT M1 technology-based luggage tracker is available on Amazon

Spytec GPS Trackers For Luggage

Spytec GPS Trackers For Luggage

Spytec GPS tracker is one of the most sold GPS trackers on Amazon. Furthermore, it has good ratings too. This product has a 4.5-star rating and more than ten thousand people have rated this product. Hence, this is the best luggage GPS tracker that has positive words from luggage tracker reviews.

Technology: Spytec uses 4G satellite technology for providing the fastest GPS tracking experience to their subscribers. The cloud system of Spytec will provide you seamless experience while tracking your things. You will get 99.99% uptime for tracking, and that means you can track your GPS device any time in a day. It also has a 0.256 millisecond processing time. So, you will have no glitches while using the app.

Features And Services: This GPS tracker is less than one inch thick and hence you can easily hide it anywhere inside your luggage. It has a rechargeable battery that would last for 2 weeks once charged completely. Hence, you can use track the luggage any time within 2 weeks. If you face any issue while using it, 24 hours customer support is available for you.

Subscription: You can avail all the above features and services with a subscription that would cost very little. There is an annual subscription plan which will cost you around  $19.95 per month. If you need a monthly subscription, it would cost around $24.95 per month. And you can cancel the subscription at any time.

Spytech can be ordered online from Amazon.

JUSTAUTO Mini GPS Tracker For Luggage

JUSTAUTO Mini GPS Tracker For Luggage

This is one of the cheapest GPS luggage trackers that are available for $25 or less. People who have used this GPS tracker have given mixed reviews and hence it is better to take a look at all the reviews before buying this product. Now let us take a look at the technology used and features present in the GPS tracker.

Technology: This luggage tracker uses GSM / GPRS technology for tracking the device from your phone. Speaking about tracking accuracy,  GPS and LBS (location-based service) double tracking system provides us accurate tracking capability. This GPS tracker uses SMS codes for tracking, monitoring, and getting alerts.

Features And Services: The dimension of the GPS tracker is 1.57” *0.98” *0.59”. And it is made from ABS plastic. It has a lithium-ion battery that would last for 10-12 days if you are not using it. If you are using it, the battery would last for around 5 to 6 days. The power capacity of the battery is 5V. The GPS device also has magnets, hence you can easily attach it to things that are made up of ferrous materials. You can track, monitor, and get alerts using this GPS tracker for luggage. At last, like icing on the cake, you will get all these features at an incredibly cheap price.

Subscription: The manufacturer is not providing any after-sales service, you can insert a SIM card and memory card inside the tracker and start using it via SMS codes.

This luggage tracker is available on

GPS Tracker – Optimus 2.0

GPS Tracker - Optimus 2.0

This GPS tracker has a 4.3-star rating on Amazon and more than a thousand two-hundred people have rated it. It can be used for tracking luggage, vehicle, or people. Nevertheless, this could be the best luggage GPS tracker for people of USA and Canada nations.

Technology: This GPS tracker uses GSM technology for real-time location tracking. You will get an accurate location update when your device is inside the countries USA and Canada.

Features and service: The dimensions of the Optimus tracker are 1 × 1.5 × 3 inches (ca. 8 cm). It is pretty small, and you can place it inside objects of varied sizes. The battery will last for two weeks and during the duration, you will get location updates every 1 minute. You can download the app and customize the alert or notification system.

Subscription: You have to pay around $19.95 per month. But you will get 5% off when you’re subscribing for a quarterly plan, 10% with a Bi-Annual plan, and 20% for Annual plans.  

Buy this Optimus GPS tracker from Anazon.

Different Technologies Used In Smart Luggage Trackers

Manufacturers use different types of technology, and sometimes they integrate two technologies to create the best GPS luggage tracker. Now, let us take a look at those technologies used in the GPS trackers for luggage. You might also find yourself interested in our subtle anime backpacks recommendations from here.


