Best Pink Suitcase Set

Best Pink Suitcase Set

The world is made up of beautiful colors. They are one of the key features that humans are attracted to. Later, these colors become a symbol representing the feeling of a person or a community. However, it must be noted that the significance of colors varies from one region to another region. Like other colors, the significance of pink color varies from one country to another. Nevertheless, the pink color does have some common significance on a global platform. Pink represents love, romance, femininity, and tenderness. Pink has more positivity when compared to other types of colors. So, in this article, we will be talking about the best pink suitcase set and its availability in the market. At last, keep in mind that having pink-colored luggage means you are spreading love and positivity because pink would be the least offensive color.

Top 10 Best Pink Suitcase Set

The color pink shall not be generalized to one tone. There are more than ten shades in which pink color is available. So, I have enlisted the best pink suitcase set that is available in different pink shades. Choose the correct pink shade that you want from the list. Other than color, I would also be discussing various things such as design, durability, functionality, usability, etc. which will help you in selecting the best pink suitcase set.

Betsey Johnson Pink Hard shell Luggage

Betsey Johnson Pink Hard shell Luggage

This is a flamingo pink hard side luggage set that has a flamingo theme. The flamingo is one of the beautiful birds that photographers are attracted to. The elegance and the beauty of the bird are what they are known for. Flamingo and its color signify beauty and elegance. Flamingo is also one of the most sought pink shades in terms of luggage. This flamingo-themed luggage set includes one carry-on and two medium and large checked suitcases. They have used Polycarbonate and ABS material for the hard shell. The dye used on these materials will last longer, unlike Nylon fabric. Moreover, this luggage set has a 5-year warranty policy. According to the policy, you will get a free repair if manufacturing defects are found. You can also exchange the defective product for a new one. Finally, this would be the best pink suitcase set that consists of three spinners.

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COOLIFE Pink Hard shell Luggage Set

COOLIFE Pink Hard shell Luggage Set

This is a neat and classic-looking suitcase set. It consists of two suitcases whose sizes are 28.6 and 21 inches. The 21 inches (ca. 53 cm) suitcase can be used as a carry-on while traveling on the flight. The latter could be a checked luggage suitcase, as its dimensions don’t meet the size requirement demanded by TSA. Both the suitcases have TSA-approved combination locks in them. Another notable thing about this Sakura Pink-colored suitcase set is, they are made using ABS and Polycarbonate. This gives a strong and lightweight suitcase for you.

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Travelers Club 3-piece Luggage Set

Travelers Club 3-piece Luggage Set

A rose Gold Spinner, tote bag, and toiletry case will comprise this luggage set. This luggage set is an awesome buy for solo travelers. It has all the things needed for a long trip. Similarly, it can be used for short trips where you will be using the individual luggage in the luggage set. When you are carrying all the luggage, you can attach the tote bag to the spinner as it has straps at the rear. You can stow the toiletry case inside the spinner or tote bag. So, you will have less luggage to carry with you. Lastly, this is the best pink suitcase set for lone travelers.

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CO-Z Vintage Light Pink Luggage Set

CO-Z Vintage Light Pink Luggage Set

It is too hard to find a pink retro-style suitcase set, and that is why this luggage set is rare. This is a 2-piece suitcase set that consists of a spinner and briefcase. The size of the spinner is 26 inches, while the size of the luggage is 12 inches. Their respective volumes are 37 Liters and 5 Liters. Both the luggage looks very cute and attractive with the white color leather accents. All of them are stitched manually for high quality. This is definitely the most adorable and the best pink luggage set you can buy in the market.

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Flamingo 2-piece Hot Pink Luggage Set

Flamingo 2-piece Hot Pink Luggage Set

Yet another Flamingo suitcase set, but this time it is a 2-piece suitcase set. It consists of a flamingo spinner and beauty case. This combination makes this the best pink suitcase set for girls and women. Firstly, the color pink is feminine in nature. Secondly, the beauty case would be an important asset for women when they have plans to attend some special functions such as marriage far away. You could even attend the special event in a pink ensemble which your appearance all the way adorable. This luggage set has another advantage, since the spinner size is below 21 inches you can take both the luggage on board as a carry-on and personal item.

