Best Luggage Racks

Best Luggage Racks

A luggage rack is a frame made up of rails or bars, and it is used for bearing various types of luggage. Usually, the best luggage racks are made from either wood or metal. These materials are used for fabricating the framework or the entire luggage rack. It is used in both vehicles and stationary places such as offices, hotels, or homes. They are very useful during transportation. You would have seen luggage racks on the top of a car or inside a train compartment. They are very strong and hence can hold luggage that weighs heavy. Even in the hotels, they play a significant role in placing the luggage of guests. And you can use this in your storeroom too, for placing heavy luggage that is packed with some old stuff.

Top 10 Best Luggage Racks

So, we know that luggage racks can be used in various places and has numerous applications. But different types of luggage racks could be used for certain purposes, which also have application-specific features in them. So, I will be listing some of the best luggage racks from different categories. Before I list them, I would like to say that I have considered the following factors such as cost, quality, and material for preparing the list.

Winsome Luggage Rack With Shelf – Amazon’s Best Seller

Winsome  Luggage Rack With Shelf – Amazon's Best Seller

It is a wooden luggage rack that has incorporated a shelf below. One of the best-rated luggage racks on Amazon. The rating of this luggage rack on Amazon is 4.8, and it has more than seven thousand people have rated it. This shows the trust and attraction people have in this luggage rack. But why? It is due to the stylish look and quality of the material. Other than that, the luggage rack is strong enough to hold heavy luggage. The nylon straps on the top are strong enough to hold heavy loads. This is suitable for both home and overnight guests’ stay. Finally, this is one of the best luggage racks that are available on Amazon.

To know the current price of this luggage rack, visit the Amazon website.

  • Material: Solid wood and Nylon
  • Price: $85
  • Size: 26.54” L × 18.66″ W × 20″ H
  • Weight: 8.3 lbs

Chaithra Metal Folding Luggage Rack – Luxury

Chaithra Metal Folding Luggage Rack – Luxury

This is one of the best luggage racks that is made from acrylic legs. It looks rich and grand. Even the bars at the top are chrome plated for a shining appearance. Any four or five-star hotels that want to give their guest to have a luxury experience while staying in their hotel should probably buy this closet luggage rack. Not only them, people who want modern luggage racks for guest rooms can also buy this. But one unfortunate thing about buying this luggage rack is, it has a high. And most of the time it is out of stock. So, you may have to spend some time searching for this rare luggage rack.

This luxury luggage rack is available on

  • Material: Metal and Plastic
  • Price: $217.99
  • Size: 24” L × 24” H × 14” W
  • Weight: 11 lbs

Tangkula Chrome Luggage Rack – Durable

Tangkula Chrome Luggage Rack – Durable

Buy this sturdy luggage rack that is made from steel material. The 4 feet of the luggage rack are covered with caps made up of polypropylene for a good grip. And with the help of high-strength straps, this luggage rack can hold up to 140lbs load. Moreover, this luggage rack will last for a long time due to the durable materials used by the manufacturers. It is foldable and can be concealed behind a bed or corner of the room as if they don’t exist. At last, this is one of the best luggage racks that are durable.

You can buy this durable luggage rack from

  • Material: Steel and Nylon
  • Price: $156.67
  • Size: 21″ L × 16″ W × 26.5″ H
  • Weight: 4 lbs

SONGMICS Luggage Rack – Affordable

SONGMICS Luggage Rack – Affordable

This metal luggage rack is made from metal and has a shimmering black color coating. The straps are black too, which gives the luggage rack a monochromatic color finish. On a whole, this luggage looks luxurious. However, it can be used at both hotels and residential places. The 4 feet are capped with polypropylene and that means you will have a noiseless experience while using it. You can easily fold this luggage. This is one of the best luggage racks that looks stylish and has good quality but is available at an affordable price.

It can be ordered from

  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Price: $59.99
  • Size: 26.9” L × 13.3” W × 22.6” H
  • Weight: 4.2lbs

Winsome Dora Storage Luggage Rack – Utility

Winsome Dora Storage Luggage Rack – Utility

One of the best luggage racks for overnight guests’ stay. The unique feature of this luggage rack that draws attention is the basket that is present below. This basket is made up of 100 percent polyester and eliminates the need for a wardrobe as you can manage all your luggage items within this basket. You can also use it for keeping your wet clothes separately. The frame of the luggage rack is made up of solid composite wood. And the last thing about this is you get all these features at an affordable cost.

You can order this luggage rack from Amazon Store.

