Best Luggage Straps

Best Luggage Straps

Do you fear that your checked luggage can break open, and you may lose your valuable? Can such incidents happen? Unfortunately, the answer is yes to the latter questions, and hence I am forced to answer ‘Yes’ for the former question. But keeping the packed items locked inside is one of the primary functions of luggage, isn’t it? While it is true, you cannot assure the luggage that you buy will fulfill its primary function every time. So, it is good to take preventive steps ahead than feel sorry later. And luggage strap is one of the best solutions you could find.

A luggage strap is a thick and long strap made up of various materials that can be tied around the luggage. One can lock the strap using a clasp closure. In addition to that, they may also have luggage straps lockable by a lock. Choose any one of two and buy the best luggage straps for better security.

Top 10 Best Luggage Straps

The market offers us a wide variety of travel straps for luggage that are made with different materials, sizes, closures, etc. Each factor plays an important role in the overall functionality of the luggage strap. The luggage straps also vary according to the luggage you are using. So, I am listing luggage straps that encompass different types of luggage straps.

Samsonite Luggage Strap-Best Overall

Samsonite Luggage Strap-Best Overall

Luggage straps with Combination locks are always the best when it comes to luggage straps. They are more secure and easy to handle when compared to other types. This Samsonite luggage strap has a 3-digit number lock system. The strap is made up of tough material that can withstand all types of rough handling. Above all, this is a TSA-approved luggage strap. The lock has a keyhole so that TSA officers can open the luggage using the master key in case they find anything suspicious in the luggage. Overall, this is one of the best luggage straps that is approved by TSA.

Buy this top-grade TSA-approved luggage strap from Amazon.

  • Maximum Belt Length: 72 inch (ca. 183 cm)
  • Price: $18

FOREGOER Luggage Strap – Multifunctional

FOREGOER Luggage Strap – Multifunctional

This is the ultimate luggage strap to hold a tote bag or Duffel bag onto a trolley. It also has a pocket where you can store items that you may use during one’s travel. So, you can use it as a wallet too. While using it as a wallet, you can conceal the strap inside the hidden pocket inside. The material used for the strap is nylon and hence the luggage strap will last for a long time. Overall, this is one of the best luggage straps that have high functionality.

Order this ultra-useful luggage strap from the Amazon website.

  • Belt Length: 22-34.2 inch
  • Price: $25.99

ProudGuy Luggage Strap – Best Quality

ProudGuy Luggage Strap – Best Quality

A stylish-looking luggage strap that provides high security. This luggage strap uses high-quality nylon that can sustain extreme abuse. The best thing about ProudGuy is its commitment to high-quality standards. And that is why it has offered a 100 percent money-back guarantee. But one disadvantage about buying this luggage strap is they are sold out fast.

However, if you really wanna order this luggage strap right away, you can order it on

  • Belt length: 45-80 inch
  • Price: $10.37

Ayaport Luggage Strap – Cheapest

Ayaport Luggage Strap - Cheapest

This is a multipurpose luggage strap that can be used in various situations. Since it is made up of nylon, the straps can endure from low to high load applications. And beyond all, they are providing 4 pcs of luggage strap for less than $10. And that is why I would call this the best purchase if people are buying it. Low cost and high applications. Since you get a high range of applications at a low cost, you should have no doubt about buying this. On the last note, this is one of the best luggage straps available at a cheap price.

It is available at Amazon Store Online.

  • Belt length: 40 inch (ca. 102 cm)
  • Price: $8.99

BlueCosto Luggage Strap

BlueCosto Luggage Strap

If you are traveling as a family and each one needs a luggage strap, you can buy this 4 pcs BlueCosto luggage strap. All four straps are in the same color and hence it is easy to identify all the suitcases and bags of your family as they will stand out from the crowd. This is available in various monochromatic colors. Hence, it is one of the best luggage straps for families. It doesn’t have any lock but a buckle closure. If we have to speak about the material, plastic has been used and that is the reason 4 pcs of luggage strap is available under $15.

