Best Scooter Luggage For Kids

Best Scooter Luggage For Kids

Scooter luggage for kids is the best way for kids to travel in style. More than style, kids will have more fun with this type of luggage. Furthermore, it can work as both a toy and luggage at different times or at the same time too. Usually, the scooter set up would be at the rear and the facade of the scooter would be the luggage. What say? Don’t you want to let your kids have some fun with their kids’ scooter suitcase?

Scooter Luggage Kids

The market is filled with a lot of brands, models, designs, etc. Fishing one out from the ocean of options can be difficult or even a head-breaking task. So, Here I have enlisted the best scooter luggage for kids, considering various features such as design, features, model, theme, color, material, etc.

Kiddietotes 3-D Hardside Scooter Luggage Kids—Panda

Kiddietotes 3-D Hardside Scooter Luggage Kids—Panda

Say Hi to this cute-looking panda. The theme of the panda is more suitable for girls because they have given a feminine touch to the panda with a pink ribbon. This bag is made from Polyurethane, which is a water-repellant. And with a perfect closed design, this scooter suitcase will be waterproof. All the other parts are made from materials that can last longer. As a whole, this is durable scooter luggage for kids.

Kiddietotes is selling this product on Amazon.

  • Size: L 13.5” x H 19.5” x W 8”
  • Weight: 7.8 lbs
  • Material: Plastic-free polyurethane
  • Cost: $139.95

iuBest Scooter Luggage Kids 

iuBest Scooter luggage kids 

This is a Suitcase with a scooter that looks shiny and sleek. It is quite big luggage with a 50 L capacity. It can be used by both kids and adults due to the stylish look and huge space available in the bag. In addition to large space, it also has 5 rooms for keeping your thing organized. This bag is made from Magnesium-Aluminum alloy and hence you get high durability. Hence, if you are looking for a less fancy scooter suitcase, this would be one of the best scooter luggage kids that can be used by both kids and adults. You have a 120-degree steering capacity for flexible riding.

This iuBest Scooter Suitcase can be bought online via Amazon.

  • Size: L 14.4” x H 25” x W 11.8”
  • Weight: 13.2 lbs
  • Material: Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy
  • Cost: $239.9

Ferrari Scooter Luggage Kids

Ferrari Scooter Luggage Kids

This kids scooter suitcase is a bomb. It looks completely stylish and fashionable. The suitcase has a very fine finishing for a rich look. Many kids are fans of Ferrari cars, though you cannot buy them a Ferrari, you can buy them a Ferrari scooter that they can ride. You can fold the suitcase after using it. This helps you stow them in the overhead bin in the airport. This is one of the best scooter luggage for kids who are fans of cars.

You can order this kids scooter suitcase from Walmart.

  • Size: L 12” x H 16” x W 9”
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Material: Info Not Available
  • Cost: $128.73

Kiddietotes Space Kid

Kiddietotes Space Kid

Are your kids a fan of space, or Is he/she is interested in cosmology? If the answer is yes, you should give this product a hit. Your kid will definitely love it. Moreover, the manufacturer of the product has used aluminum for fabricating the handle so that your kid can ride scooter luggage kids safely. Usually, using less quality material can lead to breakage of the handle, which in turn hurts your kid. In addition to this, the anti-kid feature in the wheels will prevent your kid from accidents.

Buy this suitcase with a scooter from Amazon.

  • Size: L 13.5” x H 19.5” x W 8”
  • Weight: 7.88 lbs
  • Material:  Plastic-free polyurethane
  • Cost: $139.95

 ZincFlyte Kids Luggage Scooter

 ZincFlyte Kids Luggage Scooter

Flamingo-themed scooter luggage kids will be the best choice for your daughter. It is most suitable for kids whose ages range between 4 and 8 years. Your kid can ride, carry, and pull this kids scooter suitcase. Use the carrying feature to stow your kid’s luggage inside the flight’s overhead bin. ZincFlyte Kids Luggage Scooter is available in other themes too. The aforementioned features are available in all the themes. All the themes look cute and attractive.

Check them out in Amazon Store.

