Best Suitcase Set

Best Suitcase Set

Suitcases are very good for long-distance travel. You will find them incredibly useful and consider them as the best luggage for air travel. Be it a carry-on or checked bag, you can always rely on a suitcase. However, you need to buy different suitcases for each type. Well, this is not really an economic choice. Instead of buying them individually, you can buy them at the same time by purchasing a luggage set. A luggage set consists of different types of luggage and suitcases of different sizes. Hence, you can get a carry-on suitcase and checked suitcase luggage at the same time.

Top 10 Best Suitcase Set

A suitcase set consisting of a large and small suitcase is more than enough for a passenger to go on a week-long trip. If you are a couple, a luggage set consisting of two large suitcases would suffice. You can also choose to buy a suitcase set that has three or more suitcases while you are traveling with your family.

COTRUNKAGE 3-Piece Suitcase Set

Any vintage product fans here? There is good news for you. You just found one of the cutest vintage-style luggage sets that are available in the market. All the piece of luggage in this luggage set reflects the retro style. Though old-fashioned, COTRUNKAGE has incorporated all the modern features of a suitcase in all three pieces of the suitcase in the set. The leather accents enhance the overall look of each luggage. The three pieces of luggage are a briefcase, 20 inches (ca. 51 cm) suitcase that can be carried as a carry-on, 26 inches (ca. 66 cm) suitcase that can be used as checked luggage, and 13 inches (ca. 33 cm) cosmetic bag. This luggage set is perfect for a small family or a couple.

  • Height: 13″ 20″ 26″ (Checked suitcase, carry-on suitcase, Cosmetic Bag)
  • Overall Weight: 24.7 lbs
  • Material: PU leather
  • Cost: $399

Check for the current price of this vintage-themed suitcase set on Amazon.

CALPAK 2-Piece Suitcase Set

People who want luggage set with a unique skin can prefer buying this. The skin of the hard shell suitcases has a combination of marble and confetti themes. These themes together offer us a unique look that is not found in other types of hard shell suitcases. This four-wheeled suitcase has good maneuverability due to its smooth wheels and a long adjustable handle. Furthermore, you have a TSA-approved lock. It is a combination lock that locks the zippers. Finally, this is the best suitcase set that has an amazing theme.

  • Size: 27” H × 18” L × 11” W (Large suitcase), 27” H × 18” L × 11” W (Short Suitcase)
  • Overall Weight: 17 lbs
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Cost: $325

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TERMINAL 1 Luggage Set

This is a classic-looking suitcase, and you can carry these suitcases for a long time and yet your suitcases would never be out of trend. And the leather accents are just like icing on the cake. It increases the beauty of this luggage by multifold. This luggage set is available in four colors namely, Olive, Navy, Black, and white. The brown leather goes well with all the colors. Another important highlight about this luggage set is, the company is providing a lifetime guarantee for this luggage set. So, in case of damage to any of your suitcases, you will get it repaired for free of cost.

  • Size: 28” H × 18” L × 11” W (Checked suitcase), 21” H × 14” L × 10” W (Carry-on suitcase)
  • Weight: 17.85 lbs
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Cost: $479

The latest price of this luggage is available on

Winfield 2 Fashion 3 Piece Spinner Set

This luggage set has been one of the most selected luggage set by the people. It is not so surprising that this luggage set has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon, while more than fourteen thousand people have rated it. It is due to the quality and durability offered by the suitcases of this luggage. The hard shell of the suitcases is made from 100 percent polycarbonate and hence you will get a strong shell that is lightweight at the same time. Inside the hard shell, you get ample space and compartments to arrange all of your items easily. On a whole, this is the best suitcase set from Samsonite. The Samsonite company is providing a 10-year global warranty for this luggage set.

  • Overall Size: 31.4” H × 20.4″ L × 13″ W
  • Weight: 26.67 lbs
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Cost: $779.99

Visit the website of Samsonite to know the current cost of this 3-piece luggage set.