You can buy this luggage strap set from the Amazon store.

  • Belt length: 46-78 inch
  • Price: $14.98

SANTREST Luggage Strap

SANTREST Luggage Strap

These two pieces of luggage straps have a 3-digit numbered lock system, and they are TSA-approved luggage straps. This also means that you can use this for locking the checked luggage. This bag can secure the items stored inside the luggage, and you can feel safe from the start to the end of the journey when you collect back the checked luggage. Speaking of the material, it is made from ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). So, it would be both cheap and strong.

You can buy these SANTREST luggage straps from the online Amazon store.

  • Belt length: 45-74 inch
  • Price: $24.99

Herschel Luggage Strap

Herschel Luggage Strap

Herschel is a popular company that manufactures luggage and related items. This luggage strap is from Herschel. The luggage strap looks cool and is available in one design only. And that design says hello in several languages. If you want a complete ensemble of Herschel Luggage, you should probably buy this one. On the other hand, this is also one of the best luggage straps that look classic.

This product is available on Amazon Mega Store.

  • Belt length: 71 inch (ca. 180 cm)
  • Price: $17.99

GutsDoor Store Suitcase Belt

GutsDoor Store Luggage Strap

You can easily pick out your luggage in the crowd if you are using this luggage strap. The strap has bright colors that will let you spot the luggage even from long distances. You will get four straps with buckle closure. You can use this for any luggage including suitcases, backpacks, spinners, etc. One highlighting thing about this bag is, GutsDoor is ready to refund you if you are not 100% satisfied with the luggage straps. This shows how much focus they lay on customer satisfaction. At last, we can call this one of the best luggage straps for easily identifying luggage in bustling airports.

These luggage straps are available on Amazon merchandise.

  • Belt length: 42–76.77 inch
  • Price: $25.99

FABULWAY Luggage Straps

FABULWAY Luggage Straps

If you are gonna order this, you will not only be getting 3 luggage straps but also 3 pieces of luggage tags with Name ID. The buckle is made of metal and hence you have high security. The material used for the strap is polypropylene. And the name tag is made up of alloy. This is a good deal considering you are getting all this for less than 25 dollars. This is despite using high-quality material. We can conclude this as one of the best luggage straps with high quality.

Buy this in Amazon Store.

  • Belt length: Info Not Available
  • Price: $21.99

Plastic Suitcase Belts

Plastic Suitcase Belts

It contains two pieces of luggage straps and each piece of luggage belt is made from polypropylene and plastic. You can use this luggage belt for wrapping it around the suitcase. They can be used for suitcases whose size ranges between 20 and 32 inches (ca. 81 cm). The price of the luggage belts seems affordable, considering both the pieces are available for less than $10. It is available in various monochromatic colors. At last, this is one of the best luggage straps with monochromatic colors.

Order this from Amazon.

  • Belt length: 46-76 inch.
  • Price: $7.90

Types Of Luggage Straps

Luggage straps can be broadly classified into three categories, as listed below. I have explained briefly about each of the types in the below sections.

Linear Luggage Strap-Typical

The linear Luggage strap is the most popularly used luggage strap by people. It is a long strap that has different types of closure at the end. People use this luggage strap to tie a large variety of luggage. Using this luggage strap is also very simple, you just need to wrap it around the luggage vertically or horizontally and buckle it up.

Cross Luggage Strap

This type of luggage strap is used in roller luggage and spinners. Using this luggage strap, you can lock the luggage both horizontally and vertically. Since you wrap the luggage in two directions, this luggage strap can be considered more secure when compared to the other two types of luggage straps.

Tote Luggage Strap

It is very useful if you are carrying a tote bag and trolley. Using this strap, you can attach the tote bag above the trolley and reduce the load from one of your hands. At the same time, the other hand will not be over-stressed too. All the load will be distributed to wheels and hence you will travel light. Some tote luggage straps also have pockets where one can keep their essentials.

