Best Luggage Padlock

Best Luggage Padlock

When I lose something at home, I would go mad. Well, I have a poor memory. So, can’t help. But it isn’t about me or my memory power but physical, economical, and emotional damage that would have been caused if I had lost it forever. So, it is important that we secure to keep our items. Well, in the previous case, I just had to search only my home. What would be the case, if you have lost the item during a trip? So many questions will start creeping in. What if someone has stolen it? Did it fall on the way? Nevertheless, a simple solution to avoid all these problems would be using a padlock. A padlock can be used to lock your luggage using a key.

Is buying a padlock enough for keeping your luggage safe? Well, unfortunately, that is not entirely true. There is a hindrance in buying any padlock for your luggage. Especially if you are traveling via flight. That hindrance is TSA guidelines. You should buy a TSA approved lock. There is a reason behind it, that is if you are going to use a padlock that is not approved by TSA, there are high chances that your luggage would get damaged.

Top 10 Best Luggage Padlock?

Padlocks are very handy and can be used anywhere. You can use it for locking various types of things together such as doors, luggage, etc. Here, I have created a list of the best luggage padlocks. I have toiled extra to select some of the best TSA approved luggage locks. Please have a look at them.

Lewis N Clark Triple Security TSA Luggage Locks

Lewis N Clark Triple Security TSA Luggage Locks

A versatile padlock that can be used in multiple ways and to combine different things together. It certainly cannot be considered as a padlock that can be used only for luggage, as it has numerous applications. It has two metal cables that are attached to the body of the padlock. The body of the padlock consists of a 3-numbered lock system and also a keyhole that can be used by TSA security officers using their master key. However, you can doubt the hardness of the cable, but you can calm down for a second as it is made from braided steel. Finally, this is the best luggage padlock that has versatility.

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Forge TSA Luggage Locks

Forge TSA Luggage Locks

One of the most trusted combination padlocks available on Amazon. This combination lock has a 4.7-star rating and more than six thousand five-hundred people have rated it. The padlock body is made from 100% Zinc Alloy. It is the red indicator on the top of the body. It will inform you if your checked luggage has been inspected by airport security officers. In other words, you will know if they have opened your luggage using the master key. The body has a three-digit numbered lock system, and it has another special feature. You can use it for locking your carry-on luggage, checked luggage, and many more. Especially if you miss not having a suitcase with combination lock.

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Master Lock’s TSA Approved Combination Luggage Padlock

Master Lock's TSA Approved Combination Luggage Padlock

This is a four-digit numbered padlock that has ten thousand combination possibilities. The shackle of this lock is made up of tough steel that will give unbelievable resistance for cutting That would mean more security. Another highlighting feature of the shackle is its design. The curved part at the top portion of the shackle allows you to lock things that have protrusions. If you are not satisfied with the product after using it, you can return it to the manufacturer and get your refund. It is approved by TSA and hence you will face no problem while using it. On a final note, this is one of the best TSA approved luggage locks that is available in the market.

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Master Lock Character Combination

Master Lock Character Combination

This is padlock is not approved by TSA and hence it is better to avoid using this when you are traveling by flight. But you can use this at other places. Unlike the majority of combination padlocks where the symbols would be numbers, you have characters here. This is a good thing because you can remember words better than number code. Keeping a word that has a meaning would help you remember it well. You can form numerous combinations of alphabets and set the word you desire as the code.

The design of the rotating dial is unique and easier to change. So, you don’t have to break your head when you are unlocking in hurry. The body of this padlock is made up of metal, and hardened steel has been used for fabricating the shackle of the lock. This would be the best luggage padlock that uses alphabets as a symbol.

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Talon Port TSA Luggage Locks

Talon Port TSA Luggage Locks

This is an innovative Padlock that has a different unlocking feature when compared to the typical padlocks. You don’t need a short-sized key that would be lost easily. Furthermore, you don’t have to do the difficult task of remembering the code of the lock. But this is not a keyless lock, but it has a different type of key. That is the card key. You just need to insert the card inside for unlocking. Unlike, typical keys, the card won’t be lost as it is big and easy to spot. You can securely keep them in your wallet. You will be provided four-card keys. Among them, two are credit card-sized keys and the other two are key-chain-sized keys.

Another unique thing about the Talon port padlock is, the manufacturer provides a lifetime never cut guarantee. The talon port padlock is unbreakable and everlasting. In the case of someone cutting the lock, you will be provided a free replacement. In addition to that, if you lose all your four keys, a free replacement will be provided for them too.

