Best Mini Backpack Purse

Best Mini Backpack Purse

Wearing Mini Backpack Purses is bliss. Those adorable bags can make us look cute, stylish, and elegant at the same time. With matching apparel and a Mini backpack purse, you will get a perfect ensemble, and you will look stunning if you wear them. Guess, you are planning to hit the pub, there a Mini backpack purse is not a thing to miss. On a different note, Mini-backpack purses are not only a fashion item but also a utility. They can be your best partner in managing your things. So we can call mini backpack purses a fusion of fashion and utility.

Top 10 Best Mini Backpack Purses

Are you tired of typical Mini Backpack Purses? Do you need something new and innovative? Don’t worry, I got you here. Researching some of the best Mini Backpack Purses, I have included some novel Mini Backpack purses in this list. I am sure, you will really enjoy the Mini Backpack purses on the list.

VR NYC Flap Closure Beaded Backpack – Brown

VR NYC Flap Closure Beaded Backpack - Brown

This is good experimenting with Mini Backpack Purses. The bag looks very creative and attractive. But on an actual note, this is a rebound design that is derived from pockets that were used in taxis. But I literally don’t care where it came from, because all I am concerned about is the look. Since it is a unique piece, you need to be careful about choosing matching apparel. And this backpack purse is tiny, hence it can hold only limited items. That means less utility. Nevertheless, this is the best Mini Backpack Purse available in the market that has a unique design.

  • Size: D 1” x H 10” x W 0”
  • Material: Acrylic Beads
  • Cost:$39.99

Women’s Simply Vera Vera Wang Glow Mini Backpack Purse

Women's Simply Vera Vera Wang Glow

This Mini Backpack Purse is made from leatherette material and the texture of the skin has a crocodile pattern. It comes in stylish black color only. You can carry around this bag as a shopping bag for your regular purchases. The main compartment has enough space to hold all your essentials. You will feel easy carrying around this bag on your shoulders. Other than backpack straps, you have a top handle that you can use when you feel pain in the shoulder. This is one of the best Mini Backpack Purses fabricated using leatherette material.

  • Size: D 4.5” x H 10” x W 8”
  • Material: PVC and PU
  • Cost: $24

Mini Backpack Purses For women

Mini Purse for Women

The chained drawstring makes this bag one of the unique Mini Backpack Purses available in the market. One side of the string is coated with silver color and the other side of the string is coated with golden color, however, I would have preferred the same color on both strings(Either sliver or gold). I have to mention that the designer has been conscious enough to make the bag look famine despite the addition of chains. And I cannot skip speaking about the material of the bag, it is made using vegan leather. So I can call this one of the best Mini Backpack Purses for vegans. This bag is available in a wide range of monochromatic colors.

  • Size: L 10” x H 4” x W 10”
  • Material: Vegan Leather
  • Cost:$21.99

Emperia Store Mini Backpack Purse

Emperia Store Mini Backpack Purse

A rich-looking, elegant Mini Backpack Purse at an affordable cost. This bag is made from leatherette material, and you would enjoy caressing pebbled leather surfaces. And the main drawing card of this product is the lustrous golden zipper that embellishes this Mini Backpack Purse. Another notable feature of this bag is the front pouch where you can stow your money purse. After stowing, you can enchain it for safety purses. You have plenty of color options to choose from. At last, I must admit that this is one of the best Mini Backpack Purses that look extravagant yet available at an affordable price. Also take a look at our garment travel bag from here.

  • Size: L 7.5” x H 9.5” x D 4.7”
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Cost:$33.95

Rain’s Mini Backpack Purses — Women’s

Rain Brand

This Mini Backpack Purse looks neat and sleek. And the bag is astonishingly slim and structured. If we take a closure look at the details of the bag, it has stylish finishing. On the whole, this is a classic-looking Mini Backpack Purse that you can take to your office or when you run some errands. This bag is made from a combination of two materials which are polyurethane and polyester, and hence the bag is water-resistant and durable. It is available in three monochromatic colors such as green, charcoal, and yellow. This can be one of the best Mini Backpack Purses for office use.