  • Size: L 23.62” x H 29.5” x W 12.9”
  • Weight: 6.6 lbs
  • Material: Info Not Available
  • Cost: $111.5

BoTaiDaHong 20 inch Scooter Suitcase

BoTaiDaHong 20 inch Scooter Suitcase

BoTaiDaHong has designed for students and adults. Students can take this suitcase with a scooter to their schools or college. The suitcase has ample space to hold your school or college-related items required for a day. In the case of adults, they can use this as an overnight suitcase. A special feature of this scooter suitcase is, it is waterproof. Hence, you can protect the items from wet conditions or bad weather. And another special feature is, the handle has an anti-slip texture so that you get a good grip. The suitcase has an aluminum frame and hence it will not be broken easily.

This amazing piece of luggage-cum-scooter can be ordered from uBuy online store.

  • Size: L 13” x H 22” x W 12”
  • Weight: 12.1 lbs
  • Material:  Aluminum frame + Polycarbonate
  • Cost: Currently Out Of Stock in Ubuy and Amazon

Toy Scooter Luggage Kids Suitcase—Blue

Toy Scooter Luggage Kids Suitcase—Blue

This scooter suitcase from Disney is based on the theme “Toy Story”. The facade of the suitcase has a high-clarity graphic that includes characters from the movie. Your kid will relish this suitcase with this scooter. Any kid who is aged above 3 can use it. He/she can use this during her travel, or they can take it to their schools. If you are planning to order this, there is good news for you. It is ready-to-ride children’s scooter luggage, and you don’t have to undergo a tiring assembling phase.

These children’s scooter suitcases are available on

  • Size: L 11.8” x H 21.6” x W 9.8”
  • Weight: 8.23 lbs
  • Material: Info not available
  • Cost: Currently out of stock.

Cute Unicorn Childrens Scooter Suitcase From Kai Illan

Cute Unicorn Scooter Suitcase From Kai Illan

The cute-looking unicorn print on the suitcase will win the hearts of kids. In addition to the suitcase, the color, and theme of other parts are in sync with the main theme. The multicolored wheels signify Unicorn. The material used for the scooter is pure aluminum alloy which gives strength and ABS material has been used for suitcases so that we get high durability. Kai Illam also offers this same suitcase in various themes.

You can choose the scooter luggage kids of various themes from Aliexpress.

  • Size: L 21.2” x H 17” x W 17.3”
  • Weight: 6.6 lbs
  • Material: ABS
  • Cost: $63.02

Animal-themed Kids Scooter Suitcase

Animal-themed Kids Scooter Suitcase

A series of animal-themed scooter luggage kids from “Tyke bags” is sure to be your kid’s favorite luggage. Different organisms such as birds, insects, etc. have been printed on the facade of the suitcase. The rear of the suitcase is monochromatic black. As a whole, the exterior has a very shiny and glaring appearance. These suitcases are suitable for kids whose ages range between 4 and 13.

For buying this attractive luggage, you should visit the Tykebags’ shopping website, .

  • Size: L 13 ¾” x H 19.6” x W 13.5”
  • Weight: Info Not Available
  • Material: ABS + PC
  • Cost: $167.74

Travel Tale Sitting Scooter With Suitcase

Travel Tale Sitting Scooter With Suitcase

It is a scooter with scooter on which your toddler can sit and ride. This could be the best choice for toddlers. Your kids will have a good time using this scooter-cum-suitcase. If you are planning to admit your kid to a preschool, you can send him with this suitcase. You pack some snacks and toys in it. Since he will be playing with this scooter all the time, he would probably not forget his snacks anymore.

This toddler Scooter-cum-suitcase can be ordered online from

  • Size: L 24.4” x H 19.6” x W 9.05”
  • Weight: 13.2 lbs
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Cost: $157.60

Wangbaochang kids scooter luggage

Wangbaochang kids scooter luggage

This scooter luggage can be used in two ways. Either he can ride on it or you can carry it for him. Since the wheels can rotate for 360 degrees, you can drag the luggage any way you want. These suitcases are more suitable for travel. Because, when you are traveling by flight, you will face situations where you will have to wait for long hours. This type of scooter luggage will be a huge help in such circumstances. A common piece of luggage cannot entertain your kid.