Does TSA Allow Luggage Straps?

TSA has not said anything regarding this. However, markets sell TSA-approved luggage straps. But how is that possible if TSA hasn’t said anything about luggage straps? So, here is how it works.

The main aim of using suitcase straps that are sold as TSA approved is, the lock closure of the luggage should be able to be opened by TSA using their master key. Sometimes, when TSA finds something suspicious in a suitcase, they will have to open the luggage and check it. They don’t have any problem with suitcase straps that don’t have a lock but only a buckle. But, if they have a lock they may have to break it unless the lock is TSA approved as they will be using the master key.

So, you have to be careful while buying a suitcase belt that has a lock closure in it. Speaking of the context, here are our recommendations for the best suitcase for men from here.

What Would Happen If You Don’t Use TSA Approved Luggage Straps?

People have no idea what happens to their checked luggage after they board the plane. Moreover, very little is known about security procedures followed by TSA officers before they load your checked luggage inside the cargo section.

Opening each luggage personally is not possible and hence TSA security officers use X-rays machine to look at what items are present inside. Though they will not get a clear image of items that are present inside, they would pretty much figure out what items they are by using the scanned image they get. While looking at the items present inside the luggage, if they find any item that resembles a dangerous object or if they feel it is an unsafe item, they would open the luggage.

If the suitcase belt one has used has a lock that cannot be opened by the TSA officers, they would break the clasp and check the luggage. One would know this when they receive their checked luggage at the terminal of the destination airport. A notice would have been stuck on one’s luggage stating the reason. Hence, I would suggest buying TSA approved luggage straps instead. Also read our best carry on luggage for men recommendation from here.

How To Use Luggage Straps For Suitcases?

As we discussed earlier, suitcase belt comes in different types. And each of the types works differently. I will give a brief explanation of how each type works.

Steps For Using Linear Luggage Straps

The linear luggage straps are pretty simple to use when compared to the other two types of luggage straps for suitcases.

  • Choose if you are going to bind the suitcase or luggage vertically or horizontally.
  • After choosing, wrap it around the suitcase
  • You can either buckle it up or lock according to the closure it has.
  • Adjust the length of the suitcase belt according to the size of the luggage
  • Now, tighten it until you feel that items will not come out even if the luggage falls down
  • At last, lock the two ends together

Steps For Using Cross Luggage Strap

  • Hold the triangular metal piece at the one end and wrap it around the suitcase using the other end either horizontally or vertically.
  • Now, put in the other end through triangular metal and drag it out.
  • Wrap it around the other direction(Horizontal or vertical) which you missed in the first step.
  • Now, you can clutch the two ends together.

Steps For Using Tote Luggage Strap

  • Insert the strap over the handle of the trolley.
  • Place the tote bag or Duffel bag on the trolley.
  • Wrap around the tote bag using the straps.
  • Clutch the two ends together using a buckle or lock.
  • If you have a pocket in it, you can place your essentials and hit the airport terminal.


“An Ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”. This is what luggage straps are all about. You never know what would happen to your luggage on the conveyor or while airport officers handling your luggage. So, investing a few bucks shouldn’t be a problem? I have listed some of the best luggage straps available in the market. In addition to that, I have mentioned different types of luggage straps and explained how to use them. Hope this helped you. Happy Shopping! Also take a look at our best luggage organizers article from here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Best Luggage Straps

1. Which type of luggage straps are good? Buckle or Lock?

If you want the items packed inside to hold together, a luggage strap with a buckle is enough, but if you are using the luggage straps for security purposes, choose a luggage strap with a lock.

2. Which material is used for fabricating the Best luggage straps

Best luggage straps are made from Nylon material. This is due to its durability and strength.

3. Is a cross luggage strap better than a typical linear luggage strap?

Of course. You can wrap your suitcase both horizontally and vertically. This holds your luggage much tighter.

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