Best Luggage Organizers

Luggage organizers are small bags of various sizes that help us pack our travel items inside the luggage in an organized and neat manner. It will save you time that you spend searching for items inside the luggage. You can think of not using organizers, stating that you are better at organizing things inside the luggage. But you may encounter a scenario where you have to take out an item that is buried below. During that process, you may shuffle the items that you have arranged above and mess them up. Hence, it is better to buy the best luggage organizers that will help you store all the items in separate bags. You might also want to take a look at our best luggage for men recommendations from here.

Top 10 Best Luggage Organizers

You can buy luggage organizers individually according to your need, or you can buy a set consisting of many pieces of luggage organizer. In the below list, I have included both types.

Triforce Hard Side Beauty Case – Best Overall

Triforce Hard side Beauty Case – Best Overall

This travel organizer is used for stashing your makeup items, and it can be a wonderful asset for ladies. It has galore pockets and features. First, let us talk about its amazing features. The hard-sided case is designed for withstanding sudden impacts and saving your items from such impacts. You can open the organizer partially for picking your items while standing or on the go, and open the case completely after you reach the destination. Inside, you have a detachable double panel that you can hang in the hotel or destination to get yourself ready swiftly. Now talking about storage features, there are numerous dedicated pockets inside. On a whole, this is one of the best luggage organizers for holding your beauty-related items.

This amazing beauty case can be ordered from

  • Material:  Polycarbonate
  • Price: $37.64
  • Size: 12″ L × 6.3” W× 9.4” H
  • Weight: 2.78 lbs

BUBM Electronics Organizer Bag

BUBM Electronics Organizer Bag

We carry a lot of electronic gadgets with us, such as phones, chargers, headsets, power banks, hard disks, etc. So, it is better to have a separate bag for all those electronic items inside the luggage. This electronic organizer bag is made from nylon material. And the organizer bag is waterproof, which is an important aspect while carrying electronic items. It is also shockproof for safeguarding your electronic items from damage. You have ample space inside the bag to store all the gadgets. You are getting more space because you have two compartments to include more items. Moreover, the designated pockets assist you in packing your gadgets in no time. Finally, this is one of the best electronic organizers available in the market.

Order this ultra utility BUBM Electronic organizer bag from Amazon.

  • Material: Nylon
  • Price: $19.49
  • Size: 9.8” L × 7” W× 1” H
  • Weight: 0.37 lbs

Shacke Pak – 5 Set Packing Cubes

Shacke Pak - 5 Set Packing Cubes

Buy this Amazon’s one of the highest-rated luggage organizers. It has a 4.8-star rating, and it has been rated by more than fourteen thousand customers. This shows the trust people have in this product. The trust is due to the quality, affordable cost, and features. These types of luggage organizer sets are suitable for families. If you are traveling as a family, you can dedicate each cube to one of your kids. And if you are traveling alone, you can keep the travel items in separate bags that will help you manage your luggage efficiently. It has 5 cubes and all of them are made from water-resistant nylon material. It is important to note that nylon also gives high durability. At last, we can conclude it as one of the luggage organizers that will help you in packing bag neatly.

Buy this highly rated luggage organizer set from Amazon Store.

  • Material: Nylon
  • Price: $23.99
  • Size:  Extra Large (17.5” x 12.75″ x 4″), Large (13.75” x 12.75″ x 4″), Medium (13.75 × 9.75 × 4), Small (11” x 6.75″ x 4″), Laundry Bag (21″ x 14.75”)
  • Weight: Info Not Available

BAGSMART Jewelry Organizer Bag

BAGSMART Jewelry Organizer Bag

Jewelry and precious ornaments should be kept in a separate organizer bag while traveling. I have included one of the best luggage organizers that have individual pockets for storing different types of ornaments. This jewelry organizer bag has 5 dedicated compartments for stashing and placing pieces of jewelry, and they are rings long buckled ban, panel for earrings, necklace buckled strap, interlayer zippered pouch, zippered pocket at the side. Now, speaking about the exterior, it is rich-looking and the texture is smooth made up of soft polyester material. Considering all the features, one can consider this as one of the best luggage organizers for storing your jewelry.

Buy this beautiful jewelry organizer from the online Amazon store.

  • Material: Polyester
  • Price: $16.99
  • Size: 9.8”L × 6.1”W × 1.9”H
  • Weight: 0.55 lbs

BAGAIL 6 Set Packing Cubes

BAGAIL 6 Set Packing Cubes

These 6 pcs of luggage organizers can be stored inside a carry-on suitcase, tote bag, or Duffel bag. Speaking of the carry-on, take a look at our best carry on luggage for women recommendations from here. The luggage organizer bags are made from nylon material for high durability. Moreover, the manufacturer’s commitment to the longevity of the bags becomes apparent when they announced a lifetime warranty on these bags. All the 6 pieces come in uniform skin. However, there are different sets with different skins. Overall, these are the best packing cubes for travel.

These 6 pcs organizing cubes can be brought from the Amazon store.