Travel Select Amsterdam Soft-sided Suitcase, 8-Piece Set

You cannot find a better suitcase set that would suffice for an entire family. This luggage set has 8 pieces of luggage. They are 3 upright suitcases whose sizes are 29, 26, and 21 inches, one travel tote, four packing cubes. The four packing cubes are incredible assets for you that help you pack neatly. When you are using packing cubes, you can easily access the item you have packed without mixing the already packed luggage. Another key feature of this luggage set is the number of pockets present in the upright suitcases. The upright suitcase has two wheels for reducing your stress on the hand. On a whole, with this luggage, you can carry a galore item and still feel comfortable while traveling. The company provides different warranty periods for different luggage in the set.

  • Size: 29” H × 17” L × 10” W (Large Upright Suitcase), 25” H × 15” L × 9” W (Small Upright Suitcase),  21” H × 13” L × 7.5” W (Carry-on Suitcase),  15” H × 11” L × 6” W (Tote bag), 15” H × 12.5” L × 4” W.
  • Overall Weight: 30lbs
  • Material: 1200 D 2-tone polyester
  • Cost: $207.50–163.77

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Steve Madden 3-piece Soft-sided Luggage Set

This 3-piece soft-sided luggage set consists of two upright spinners and one seat bag. Among two spinners, one is 20 inches (ca. 51 cm) carry-on and another one is 28 inches (ca. 71 cm) checked luggage. So, you can one suitcase as a carry-on and the seat bag as a personal item inside the flight. Talking about the spinners, their wheels provide good stability. It is due to the positioning of wheels far from the center of gravity. This makes this the best suitcase set for international travel. It has 5 years limited warranty and a trusted companion promise. Any damage that occurs during the flight travel, will be repaired by the company for free of cost.

  • Size:  29.5” H × 18.2” L × 12.8” W (Large Suitcase), 21.5” H × 14” L × 9” W (Carry-on Suitcase), 15” H × 14” L × 9” W (Under Seat Bag)
  • Overall Weight: 22.9 lbs
  • Material: Polyester
  • Cost: $385.99

Check the current price of this Steve Madden’s 3-piece soft-sided suitcase set from Amazon.

Rockland Luggage Galleria 4 Piece

All four pieces of luggage in this luggage set are made from Polyester and PVC. In this luggage set, you will get 2 suitcases that can be carried as checked luggage in the airline and one suitcase that is below the TSA-approved carry-on size. In addition to these suitcases, you will also get a small tote bag. This luggage set would be suitable for a couple who are out for a long trip. The two big upright suitcases are expandable and have ample space for storing items required for a week-long trip. Moreover, lightweight luggage sets like this will give you a wonderful travel experience. Hence, this can be considered as the best suitcase set for couples. If any of your friends are getting married, this luggage would make a great gift. You can be part of their honeymoon by purchasing this luggage.

  • Size: 28” H × 18” L × 12” W (Large Upright Suitcase), 24” H × 16” L × 10” W (Medium Upright Suitcase), 19” H × 13” L × 8” W (Soft Upright Suitcase), 12” H × 11” L × 5.5” W (Tote bag)
  • Overall Weight: 24 lbs
  • Material: Polyester and PVC
  • Cost: $113.21

Visit the Walmart website to get to know the latest price of this Rockland luggage set.

Away Set Of Three

This is an extraordinary suitcase set that has amazing features for organizing the things you are packing. Firstly, you have a removable accordion in which you can store various items in different sleeves. The accordion present in the small spinner can accommodate laptops, files, books, etc. You can insert laptops whose sizes are below 13 inches (ca. 33 cm). The large suitcases have some notable features, and they are a TSA-approved combination lock, compression pad, laundry bag, etc. You will have a wonderful time using this luggage set.

  • Size:
  • Weight:
  • Material:
  • Cost:

To check the latest price of this classic luggage set, visit

Amazon Basics 2 Piece Geometric Hard Shell Suitcase Set

This suitcase set comes in green color. Green is such an odd color for luggage, especially for a suitcase. But trust me, you will enjoy using this green-colored luggage set. Moreover, it is available at an affordable cost. You should never miss it at any chance. This suitcase set has two suitcases of different sizes. One is a 31.3 inches (ca. 80 cm) suitcase, while the other one is a 21.7 inches (ca. 55 cm) suitcase. Hence, you get a carry-on and checked luggage. This could be the best suitcase set from Amazon basics’ products.