Order this useful and entertaining luggage by visiting Amazon Store Website.

  • Height: 24 inches (ca. 61 cm)
  • Weight: 8.82 lbs
  • Material: ABS + PU
  • Cost: $199

N-A Trolley Scooter

N-A Trolley Scooter

This scooter suitcase is very similar to the above mention one. It is available in different sizes and monochromatic colors such as pink, yellow, and Blue. The 20 inches (ca. 51 cm) trolley scooter can be used by kids whose ages range between 3 and 6. And the 24 inches (0.61 m) luggage can be used by kids whose age ranges between 6-12. It has a 3-digit numbered lock system that secures your kid’s items. You might also find yourself interested in our carry on luggage size article from here.

Buy this online by visiting Amazon website.

  • Height: 24 inch (ca. 61 cm)
  • Weight: 7.73 lbs
  • Material: ABC + PU
  • Cost: $199

Scooter Luggage Kids—Types

Scooter luggage kids are available in three different forms. I will be discussing all three types below in detail. The features, functionalities, design, etc. of the types will be explained. I will be relating all three types with each other to get to know the advantages and disadvantages of one type over another.

Suitcase-faced Scooter

This is the most popular and most preferred kids scooter suitcase. The suitcase part for this type is present in the front part of the scooter. The width of suitcases in this type of scooter luggage is usually low. Due to the limitations in the design. The suitcase cannot be bigger and if you are trying to increase the size, there are high chances of imbalance. This imbalance can let the kid fall while riding. However, this cannot be considered as a notable disadvantage, considering these types of scooter luggage are meant for kids. An aluminum handle is preferred for a Suitcase-faced Scooter because a sturdy handle is a must for a good ride.

Ride-on Scooter Suitcase

This type is more comfortable for kids to ride when compared to the other two types. However, this type of scooter luggage is mainly bought for toddlers. Parents can buy their kids this scooter luggage instead of a backpack while admitting their kids for pre-school or kindergarten. Some scooter luggage has a suitcase that can be removed, and it can be completely converted into a scooter. However, this type of scooter suitcase is less preferred when it comes to travel. For travel, either Trolley-scooter or Suitcase-faced scooter works well.

Sit-on Scooter Suitcase

This last type of scooter suitcase can be used by both parents and children. Because this is a 2 in 1 luggage that can be used as both trolley by the parent and a scooter by a kid. While the kid sits on the scooter luggage, you can drag him through the busy airport terminal or road. This eliminates the risk of losing your kid. But this is not the case with the latter two. Because your kids can easily get lost in the crowd if he is riding by himself.

Which Type Of Suitcase With Scooter Is Best For Your Kid?

My answer to this question will be all three of them. This is because all three types of scooter luggage can be used by kids in various circumstances and ages. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, what we can do is only entitle each type to what they are best for.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Kids Scooter Suitcase

Kids Scooter luggage has several benefits for both parents and kids. I have included some important benefits one could reap by buying kids’ scooter suitcases.

Travel In Style

Letting your kid carry a loaded backpack on shoulders or pulling a loaded trolley in your hands is not only hard for the kid but also an old-fashioned way a kid could travel. The scooter suitcase is the latest type of kid’s luggage you could buy for your kid. Scooter is one of the best toys for kids and while using this scooter suitcase he/she will literally don’t feel like carrying luggage for riding a scooter. Might also want to know what is allowed in a carry on bag? from here.

This is also the best option for parents to travel in style. You can let your kids travel independently with you.

Easy To Handle

Your kid can handle this type of luggage very well. The two wheels at the front and a bigger wheel at the rear give good stability. Handle made from aluminum alloy gives good maneuverability while riding. Most handles have a good degree of rotation and hence the kid will have good flexibility while riding the scooter suitcases.

Gain Kid’s Attention

No other type of luggage can draw the attention of kids other than a scooter suitcase. Because scooter suitcase is a wonderful combination of a toy and luggage. Kids give more attention to things they love. And the toy is one such product they love using. In this way, you can make your kids start using luggage. Scooter suitcases could be the best way to introduce luggage and teach them how to use them.