  • Size: D 4.7” x H 18.9” x W 11.8”
  • Material: Polyurethane and Polyester
  • Cost:$80

Milfand Bedford Bag Mini Backpack Purses

Milfand product

This is a convertible Mini Backpack Purse from Milfand. You can adjust the bag to convert them into a backpack or a shoulder bag or a cross-body by adjusting straps. The manufacturer has released this miniature version of its signature silhouette for its customers. Mifand is a company that manufactures leather products, and it has used fine-quality leather in this bag. The texture of leather is smooth and sleek. Considering all these aspects, we can call this is one of the best Mini Backpack Purses made from high-quality leather.

  • Size: D 4” x H 9” x W 7”
  • Material: High-quality Animal Leather
  • Cost:$320

Adidas Linear Mini Backpack Purses


One of the highest-rated Mini Backpack Purses on Amazon. This bag is very cute and stylish. It has a lot of space inside, though it looks compact outside. You can store all your essentials inside and use them. And you have a quilted back panel and double-layered shoulder straps for reducing stress on your back and shoulders. These unisex bags are available in a wide range of colors and color combinations. This is one of the best Mini Backpack Purses from Adidas.

  • Size: L 8.5” x H 10.5” x W 5”
  • Material: Polyester
  • Cost:$37.87

Summer Day’s Backpack

Summer Day's Backpack

Come on, guys. It’s time to travel back in time. We have an archetype basket that has been modified as a backpack here. The peripheral body of the bag is made of durable interwoven straw. Structure fabricated by interwoven straw gives the bag a stable base. While the inner body is made of fine fabric cloth and gives you a smooth experience while handling items inside the bag. This is one of the best Mini Backpack Purses that is made of a unique combination of the old and the modern era.

  • Size: D 6” x H 13” x W 13”
  • Material: Straw and Fabric
  • Cost:$119

Balyse Brown Cow Print Calf Hair Mini Backpack

Balyse Brown Cow Print Calf Hair Mini Backpack

This is a raw Cow print Mini Backpack Purse made from Haircalf (skin of a calf without removing the hair). You will get an amazing experience with this bag with its soft and woolen texture. The straps are made from PU, and they give you three carrying options in this bag. In this bag, you can zip your essentials in the front pocket for easy reach, and you have the main compartment where you can store items like clothes, iPods, Smartphones, etc. I can say this is one of the best Mini Backpack Purse for people who like experimenting with different leather materials. If you are a frequent traveler, check out our best garment bags from here.

  • Size: D 4” x H 8” x W 8”
  • Material: Haircalf Leather
  • Cost:$92

Kenzo Mini Backpack Purse

Kenzo Mini Backpack Purse

This Mini Backpack Purse has very long shoulder straps so that you can stay trendy. The shoulder strap can be adjusted and detached. And the silver-tone hardware matches with the black exterior made up of nylon material. These types of bags are more suitable for younger generation people, and it really goes well with jeans. As a whole, this is one of the best Mini Backpack Purse for youths.

  • Size: L 4” x H 8” x W 6.25”
  • Material: Canvas
  • Cost: Currently Not Available

Pros And Cons Of Mini Backpack Purses



Mini Backpack Purse is more stylish and trendy when compared to a regular-sized backpack. Most Mini Backpack Purses hang below or near your hip and trust me, this is one of the stylish ways to carry a Backpack. So, Mini Backpack Purses would be the best choice for people who wanna have an on-trend backpack.

Free Hands

Carrying purses on a hand limits your mobility. Either one or both of your hands will be busy carrying the bag. But you will be freed from this stress if you buy a Mini Backpack. You can literally march your hands when you use backpacks.


Hard To Reach The Articles

We previously talked about how comfortable the Mini Backpack Purses are. But we have one shortcoming in backpacks, which is, you have to swing your backpack each time you need to pick up an item. This can be really irritating and stressful. And sudden jerks like this can mess up the articles present inside, which is another problem.

Less Safety

The primary feature of a backpack is, you will not be stressed by seeing it in your hand. This may give you a sense of satisfaction, but this feature has its downside too. Theft!. Since the backpack is not in your sight, you will have very little ability to know what is happening with the bag. A pickpocket can smoothly cut through your backpack and steal your items. And if you already know about this danger, it can be even more stressful. So I would suggest you to but Backpack Purses that have Anti-theft zippers and a very hard wall.