  • Material: Nylon
  • Price: $16.99
  • Size: 9.8” L × 1.9” W × 6.1” H  
  • Weight: Info Not Available

PACK Gear Store Luggage Organizer Bag

PACK gear store Luggage Organizer bag

Incredibly useful organizer bag where all the cubes are attached together. You can store all your travel items inside the cubes and place the cubes inside the luggage. After reaching your destination, you can take out the organizer and hang it. In this way, you can easily pack and unpack. Not only that, you can use it as a mini closet. The meshed windows help you see what items are present inside each pocket. Since it is an expandable organizer, it can be folded into a flat piece when not in use. This saves some space in your home. Taking into account all the aforementioned features, we can say this is one of the best luggage organizers with high flexibility.

This luggage organizer bag can be ordered from the Amazon website.

  • Material: Nylon
  • Price: $44.99
  • Size: 18″ H × 9″ L × 7″ W
  • Weight: 0.56 lbs

HaloVa Toiletry Luggage Organizer Bag 

HaloVa Toiletry Luggage Organizer Bag 

This is one of the best luggage organizer bags to stash your toiletries. It is very roomy and has enough pockets for holding the toiletries. You can keep big-sized toiletry items in the main compartment and other items in various meshed pockets. Meshed pocket gives us a clear vision of what items are present inside, and you will feel easy while accessing them. You also have pockets on the outside where you can place your essentials. But, we cannot conclude this product without talking about the aesthetic look of the exterior. The beautiful blue color of the bag is decorated with bright and light-colored flowers. Hence, this is one of the best luggage organizers that have cute look.

This cute toiletry organizer bag is available at Walmart.

  • Material: Nylon
  • Price: $18.48
  • Size: 9.1” L × 3.5” W × 7.1” H
  • Weight: 0.45 lbs

BAGAIL Store Set of 5 Mesh Laundry Bags

BAGAIL Store Set of 5 Mesh Laundry Bags

Are you planning to go to beaches, swimming pools or any places where you can beat the sun? If that is the case, having laundry bags is a must. A laundry bag keeps the dirty clothes separate from fresh or unused clothes. This is a set of 5 Meshed laundry bags. It comes in various sizes. The meshed laundry bag is more suitable for stowing your wet lingerie. Because, the free air movement, lets your lingerie dry. This product is available on Amazon, and it has a 4.7-star rating. Finally, it is one of the best luggage organizers available in the luggage, with more than fifty-four thousand ratings on Amazon.

This laundry bag can be ordered from Amazon.

  • Material: Polyester
  • Price: $7.99
  • Size: 24″ L × 1″ W × 24″ H
  • Weight: 0.45 lbs

OEE Luggage Organizer bags

OEE Luggage Organizer bags

This organizer set consists of different types of organizer bags. There are three Packing Cubes of different sizes, a Bra Underwear bag, a Shoes Bag, and a Toiletry Bag. All of them are made from thick nylon fabric for good endurance. They have huge capacities too. So, we don’t have to worry about the space crunch. At max, we can store items needed for a week inside it. It can store enough items required for a small family for an overnight stay. Despite using all these features, if you are not satisfied with this product, the OEE has promised a 100 percent refund. However, you should return the items with 31 days for availing of the refund. This is one of the best luggage organizers that have high quality.

Buy this organizer set from Amazon shop.

  • Material: Nylon
  • Price: $16.99
  • Size: Info not available in inches. You can get the idea of size by reading this product’s detail available on Amazon.
  • Weight: Info not available

VAGREEZ Organizer bag

VAGREEZ Organizer bag

You get four cubes that have different sizes, a drawstring bag, and a small bag. You can use the drawstring bag for storing your wet underwear. It keeps your other clothes dry and fresh. Cubes can be used for storing clothes. It organizes your clothes and helps you unpack easily. Stash all the toiletries inside the small bag. The manufacturer has used nylon for high strength. Hence, the organizer bags will have a good lifespan. The exterior of the bag has monochromatic skin, and it is available in different monochromatic colors too. This is one of the best luggage organizers that are available for under $20.

You buy this luggage organizer from Amazon.

  • Material: Nylon
  • Price: $19.97
  • Size: Info not available
  • Weight: 0.73 lbs

How Is Using A Travel Organizer Helpful To You?

Best luggage organizers are beneficial for travelers in different ways. Let us discuss it briefly in the below section.


Firstly, before you begin your journey or trip, they help you pack the articles organized. Packing is really a pain in the neck. I would even say the most difficult portion of traveling. However, with the help of Travel organizers, the packing will become simple and less complex. You just need to segregate all your travel articles and load them up in different travel organizer bags.

During Travel

We got to know, how packing bag is useful in the case of storing travel items inside the luggage. Now we will get to know how it is beneficial during the journey. Sometimes, we will have to face situations where we will be forced to search for the packed materials midway. If you get that thing easily without messing with things that you arranged inside, you are lucky. What if you have to dig all the way through, and create clutter inside? That would be a nightmare you wouldn’t wish.