GPS is a popular and most accurate tracking technology when compared to GSM or Bluetooth. How accurate is GPS? Well, it can pinpoint the location of a tracker with just 1-2 meter deflection. We are using the same technology on our phones while using maps and other types of apps. So, using GPS trackers for luggage will not be a difficult task for you. Furthermore, there is one advantage that GPS has which is not found in any other locating technologies. It is worldwide access.


GSM is a cellular-network based technology. Usually, a SIM is inserted inside the tracker. After activating the SIM, you can locate the device. But how does it work? The cell towers that are nearby your luggage tracking device will catch the signal of the SIM, and you will get the location update based on that. But you will not get the accuracy that is offered by GPS. In addition to that, there are chances that your device will not work during an international travel journey because there are certain nations that cannot support GSM technology. Japan and South Korea are two such nations.


Bluetooth technology-based Trackers have small boundaries. The average range of a Bluetooth tracker is more or less around 100 meters. This can help you alert if your luggage has arrived at the carousel.


This technology is effective only at real-time locations such as industries, inventories, or offices. Usually, this technology involves using Wi-Fi-based tags that will send beacon messages. These beacon messages are captured or detected by multiple access points. The access point time stamps the message and sends it to the location server. All this information is converted into a location later on.


Best GPS luggage tracker with the best hybrid location tracking system. Both the technologies cross out the disadvantages of each. Sometimes, it will be hard to detect GPS signals when there are hindrances such as a home, wall, tree, or any object that is in between. In such cases, the GSM will help us out. Similarly, the GSM is not supported by a few countries and at that place, GPS will save us.


This is a great combo. Any luggage tracker that has integrated these two technologies can be called the best luggage GPS tracker. The GSM will help you locate the tracker when the object is far away, and the Bluetooth will help you locate the device when it is nearby. Sometimes, if you experience an internet outage, Bluetooth will come in handy. Since Bluetooth doesn’t depend on the network, you will have no restriction in accessing the device. Nevertheless, you should note that the range of Bluetooth is very less.

Ways Of Using GPS Tracker In Luggage

You can use a GPS tracker in two ways, depending on the technology used in it. The best luggage GPS tracker is either integrated with Bluetooth technology or GSM technology. So, I will be discussing a suitcase tracking device or other best GPS luggage tracker that uses these two technologies.


Bluetooth suitcase tracker is very useful when you are waiting at the carousel. You can set an alert that would alert you as soon as the suitcase arrives at the carousel. Until then, you can sit and chill. Another way of using a Bluetooth luggage tracker is when you are confused about which is your luggage in the crowd, you can make the tracker beep or blink to identify.


GSM is the best technology that helps you track your luggage throughout travel. You can use this all over the world, except in countries South Korea and Japan. These two countries don’t have the infrastructure to support the GSM-based technology.


For choosing the best luggage GPS tracker accuracy, range, subscription, size, technology, battery capacity are important. And I have selected the GPS trackers that are best in most of the above-said aspects. You can use the GPS tracker as a suitcase tracker, vehicle tracker, people tracker, etc. by placing the tracker in the respective devices. Hence, any GPS tracker can be used as a luggage tracking device. My final suggestion for buying the best luggage GPS tracker would be selecting a GPS+GSM or GSM+Bluetooth bases luggage tracking device. This would help you in many ways. You might also want to find yourself interested in our best luggage with charger recommendations from here.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) – Best Luggage GPS Tracker

1. What is the range of a Bluetooth tracker?

The average range of a Bluetooth tracker is more or less than 100 meters. Nevertheless, some manufacturers increase the range of Bluetooth using techniques.

2. Which technology gives us the ability to track our luggage all over the world?

If you need to track your luggage or any other object in which the tracker is present, you have to use GPS technology. There is no restriction for using it. However, still, there are chances of glitches while using this technology because the objects that are present in between you and the tracker can hinder the signal.

3. Which is the best place to place the GPS tracker in the luggage?

If security is your concern, you can place it inside the luggage, under the garments, or anything that is present inside. However, if locating the luggage is your big concern, attach the tracker to the zipper.

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