Fewer Pockets

Since the size of the Mini Backpack Purse is small, there will be very little space left. This is an innate design disadvantage of Mini Backpack Purses.

Best Ways To Wear Mini Backpack Purses.

You may be wearing the Mini Backpack Purse as you wish, but there are certain dedicated ways on how one should wear them. If you wish to know what they are, I have detailed them below.


The material you choose has a big impact on your appearance as a whole. Let me shed some light on this subject.


The products made from leather are considered luxury items, and this is not something new. Leather symbolizes that you are living a lavish and rich life. Most leather Mini backpack Purses are very expensive, especially those made from original animal skin. But we have products made from leatherette materials (faux leather) that are affordable. So if you have to wear the best Mini Backpack Purses, always give priority to leather material.


Next to leather, you can prefer Canvas materials. Canvas materials, though not exotic, have a great heritage. Canvas is a material that has been used for a very long time for manufacturing various products, including backpack.

Matching Apparel

Wearing the wrong Apparel for the Mini Backpack Purse or vice versa can spoil the whole picture. Let us assume you are wearing a jean and a T-shirt. At the first level, these two apparel should match with the Mini Backpack. And on the second level, the ensemble consisting of jeans, a T-shirt, shoes, and the Mini Backpack purse should look good together. So always wear matching apparel with your Mini Backpack Purses.

Carry Using One Shoulder

I call it the youth type. Using one shoulder is a thing that is familiar among college students. You will look really cool if you wear it on one shoulder. And sometimes they are more comfortable too. And also, sometimes backpacks can cause stress on your shoulder if you wear them for a long period of time. This style will ease your shoulder and neck muscles.

Correct Height

You will look different based on the height the Mini backpacks Purses are hanging. You look the most stylish if the backpack is below your hip. Wearing them on your back gives a decent look. But you will look more childish if the backpack is on the top.

Problems With Mini Backpack Purses

Neck And Shoulder Pain

Mini Backpack Purse feels light and easy to carry. But this is not the case if you are wearing it for a very long period of time. After a certain period of time, the muscles of your neck and shoulders will start aching. And if you continue to wear them that way, the pain will last longer. Here, I will suggest you buy convertible Mini Backpack Purses because when you feel your muscle is stressed, you can switch to other carrying options.

Less Space

As we go by the name, Mini backpack Purses are small. These types of bags can hold very few items. But it also depends on how you use your Mini Backpack Purse and where you wanna use it.

Less Utility

Since we have very little space, the manufacturers can add very few features to it. You cannot add more sleeves or pockets. If you want to add more pockets and sleeves the material has to be elastic but people who like structured products may hate this type of bag.

More Time To Pick Articles

Whenever you have to take out an article, you need to swing it front and open it. This is really a time-consuming and stressful problem. You may argue with me that the time consumption is low. But trust me, this can be a real concern at critical places where you need to pick up your items immediately. Imagine you are at a shopping mall, you are at the counter, and they are asking for your credit card. Here, if it was a regular purse you could have immediately given your credit card, but here that is not the case. And, by the way, I am not forgetting about convertible Backpack purses.


Many manufacturers are coming with new and innovative Mini Backpack Purses. Here I have picked some of the best gems hidden in the market, including regular Mini Backpack Purses. The beaded purse, inter-woven straw, and Haircalf were some of the best Mini Backpack Purses according to me. I would say inter-woven straw is the best among all because I see it as a fusion of both modern backpack and traditional basket. I was able to get the best of both worlds from that bag. But everyone has different tastes and hence I am not gonna enforce my favorites on you. You can pick whichever backpacks that you feel is good for you. Happy shopping!. Also take a look at our kids carry on luggage recommendations from here.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. Can we use Mini Backpack Purses as a travel backpack?

Sure. But it is only suitable for short trips. However, you can take it as a carry-on with other luggage.

2. Which material is best for Mini Backpack Purses?

A Mini Backpack Purse made from top-grain leather will be the best option

3. Which type of Mini Backpack Purse is best?

Convertible Mini Backpack Purse can be considered as the best according to me. Because they have utility, comfort, flexibility, and style. Do you need anything more than that from a purse?

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