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Safe Skies TSA Luggage Locks (4 pcs)

Safe Skies TSA Luggage Locks  (4 pcs)

The best padlock set consists of 4 padlocks. You get them in different monochromatic colors, and all the colors are bright enough to spot your luggage easily in the crowd. All the padlocks are TSA luggage locks. For each padlock, a set of 2 keys will be provided. This padlock is made from brass material and hence the lock is strong. Another important thing about buying this padlock is, it is available at an affordable cost. Four padlocks that are less than $15. Hence, we call this the best luggage padlock set available at an affordable cost.

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Master Lock’s Padlock

Master Lock's Padlock

This padlock can be as simple as it gets. It just has one keyhole that can be opened by both the user and the TSA security officers. You can use this padlock while you are traveling via flight. Talking about the materials used, for endurance durable metal has been used for making the body of the padlock while the shackle is made from shrouded steel that will resist the cut. So, if you need the best luggage padlock that is indestructible, you should buy this.

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Wordlock Luggage Padlock

Wordlock Luggage Padlock

We have another combination padlock that uses alphabets for setting code. But one advantage of this padlock over the previous one is, it is a TSA approved lock. You so can use this lock everywhere, and you will face no problem in security checking. Likewise, this padlock has a disadvantage too. It is the rotating dial. It is very similar to a typical combination padlock, so hard to rotate the dial when compared to the previous one. I would have loved it if a padlock was available that incorporates both the features. That would have given us the best luggage padlock. But until such product arrives, we have to wait.

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Fosmon Luggage Padlock

Fosmon Luggage Padlock

The special feature of this 3-digit numbered lock system is the release button. Once you have set the correct combination, you can press the release key to unlock it. This release button does two important functions. You have to pull down the padlock for getting the locked end of the shackle out, but you don’t have to stress yourself so much. Just a press would release the shackle. This is one of the two critical functions of the release button. Another significant function is, the padlock will stay locked when you leave the padlock that is set with the correct combination. This can be considered as the best luggage padlock for its smart design.

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Master Lock Padlock – Number And Alphabet

Master Lock Padlock – Number And Alphabet

Are you looking for a combination lock in which you can set a strong code? If that is the case, you can consider buying this. This padlock has both numbers and alphabets. You can set a strong code that contains both words and combinations. You can also choose to set your code using numbers or alphabets only. This is the best luggage padlock in which you can set one of the difficult combinations or codes.

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How Does A Padlock Work?

In this section, I will be explaining how a typical padlock with key works. I will also be talking about the parts used in a padlock.

Parts Involved In The Working Of A Padlock

  • Plug
  • Key pin
  • Driver pins
  • Springs
  • Lever
  • Latches
  • Shackle
  • Body

The above are the key parts that are necessary for the working of a padlock.

Construction of A Padlock


The plug is a part where you will be inserting the key. A plug is cylindrical and has grooves outside, and a lever is present at the end of the plug. This plug will rotate only if you inserted the right key inside.

Key pins

The key pins have different heights, and they are arranged in a certain order that would match the profile of the key. So, when you insert the key, all the key pins would perfectly sit inside the key profile and all the key pins will stay below the shear line.

Driver pins

Driver pins hold the key pins so that they don’t rotate. All the driver pins will be above the shear line when the correct key is inserted.


When two sides of the shackle are inserted inside, the spring-powered latches move back and rebound. While rebounding, the protrusions of the latches are inserted inside the shackle. This is how a padlock is locked when we press down the shackle.


The lever at the end of the plug is sandwiched between the latches. When you insert the right key and rotate it, the lever will rotate and push the latches inside. In this way, the latches get released. Here is yet another important article on our blog that you might like: luggage measuring scales.


The shackle is usually U-shaped. It will have one groove at both ends. The longer side of the shackle is attached to a spring. When you press the shackle inside the body of the padlock, the spring gets compressed.

Working Of Padlock


When you are locking, both the ends of the shackles are free from latches. When you press the shackle inside the body of the padlock, the latches will move back, compressing springs. After you release the shackle, the protrusions of the shackles and the grooves of the shackle will meet. Now, the compressed spring will push the latches and the protrusions will get inserted inside the groove of the shackle.


In the first step, you will insert the key inside the plug. After inserting the key, the key pins will be aligned below the shear line and the driver pins will be aligned above the shear line.

In the second step, you will rotate the key. During this step, the lever at the end will pull back the latches, which in turn pulls back the protrusion. This releases the shackle from the latches. As I have mentioned before, the longer end of the shackle would have compressed the spring while locking. Now, the shackle, powered by spring, bounces outside. The short end will completely come out of the body, while the longer end will still be inside.