What is the problem with conventional luggage?

Conventional luggage isn’t attractive, and this makes it hard for parents to inculcate the practice of using luggage on their kids. They are not engaging, hence even if you give him a piece of luggage, he will soon lose interest in them. So, conventional luggage wouldn’t be the best option.

Less Stress For Parents

If you have a toddler, and you are buying them this. The parents can seriously have a hassle-free journey. Toddlers don’t easily get down from their parents. They would always ask their parents to carry them. Though this is normal, it could be a hectic task while traveling. After buying this, you can make the toddler sit on the trolley-scooter and drag your way through the airport terminal.

What Features Should We Look For While Buying Scooter Luggage?

One should examine all the features of kids’ scooter suitcases before buying them. After analyzing the features, if you find enough features that satisfy your need, then you should probably buy them. But what are some key features of Scooter luggage kids.? I will be mentioning and explaining them in detail below.


This is the key aspect you should look for while buying a scooter suitcase for kids. Most scooter suitcases would feature cartoons, animals (mythological and real-world), and insect themes in them. But broadly used themes are cartoons and animals.

Cartoon Theme

I have spent a huge amount of time of my younger days watching cartoon TV shows. And I guess it applies to the majority of the people. This hasn’t changed for kids of this generation. So, look for themes that feature your kid’s favorite cartoon TV show’s character or characters. If your kid watches a lot of cartoon shows, and you have difficulty in choosing the theme, it would be better to buy him Disney cartoon characters. This can be an even more good purchase if you are planning to visit Disneyland with your kid. Scooter suitcases are available in different models for kids of different ages. Hence, you can buy all your kids a scooter suitcase he wishes.

Animal Theme

This is another popular kids theme that is used for kids’ luggage. Kids grow hearing a lot of stories about animals, and they don’t get to see all of them. You can take them to the zoo, but I am sure you cannot bring a lion with you? So, what will you do when your kid demands such animals?

I would suggest buying an animal-themed scooter suitcase and letting them ride on those animals. Especially, the trolley scooter could be a great choice for an animal theme.


The material is an important aspect of purchasing any product. Depending on the material, so many factors would change. And among them, some significant aspects are weight, cost, and durability. Hence, it is critical to choose the material wisely.


The size of the scooter suitcase is a critical factor when you are traveling by flight. Because it will be very convenient if the scooter suitcase can be carried as a carry-on. Since the kids consider the scooter suitcase as their toy, he may want to have it near him all the time. And if you choose the scooter suitcase that can be folded to the size of a carry-on, you could bring get the luggage inside. After getting inside the aircraft, it can be stowed into an overhead bin in the airplane.

Degrees of Rotation

The higher the degrees of Rotation, the higher is the maneuverability. The handles of the scooter suitcases should have a high degree of rotation so that the kid will have good maneuverability while riding the scooter.

Additional Feature

You should look for additional kid-friendly features in them. It could be a safety system or usage-related items or any aspect of the scooter suitcase that will help him/her operate it easily.


Scooter luggage kids can be used by both the toddler and a kid visiting the school. They can be used as replacements for school bags and as a piece of travel luggage. There are numerous uses one could get by buying a scooter suitcase. And, on top of all, this type of kid’s luggage is sold at an affordable cost. Hence, any parent should consider this option before buying luggage or a school bag for their kids. I have included some of the best kids’ scooter suitcases that are available in the market. However, choose the best scooter suitcase that would suit your kid or you both. I would end it with Happy Shopping! You might also take a look at our other article from here: kids carry on luggage

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)—Scooter Luggage kids

1. Can a toddler use a scooter suitcase?

There are three types of scooter suitcases. And among the three, the trolley-scooter type is the most suitable for a toddler. It is because, in this type, both the parent and the kid can control the luggage.

2. How many wheels does a scooter suitcase have?

Generally, a scooter suitcase will have three wheels. Two in the front and one at the rear. At rare cases, it will have four wheels.

3. Are scooter suitcases expensive?

No. Most scooter suitcases will be available at an affordable cost, but they are rarely cheap.

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