  • Material: Solid Composite Wood and polyester.
  • Price: $53.34
  • Size: 22.83” L × 12.99” W × 13.78” H
  • Weight: 6lbs

Silverwood Store Metal Luggage Rack – Gold coated

Silverwood Store Metal Luggage Rack – Gold coated

If you look for a lustrous metal luggage rack coated with golden color, this would be the best luggage rack for you. This luggage rack has a smooth curving and smooth texture. And the straps are brown. The metal frame and woven fabric straps together can hold luggage whose weight is below 100 lbs. One disadvantage of this luggage rack is the color combination of the metal frame and straps. Instead of light colors, dark colors would have suited the metal frame well. We can conclude this as one of the best luggage racks made up of metal coated with golden color.

You can buy this gold-coated metal luggage rack from the wayfair store.

  • Material: Metal
  • Price: $46.73
  • Size: 21.2” L ×18” W × 28.4” H
  • Weight: 7.79 lbs

Wooden Mallet WallSaver Luggage Rack

Wooden Mallet WallSaver Luggage Rack

As the name indicates, the highlighting feature of this luggage rack is the Wallsaver part. This part prevents scratches and other damages done to the wall while using the luggage rack. It can be used in homes or hotels where they want to keep their walls spotless. This is a wooden luggage rack made up of oak wood and the straps are made up of tough material. The materials together can hold luggage whose weight is less than 100lbs.

Buy this luggage rack from Online Amazon Store.

  • Material: Oak and Polyester
  • Price: $164.99
  • Size: 18.25” D × 23.75” W × 24.25” H
  • Weight: 7 lbs

M&T Displays Store Wooden Rack

M&T Displays Store Wooden Rack

This wooden luggage rack has a classic and magnificent look. The manufacturers have used Beechwood. And they have used straps that have high resilience. Both the beechwood and straps can carry luggage whose weight is up to 200lbs. The wooden material has a smooth finish as they are fabricated using high-end manufacturing machines that operate with high precision. And another good thing about buying this product is, M&T will be with you till the product is delivered and installed in your place. This service is icing on the cake.

This wooden luggage rack can be ordered online through

  • Material: Beech wood and Nylon
  • Price: $71.50
  • Size: 21.80” L × 17.68” W × 28.11” H
  • Weight: 4.52

Winsome Scarlett Cappuccino Wooden Rack

Winsome Scarlett Cappuccino Wooden Rack

An elegant-looking wooden luggage rack from winsome. It is extremely classic and can be used in five-star hotels. I know, I already included two luggage racks from Winsome, but this luggage rack was irresistible. The design of the frame is artistic and posh. You would guess this luggage rack is costly for the gorgeous look. But surprisingly no!. The price of this luggage rack is affordable. So, we can call this one of the best luggage racks that offer a rich look at an affordable cost.

Buy this modern luggage rack from Amazon.

  • Material: Wood and Nylon
  • Price: $60.03
  • Size: 26.54” L ×18.66” W × 20” H
  • Weight: 8.2 lbs

Kings Brand Rack

Kings Brand Rack

Buy this shiny luggage rack that resembles a rich-looking luggage rack found in five-star hotels. And luckily, you need not worry about the price. The price of this modern luggage rack is affordable on contrary to its grand look. It also has a good rating on Amazon and other online stores. And the quality of this closet luggage rack is good too, as it is made from high-quality metal and nylon. This luggage rack is available in two colors, and they are chrome and black.

These kings brand luggage racks can be ordered from Amazon.

  • Material: Metal and Nylon
  • Price: $79.99
  • Size: 28″ L × 19″ W × 24″ H
  • Weight: 7 lbs

Why Is A Luggage Rack Important?

A luggage rack is a must item when you are traveling. You will feel incredibly comfortable with a luggage rack. But the usage of luggage rack is not limited to travel, but it is also used in homes and hotels. We will discuss, in detail, how luggage racks are helpful at various places.

Overnight Guest’s Room Item

A luggage rack is a necessary item that should be present inside the spare room that would be used by your guest. They can unpack their things comfortably by placing their luggage above the luggage rack. It would be extremely difficult for your guest to bend down, again and again, to pick up things and place them in the wardrobe. Your guest may be staying for one day or less, but that doesn’t matter. What is important is that your guest has a wonderful experience staying in your home. For that, you should buy the best luggage rack for guest room.


A hotel would have the best luggage racks in each of their guest room. Guests visiting the hotel would be exhausted after a long journey, and having a luggage rack in the room will go a long way in comforting the customer. Hotels can also buy hybrid luggage racks that can accommodate both shoes and luggage. Such luggage-cum-shoe stand can be used in homes too. Four and five-star hotels would prefer buying a grand and rich-looking luggage rack.