Types of Padlock

Padlocks have has evolved over the years. The designers of padlocks are trying to address various issues faced by their customers using their smart designs and features. Their main consumer base is people who don’t have a suitcase with combination lock. However, Apart from the main function of a padlock which is securing the items locked inside, there are various other factors too, such as flexibility while using it, durability, etc.

Long Shackle Padlocks

As said by its name, these padlocks have long shackles. One may be wondering when and where these long shackle padlocks are used. This can be the best luggage padlock when you are required to combine two things together that are far apart. You can also lock more than two things together, as the shackle is long.

Closed Shackle Padlocks

This closed shackle padlock is more secure and strong when compared to other types. The most vulnerable part of the padlock is the shackle. That is the thinnest part of a padlock. A thief would only need a few minutes to open with a small hacksaw. Nevertheless, this lock is not going to be a piece of cake for people trying to open it without a key. The shackle part of the padlock would almost be covered by the padlock body, leaving enough space for inserting the shackle inside the loop. This would be the best luggage padlock as far as safety is concerned.

Combination Padlocks

Combination padlocks eliminate one of the difficult things in managing suitcase locks. For many people, the issue would be not losing the key. Keys are small, and it will be incredibly hard for anyone to find them in case they have lost them. Combination locks require no keys. Combination padlocks are incorporated with a symbol-based lock system, which would open only when you arrange the symbols in series that you set initially. Most of the time, symbols consist of numbers and an alphabet.

Here, I would like to add a suggestion while choosing between numbers and the alphabet. Which one would be better? Numbers or Alphabet? Well, people who have good memory power can choose any of the above two. However, if you are a person who has a poor memory, I would suggest using an alphabet combination padlock. We can remember words more easily than numbers. Finally, this would be the best luggage lock where we can set a password that is difficult to crack but easy to remember.

Smart Padlocks

The smart padlock is a product that has integrated modern innovations in it. You will feel incredibly easy while using this smart padlock. They are the best travel locks that are currently available in the market. At first, you should install the app that connects your phone with the lock. Using that app, you can maintain other people’s access to the padlock. For opening this padlock, all you need is a code. This is especially suitable if many people require access to the things that are locked. However, only one would have complete control over the padlock.

Single-Keyed Padlocks

Previously, we were talking about keeping one key safely with us. What if you have to maintain different locks with different keys? The first thing any person would do is buy a keyholder that would keep all the keys together. Do you think the problem will end there? I am sure it will not. Because now that you have all the keys in one place, you should face another challenge of remembering the respective keys for the respective lock. Well, you can avoid all these complexities if you are buying these single-keyed padlocks. Take a look at our pink hard shell luggage recommendations by clicking this link here.

A single-keyed padlock will have only one key, and you can open many locks using the same key. So, fundamentally, you are buying one key and more than one lock. You just need one key to every lock. This will save you more time and reduce the stress of searching. Overall, this would be the best luggage padlock as far as multi-usage is considered.

Cable Padlocks

A cable padlock will have a shackle that is made from a flexible material. You will have one of two shackles in a cable padlock. In a cable padlock that has two shackles, the two shackles will connect two things together individually. This type of padlock can be used in many places due to the versatility of the shackle. Some of the best travel locks in the market are made using a cable.


Padlocks play a vital role in packing our luggage safely. In this article, I have included some of the best padlocks. For picking them, I looked for certain criteria such as quality, functionality, and usability. Furthermore, I have given more importance to suitcase locks that are approved by TSA. Hence, I have included only a few padlocks that are not TSA-approved. In addition to this, the working of a typical padlock and different types of padlock available in the market have been discussed. I hope this will help you choose the best luggage padlock for you. Happy shopping. Here is our other article on the best rolling backpack recommendations from here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Best Luggage Padlock

1. Should I choose a key-based padlock or a combination padlock?

Having a padlock system is more secure when compared to the key-based padlock. But you should remember the combination you set. You can either WhatsApp or message the code to your family members or anyone who you trust. If you ever forget the code, just take a look at the chat.

2. Which material is used for making shackles?

Steel is the popular material used for making shackles in the padlock. They choose it because it is very hard to cut or break.

3. How to find the code in case you forgot?

If you haven’t saved the code anywhere, and it just disappeared from your mind, there are only two ways. If you are having a 3-digit combination lock, you just need half an hour for checking all the possible combinations and unlock it. But it will take hours if it is a 4-digit combination lock. In that case, I would recommend you contact the manufacturer of the lock.

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