5 fun and odd gadgets from CES


Trakdot is like Find My iPhone for your luggage. The small black and orange box is preprogrammed with your phone numbers and dropped into a piece of checked luggage. If you arrive at an airport but your duffel doesn't, you can check its location online with the Trakdot app, or get its location sent to you via text message or e-mail.
The device transmits the location using a SIM card, so a few special features had to be worked in to make it FAA compliant. The Trakdot automatically goes into sleep mode when it hits 100 knots and wakes up when the plane is at the destination gate.If you're a frequent flier who has been wronged by incompetent airlines, you may find it a good investment to let you know if your bag is in Frankfurt when it's supposed to be in Rome.