  • Height: 31.3” (Large Spinner), 21.7” (Small Spinner)
  • Overall Weight: 20.7 lbs
  • Material: Polycarbonate and ABS
  • Cost: $168.10

To know the latest cost of this Amazon basic’s 2-piece luggage, visit

Lipault – Original Plume Luggage Set

This luggage set is for people who are looking for an overnight luggage set. It includes a Duffel bag and a spinner. You can pack your clothes in the spinner, while the essentials and toiletries can be packed inside the Duffel bag. On the backside of the Duffel bag, you will find a strap. You can use that strap to attach the Duffel bag to the suitcase. You will experience a comfortable and enjoyable journey with this luggage set. Finally, we can conclude this as the best luggage set for an overnight stay.

  • Size: 21.6” H × 14.9” L × 9.4” W (Carry-on Luggage), 17” H × 11” L × 8” W (Duffel bag)
  • Overall Weight: 4.9 lbs
  • Material: PVC Reinforced Nylon 
  • Cost: $192.79 (approx)

To know the current price, visit the website

What Are Some Important Things That Should You Look For While Buying Luggage Sets? [Buying Guide]

Luggage sets can be a valuable purchase if you are selecting the best luggage set available on the market. However, in order to buy the best out of the best, you should consider the below factors. Only after taking the below items into account, one can make a wise decision in selecting the best luggage set or suitcase set.


The combination of the luggage is the prime aspect you should look for. You should have a long-term perspective before buying a luggage set. If you are going to buy a luggage set considering only the present scenario, there are high chances that you will end up spending more by buying additional luggage. Nevertheless, you can avoid this by making the right choice. But for taking the right decision, the questions you should ask are as follows, Which means of transportation do you use more? Do you travel more or less? Are you buying it for you or your entire family? These are the questions that will save you some bucks and help you pick the perfect luggage set.

Size And Weight

The airport terminal and your car boot will be the places where you will be regretting the most for buying a wrong-sized luggage set. Other than this, there are a few other instances too, where you will be disappointed with the wrong luggage set. Travel involves three phases with luggage, they are packing, carrying, and unpacking. If you are selecting the wrong sized luggage, you will face difficulties in the former two phases. If you have bought a luggage set that is smaller than your requirement, you may have to leave behind a few items. In case, it is bigger than your requirement, you can consider you have wasted a few extra bucks by investing in the wrong luggage. Hence, size plays a significant role in meeting your requirement and saving money.

Similarly, the weight of the luggage set is also critical. Lightweight luggage sets should always be preferred over heavy luggage sets. However, if the heavy luggage set has wheels, you can consider buying them.


Buying a stylish and unique luggage set is critical. The style aspect of the luggage will play a significant role in enhancing your overall appearance, while the nobility in the design will help you in identifying your luggage from the crowd. You will hardly get confused. Moreover, a unique design will also help you stand out from the crowd. But for getting the best design, you should prefer hard-sided luggage. The hard-sided luggage has a smooth surface and hence it is easy for printing different skins. Here is our take on the best backpack for kindergarten. Check it out by clicking the link.


One of the primary aspects of a luggage set is they are economical and will save you a few bucks. So, while buying a luggage set, you should think if the cost of the luggage set is justified. The cost of a luggage set is justified when it can meet our various requirements. If it is overwhelming your expectation, you just select the best luggage set available in the market. Another way to look if a luggage set is economical is to check if the luggage set has more suitcases and different types of luggage at an affordable cost. I have included a few in my list too.

Luggage Count

The luggage count of the luggage set depends on the journey period and the count of the family. For a long journey, you will be carrying a lot of items. Stuffing them in big suitcases can cause you difficulty while accessing the articles packed inside. Similarly, packing the travel items of an entire family will cause extra stress to parents. Nevertheless, parents can escape from the stress by purchasing a luggage set as per their requirements. Moreover, people will be able to easily access the packed items.