After reaching your destination, you will have to unpack. But unpacking is not a difficult task, isn’t it?. But that depends on how you want to unpack. If you are going to unload all the materials that are present inside, you can do it with ease(much easier with a travel organizer). But what if you wanna unpack only specific things? Can you easily take it out? Will your other travel articles stay organized while taking out the specific thing you need? Hence, in order to avoid these risks, you can buy travel organizers.

Different Types Of Luggage Organizers

Using a designated travel organizer for storing similar items will ease your journey. Since the designated travel organizers are designed considering the nature of the materials, you can stash the items with ease. And every one of them can be called the best luggage organizers in their category.

Luggage Packing Cubes

Luggage Packing cubes are a great way for storing clothes. You can keep different clothes in different cubes. You can buy cubes of the same size or of different sizes. However, buying different-sized cubes will help you pack them inside the luggage efficiently. If you are traveling as a family, you can assign suitable cubes for family members depending on the number of things they are packing. This reduces the confusion while packing and unpacking.

Electronic Travel Organizer

Electronic travel organizers are specifically designed for storing electronic devices that we use in our day-to-day life. People who carry a lot of gadgets with them will find it helpful. Key features of such travel organizers are, they would be waterproof and shockproof. And the travel organizer would have several pockets for holding the gadgets in place.

Jewelry Travel Organizer

Jewelry and ornaments are delicate materials. So, the jewelry organizer bags are constructed considering the safety aspect in mind. Other than this, people carry a complete ensemble of jewelry. For this, the interior of the organizer bag will have different panels and compartments. The exterior of the jewelry organizer bags will have a rich and grand look that manifests the items stored inside.

Toiletry Travel Organizer

Toiletry Travel organizers are used for stashing different products related to toiletries. In this type of bag, you will have different pockets inside. And you can arrange the products in an organized manner. At the same time, you can carry this organizer bag in your hand without placing it inside the luggage.

Laundry Organizer Bags

When you are out for a trip, you would definitely need a separate bag for keeping your dirty or used clothes. We have to do this because the stinky smell from the dirty clothes may soak the fresh clothes. Moreover, you can also use it to store your wet undergarments. Finally, when you are planning to buy laundry organizer bags, look if they are meshed. This saves the clothes from damage.

Makeup organizer Bags

This would be an important asset on special occasions. You can put all your cosmetics inside, needed for any occasion. Inside the bag, you will have different types of pockets. Each pocket is specifically used for certain items. Above all, a significant advantage of this organizer bag is, you just require a mirror to get yourself ready for the event or function. In some cases, the mirrors are inbuilt in the bags.

Pill Organizer Bags

A critical aid for any people who have certain medical conditions. These people may require medication at any time. Guess you are out for a trip with such people, and you cannot be searching for it in the luggage. So, for immediate action, having a pill organizer is good. People traveling individually with medical conditions can also use this. I am sure, this will be a great self-help.

Are Luggage Organizers Worth Buying?


They are valuable assets while traveling if you want a hassle-free travel experience. Not only during the journey but before and after. If you are an unorganized person or someone who wants to stay organized, then luggage organizers are something they should look forward to buying.

People can categorize their travel items and stash them in exclusive luggage packing cubes. All you have to do is, placing these luggage packing cubes inside your luggage. Before that, what you should keep in mind is the priority of cubes. This helps in immediate access to items that you may need anytime.

Other than keeping organized, they also help in saving some space in your suitcase. However, using a regular suitcase organizer will not help in saving more space. If you want to save a significant volume, you should probably think of buying a compressed suitcase organizer. They can save around 15 to 20 percent of space. The former case will only save around 5 to 10 percent of space.

Finally, as a person who needs a seamless travel experience, I would definitely buy luggage organizer bags. From the start where we pack our stuff to the end where we unpack, luggage organizer bags are useful. So, considering all these factors, I would definitely say Luggage organizers are worth buying.


There are various types of luggage organizers. But buying a luggage organizer set would be more beneficial and economic. If you find something is missing out in the set, you can order it separately. Most luggage organizer sets would consist of luggage cubes, toiletry bags, shoe bags, and laundry bags. But you would rarely find luggage organizers such as pills organizers, jewelry organizers, and makeup organizers. So, it would be better if you buy them separately. In this article, I have enlisted some of the best luggage organizers that are sold in the market. In addition to that, I have discussed the pros and cons of a luggage organizer. I hope this article helped in choosing the best luggage organizer suitable for you. If you are in the market for a GPS tracker for luggage, we have you covered here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Best Luggage Organizers

1. Do luggage organizers save space?

Yup. But to save more space, one should prefer buying compressed luggage organizer cubes.

2. Can we use a luggage organizer individually?

Of course! Most of the luggage organizers are being sold for individual use.

3. Which should I prefer? Hard-sided or soft-sided?

If you are going to pack the luggage organizers inside a suitcase or any other luggage, a soft-sided luggage organizer should be preferred. On the other case, if you want to use it individually, buy a hard-sided organizer.

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