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MKF Collection Tulum 4-piece Light Pink Luggage Set 

MKF Collection Tulum 4-piece Light Pink Luggage Set 

Couples who are just married and are planning for their honeymoon should probably buy this luggage set. Pink is a color of romance and love. When you are planning for a honeymoon, every single step can enhance your mood and ambiance. Since pink color does that perfectly, you can buy this rose gold pink luggage set that consists of three spinners of various sizes and a hard accessories case. Additionally, I am telling you that it is not surprising when you find your hotel suite is decked with a pink color theme. At last, I can say that love, romance, and pink make the best combination. This would be the best pink suitcase set in order to blend in with such ambiance.

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AMKA Gem Pink Hard shell Luggage Set

AMKA Gem Pink Hard shell Luggage Set

The exterior of the hard-sided luggage features a beautiful geometric pattern. This 2-piece luggage set has a hard-sided spinner and cosmetic case. The special feature of the spinner is its expandable zipper. You get more than 25 percent of expandable space using that zipper. This is the best pink suitcase set that has a rose gold shade. Suitable for individual women or ladies who are traveling alone for long distances.

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Rockland Vara Soft-sided 3-Piece Hot Pink Luggage Set

Rockland Vara Soft-sided 3-Piece Hot Pink Luggage Set

A soft-sided luggage set that has a pink-colored exterior with white dotes. This is one of the most sought-after pink luggage set on Amazon. It has a 4.5-star rating while more than 2600 people have rated it. Among those rated, 77 percent of people have given 5 stars to this luggage. However, this is expected when you are buying luggage from Rockland. Rockland is committed to creating luggage that has wonderful themes and designs. And the ratings indicate that the manufacturer has added a feature that he promised to give. Hence, more people buying this luggage set are satisfied with this luggage set. This luggage set consists of two trolleys and a Duffel bag. One of two trolleys meets the size requirements of carry-on, while the other can be taken as checked luggage while traveling in flight.

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Jewel 3-Piece Expandable Light Pink Luggage Set

Jewel 3-Piece Expandable Light Pink Luggage Set

Every pink suitcase with wheels in this suitcase set has a modern and fashionable look. All three pieces of luggage or hard-sided spinner made using ABS material. The exterior surface texture and material used make these spinners resistant to scratch. They are durable and in addition to this, the manufacturer is offering a one-year limited warranty to buyers. However, I feel this suitcase set is overpriced. Although they have good quality and strong built, the market has similar suitcases which are cheaper than this. However, we cannot ignore the fact that this is the best pink suitcase set that has a Magenta shade.

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SHOWKOO Hardshell Durable Spinner

SHOWKOO Hardshell Durable Spinner

This 3-piece suitcase set consists of rose gold spinners of various sizes. Their volumes are 33, 63, and 93 liters. Size-wise, they are 20, 24, and 28 inches (ca. 71 cm). Hence, we have two checked suitcases and one carry-on in this luggage set. They are very durable spinners. Moreover, they are resistant to scratches and sudden impacts. Most hard-sided spinners like this can withstand sudden shocks and prevent damage to the articles that are stored inside. The pink suitcase with wheels has one more remarkable feature, which is ease while carrying. The wheels are fabricated in such a way, there is less or no noise while you are dragging or pushing the spinners. We can call this the best pink suitcase set that has a noise cancellation feature.

The current cost of this SHOWKOO spinner set is available on Amazon.

What Is The Cultural Significance Of Pink Color?

Each color has a specific cultural significance in each community. While the interesting thing is, the meaning of pink changed within the community over the years. Even though now, Pink is seen as a color of feminine, love, romance, and tenderness, it had varied meanings throughout history. However, pink is one of the latest colors to be named and identified among all the colors. The work ‘Pink’ denotes a flower that is less red. Before that, pink and red colors were often confused and were seen as one. The very first mention of ‘Pink’ as a color was mentioned in 1733 to denote pale rose color. If you are in the market for a budget luggage set, here is our take on the cheap luggage sets under 100 recommendations from here.

Pink And Feminine

Initially, the color pink was used by boys, while soldiers and men preferred red during World War 2. The pink was seen as a light version of red, and that is the reason small boys preferred wearing them. But how come now it is known as the color of the feminine? Well, this change of gender was brought post World War 2. Men who returned from war wanted their lady partners to stay at home instead of going to work. So, they started referring to the pink color with girls and women.