Spinner Vs Roller Luggage

A luggage set can contain spinner or roller upright luggage. Each type of luggage is beneficial and bad in various aspects. Now let us look at how they are bad or beneficial in those aspects.


A spinner has four wheels at four sides. The load of the luggage is equally distributed on all sides. Hence, we get excellent stability when compared to the two-wheeled roller. You can push or pull a spinner with much ease. However, the stability of a spinner is inversely proportional to the evenness of the surface. The less the evenness, the less will be the stability. In other words, we can say that a spinner will not perform well on a bumpy or coarse surface. If the course of your travel has an even surface, you should definitely prefer a spinner over a roller.


First, let me talk about the disadvantages of buying a roller. You have to bear more load on your hand. You cannot make it stand upright without feet at the base. If the roller is heavily loaded, you will become tired soon. Now, let us talk about its advantages. You can drag a roller on a less-even surface. On the course of our travel, we will be encountering a lot of harsh terrains, but they cannot stop your roller. That means you can travel to a lot of places using a roller. Speaking of the context, you might also want to check our roller backpacks for school recommendations from here.


If you need quality and durable luggage, it is better to buy the luggage set from a long-trusted luggage manufacturer. Even the market has quality luggage set from new brands, it is hard for us to pick. Why is it hard? First, we should check if the customers who bought that luggage are satisfied with it. Second, you can find review blogs and YouTube vlogs on big brand luggage sets. Through this, you will get to know the first-hand experience of the luggage. Unfortunately, bloggers and YouTubers rarely review small brands.


Different types of materials are used for manufacturing different types of luggage. The popular materials used for manufacturing suitcases are Polycarbonate and Aluminum. Which is the best material among this two? Well, it depends on what you call the best? Should it be lightweight? What if the luggage made from the best material is not affordable? Hence, I would call a material as best if it is long-lasting, lightweight, and affordable. Moreover, lightweight luggage sets are very easy to carry. According to this, the best material for luggage is polycarbonate or other types of plastics. Aluminum though lasts longer than polycarbonate, it is expensive. Moreover, it is also heavier than polycarbonate. So, polycarbonate has two pros while aluminum has only one advantage.

Luggage Organizers

Luggage organizers play an important role in packing, accessing, and unpacking travel items inside the luggage. You can separate the items you are packing and load them up in the luggage organizers. While unpacking, you can take out only the specific luggage organizer that you need and keep the rest of the items undisturbed. In this way, you can pack and unpack the travel items, neatly. Not many luggage sets come with luggage organizers. People usually buy luggage organizers separately. So, if you find the best luggage set with luggage organizers, you don’t have to make two purchases that waste your time and energy. Despite all this, luggage organizers have a small disadvantage, which increases the weight of lightweight luggage sets.


Most luggage set consists of only upright suitcases of various sizes. Sometimes they include a tote bag, luggage organizers, Duffel bag, etc. For a person, a luggage set with two suitcases of various sizes would suffice. One should meet the size requirements of carry-on luggage, while the other suitcase can be checked in. These two suitcases can accommodate travel items that are required for a week. But it varies if you are traveling as a couple or family. Hence, I have included the best luggage sets that are suitable for all three scenarios. You can choose the best luggage set that is suitable for you. Happy shopping. You might also want to take a look at our best anime backpacks for school recommendations from here.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) – Best Suitcase Set

1. Does all the suitcase sets have suitcases with wheels?

It is very rare to find suitcases without wheels. With the advent of roller and spinner, their production and sale have become scarce.

2. Which type of suitcase is best? Hard-sided or short-sided?

Hard-sided suitcases are best in any case. Firstly, they are not tearable, which means safety from thieves. Secondly, they can absorb shock and protect the articles that are stored inside. Thirdly, they look more cool and stylish than a soft-sided suitcase.

3. What are the downsides of Hard-sided luggage?

They are heavier than soft-sided luggage. Since it is not flexible, you may have a hard time stashing it inside the overhead bin.

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