Travel Item

Carrying a luggage rack when you are going for a picnic or camping, would be a great convenience. If you are buying a luggage rack with a basket, it would be even more beneficial. You can place the luggage on the luggage rack take out all travel items and place them in the basket. Moreover, you can never guess the terrain of the place you will be visiting. If you don’t want to get your items dirty, luggage racks are the only solution you can find.

Transport Equipment

The luggage rack on a car’s rooftop is something people shouldn’t miss when they are planning a family trip. You can put all the packed bags on the rooftop and tie them tightly. A car’s boot can accommodate only a limited volume of luggage. And you cannot place the luggage inside the car too, as you would suffocate during the journey. So, for a pleasant family trip with kids, a luggage rack is a must.

What Factor Should We Consider Before Buying The Best Luggage Racks?

If I am going to buy a luggage rack, I would look out for the below factors in a luggage rack. Not only me, everyone should look for these aspects in a luggage rack. These are key factors that one should not neglect. Apart from the below features, people will have their specific requirements, for that they have to look for luggage rack that has the specific features which will help them with their specific requirements. You might also want to take a look at our top rolling backpacks recommendations from here.

Size And Capacity

This should be the first feature one should be looking for while buying modern luggage racks for a guest room or a luggage rack for bedroom. One will never know the size or weight of the customer arriving at the hotel. So, it is always better to buy a folding luggage rack that is big and has a high weight-bearing capacity. But the most common capacity of any luggage rack is 100 lbs. However, note that the capacity can go up to 200lbs too, depending on the material, design, etc.


The durability, look, and quality of a luggage rack would depend on the material it is made from. A luggage rack has two parts and each of them is made from different materials. The two parts are the frame and the strap.

The frame of a luggage rack is either made from either wood or metal. Frame plays a critical role in the longevity and usage of a luggage rack. The wood and the metal, both have certain pros and cons. We will discuss the pros and cons of both materials below. Also take a look at our pink suitcase with wheels recommendations from here.


Luggage racks made from wood look artistic. Wood has been used for a long time for creating creative arts. It is due to the flexibility of the wood. Metal is less flexible when compared to wood. And most artistic people will find their favorite luggage rack made from wood. However, at the same time, wood requires high maintenance when compared to metal. You may have to paint the wood repeatedly for preventing it from rotting.


Metal is a very durable material, at least when compared to wood. Wood is acquired from trees and hence they are biodegradable naturally. However, as discussed before, metal is not as flexible as wood. Hence, most metal luggage racks are not as stylish or artistic as wooden luggage racks. But they are lustrous and if the metals are chrome plated you will get an exotic look.


Straps are made from various materials such as nylon, polyester, etc. Among them, the nylon material is more durable when compared to others. Most luggage racks with nylon straps have a high weight-bearing capacity.


If you are buying a luggage rack with more features, you can make the most out of it. Here, I will be discussing two notable features of a luggage rack. One is the wall-saver feature. This wall-saver feature prevents the wall of your room from getting stained. This type of luggage rack is the best luggage rack for guest room. Usually, while using a typical luggage rack, a line would have formed due to the friction between the luggage rack and the wall. And the second feature is the shelf below the rack. You can place your shoes on them.


More than comfort, people are attracted to styles. So, if you want to buy the best luggage rack for guest room or luggage rack for bedroom, you should choose a stylish and modern luggage rack. And such types of luggage racks are available in both metal and wood materials.


This is the main factor you should consider while buying the best luggage racks for you. Especially, if you want to feel completely satisfied with the product. For this, you should look for features of the luggage rack and ponder how a specific feature is useful to you. But you have limitation in it. A luggage rack may not consist of all the features you want. Well, in that case, I would suggest you buy from companies that sell personalized luggage racks.


I have selected some of the best luggage racks that are available in the market. Also, I have explained some information one should consider while buying the luggage racks and I guess this will help you in choosing the best luggage racks suitable for you. Good shoppers will always have good knowledge about the product that he/she is buying. And I guess this article has given you enough information a shopper would require. Happy shopping! Also, take a look at our best luggage padlock recommendations from here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Best Luggage racks

1. Can we use a luggage rack in our bedroom?

Definitely. You can use this to pack and unpack your luggage when you are going on trips.

2. Which material is best for a luggage rack?

Luggage racks made up of wood would be the best luggage racks. It is due to the strength, durability, and flexibility of wooden materials.

3. Where can we use a luggage rack?

A luggage rack can be used in various places including, the bedroom, the spare room allotted for guests in the home. It is also used in hotel rooms.

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