Companies that manufactured women’s products advertised pink as the color of women. Over the period of time, ladies started accepting the color. And it became the symbol of softness associated with women. This was how pink became feminine. I personally don’t think women are attracted to pink because according to research done by, both the men and the women have opted for blue as their favorite color. Surprisingly, 27 percent of women choose purple as their favorite color and few or no men choose the purple color. So, purple can be called the color that is more favorable to women. While the close relative of pink, the red color, was favorite to 7 and 9 percent of men and women respectively. There is hardly any difference. Hence, we can be sure that pink and feminine symbolism is the latest one.

Pink And Love

The significance of pink color in love is a well-known thing. Especially, the symbol of love, the heart, is most liked if it is dark pink and red. So print crept into love because of red. The reason for people choosing pink over red can sometimes mean that they feel red is more intense and furious. Moreover, red signifies more number of things, and love needed a color. I think pink perfectly fit in there. This is how pink and love should have gotten connected. Now, most hearts have a mix of both red and dark pink. You might also want to take a look at our 22 x14 x9 carry on luggage recommendations from here.

There is another possibility where pink and love would have found their connection. As we previously discussed, how pink got associated with girls and women. In most cases, the man would be the one trying to impress a woman. So, he must have good empathy to woo her to his side. So, later, pink would have emerged as the color of love that combined two loved ones. This is just another perspective of how pink became popular among couples.

People And Pink

Irrespective of cultural influences, all the individuals will have an opinion regarding all the colors. So, what is pink for people of the world irrespective of gender, ideology, and agenda? The answer to this question shows the physiological and psychological connection a human has with the pink color. has collected the opinions of people regardless of gender.

According to the responses, people find the color Joyful, creative, and refreshing. Hence, pink mostly has positive opinions among the public. This can be witnessed when people use the phrase “in the pink” to denote the good health condition of an individual.

Pink And Women Organizations

There are many pro-women and feminist organizations that are adopting pink as their color. It is fascinating to note that the color that was used to lock women inside the home is being used for liberating women. Pink is now a symbol of feminism, and the increased use by them will incline pink towards females for a long time. Most political organizations are also aligned with feminists, hence pink will be a historical color for females.

Pink And Refreshing Feel

One of the responders to the website I mentioned below says that the pink color gives him/her a refreshing feeling. The responder connects the pink color with springtime flowers. This is the season when everything comes back to life after a long sleep from winter. This is really relevant and has a lot of emotions since it connects us with nature. I must remember you again that pink color started its journey from flower and the name ‘pink’ initially denoted flower. So, nature introduced us the pink thousands of years earlier.

Pink And Blushing

The association of dark pink and our body is expressed when our cheeks become pink. According to our physiology, most people’s cheek turns red when they are very shy or embarrassed. Sometimes the color would be red. However, when you watch cartoons, mostly pink is preferred as red would mean blood in cartoons. This is one of many ways how the meaning of color changes with the evolution of humans.

Pink And English idioms

English has a lot of idioms that are associated with pink or have the word pink in them. Let us look at a few of them and analyze them.

Tickled pink is an idiom that is used when someone is thrilled, delighted, or excited. For example, we can say “Hannah tickled pink thinking about her vacation next week”.

“See pink elephants” is an idiom used for insinuating that a person is drunk or bluffing. For example, we can say “George realized that he was getting way too much drunk when he started seeing pink elephants “


I have added cute and adorable pink suitcase sets to the list. A suitcase set that has a different number or luggage combination has been included. Most of the suitcase sets I have added have at least one carry-on and checked luggage. Similarly, I have preferred a hard-sided suitcase over a soft-sided suitcase owing to its leverage on a Soft-sided suitcase. Finally, this narrowed down the list which has the best pink suitcase set. I hope you select the best pink suitcase set from the list. Lastly, not to forget, this list has suitcases that come in different colors such as Rose gold, Flamingo pink, Magenta, etc. I wish you a happy shopping. You might also want to take a look at our best luggage scales recommendations from here.

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Pink Suitcase Set.

1. Is pink a gender-neutral color?

Any color is a gender-neutral color, but it changes over time in history. Currently, pink color is more related to women.

2. What are some disadvantages of buying a pink suitcase set?

Pink and other bright-colored suitcase set have one big disadvantage. That disadvantage is you have to clean them often because they get stained easily. While dull colors though get stained, the stain is not visible as clearly as in bright colors.

3. Which type of luggage set should a solo traveler buy?

A solo traveler should buy a luggage set that consists of a carry-on and checked luggage. The spinner should be the most preferred checked luggage while a carry-on can be a spinner, trolley, Duffel bag, or tote bag.


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