How To Reset Luggage Lock When I Forgot Combination?

How To Reset Luggage Lock Forgot Combination?

Combination locks don’t require any keys. It doesn’t have any keyholes. There will be rotating dials that can be operated to set the sequence of symbols. Those symbols can be numbers, alphabets, etc. The lock opens once you set the symbols in the right sequence. This type of lock has been in existence for a very long time. And it is still one of the popular locks in the world. A lot of people raveling use combination locks for their luggage. And some luggage has a built-in combination lock. However, it will be good if you are using TSA-approved locks. Because TSA locks are the most suitable lock that you can choose for luggage if you are traveling by flight often.

What are TSA locks?

TSA locks are very useful for your luggage when you are traveling by any means. You will reap the benefits of TSA locks while undergoing the screening process at the airport. This leverage is due to the design of the TSA locks. TSA locks are designed for passenger to lock their luggage securely and at the same time, security officials will be able to open and inspect your bag without damaging it. They open the lock using a master key.

How To Reset Luggage Lock Forgot Combination?

If you ever misplaced the password of your TSA lock or TSA-compliant lock, you will have to go through an annoying and exhaustive process for figuring out a way to reset the lock. But there are a few ways to get to know how to reset the Luggage Lock if you have Forgot Combination. I will briefly explain the different solutions that are available to reset the password in the below section.

Open A 3 Digit Combination Lock On Luggage

Firstly, don’t fret about how to open a 3 Digit Combination lock on luggage. It has a long but simple solution. The procedure is, you have to try all the combinations. This may sound tiring, and actually, it is!. But it doesn’t involve any complex steps. According to Travel Sentry, it would take around 30 minutes to open the lock this way. It is much more simple in 3-digit if the starting number is either 0, 1, or 2. If you know the starting number, there are only 100 combinations you have to try. However, if you are having a 4-digit lock, it might take more than 4-5 hours.

Reset A Lock That Is Open?

It is very easy for you to reset an open lock. I have explained how to reset luggage lock forgot combination in case the lock is open.

  • Adjust the dial to 000 code.
  • Rotate the shackle in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction for 90 degrees from the lock position.
  • Push the shackle inside the lock.
  • Now, decide the code and set it in the lock.
  • After this, get the shackle outside
  • Adjust the shackle to the lock position again.

Factory Reset

After buying a new TSA-approved lock, it would have a default code set by the manufacturer. Most of the time, the code would be 000. In case you forget the code, and you have never reset it since you bought the lock, you can try this code or give a call to the manufacturer.

Print The Master Key

It was not long ago, news popped up saying that someone has tampered with the master key of TSA-approved locks. So, there could be 3D CAD designs available online. You just need to download the file and upload it to a 3-D printing machine. You will get a new Master key in a few minutes. But, 3-D printing machines are expensive, hence start looking for someone who has a 3-D printing machine.

Last Resort

If none of the above options works for you, and you are in dire need of opening the luggage, there is one solution. But there is no guarantee that you may succeed in opening your luggage.

  • Head to the nearest airport.
  • Approach a TSA officer(We know that every TSA officer will have master keys for opening TSA-approved lock)
  • Ask the officer to open the lock for you.

But here’s the thing, you may have to travel a long way if the airport is far away. And you cannot be sure if the officer would help. Be it how genuine your request is, the officers have their protocol. If you have a stroke of luck, some officer would help you.

Out Of Solutions?

Now, we are out of solutions. The only way for you to reset it is by contacting the manufacturer of the company.

Samsonite Lock Reset – 3-Digit

This section talks about how to reset a 3-digit Samsonite lock. The steps to achieve it has been given below. Follow the below steps for Samsonite lock reset. The below procedure is also applicable If you want to know how to open a 3 digit combination lock on luggage from other brands.

  • Use the dial to set the code that you used previously. If you haven’t reset the code after buying it, the code would be 000. This is the factory reset code for Samsonite.
  • After setting the code, find the reset button present in the lock. Most of the time, the reset button would be beside the dial.
  • Now hold the reset button and rotate the dial to arrive the code you want. (Note:- Don’t keep the code based on your birthday, anniversary or any other important date of your life. This will make the code easy to figure out by other people)
  • When you are satisfied with the pin you chose, you can release the reset button.
  • Now, jumble the code with the dial and try opening the lock by the new reset code. At most cases it would open, if you are not able to open it the reset code contact the manufacturer Samsonite.

I hope people found the above Samsonite lock reset procedure helpful. But if you are looking for how to reset luggage lock forgot the combination, you should follow different procedures.

TSA007 Lock Reset

There are many TSA007 lock reset techniques in case you forgot the code. However, I will be explaining Wheel Position Technique in detail here. This technique is quite common that helps unlock TSA007 lock without key. So to Luggage Lock Forgot Combination, let me explain the technique in the steps below.

  • First, take a look below the dialer wheel. You will find a notch or a ring like part.
  • Now, rotate the dial wheel(dial) until you see a gap in the ring. Do it for all the dial wheels.
  • After this, you will be seeing a number on the top of each dial. Now, you are so close to finding your forgotten code.
  • You need to turn a dial clockwise and until the number increases by two (If the number on the dial was 3 after rotating, it should be 5).
  • Repeat the process for all the dials. Voila! You just found your code.

If you want to reset the lock, you can do it using the reset button(Follow the steps mentioned in the previous section). Or else if you can continue with the old method. I hope that people who want to unlock TSA007 lock without a key will find this procedure helpful

What Are TSA Approved Locks?

Before I answer this question, you should get to know what is TSA and why do they expect you to have a TSA-approved lock. Furthermore, you should also know what would be the disadvantage of not having a TSA-approved lock?

What Is TSA?

Transportation Security Administration is a security agency that regulates people who travel by public transportation. They do security screening at the airport, train stations, and other places before you board the public transport vehicle. Check out our other article on TSA approved luggage straps from here.

Why Are TSA-approved Locks Helpful?

When you are going through a security checking process, they would check the things packed inside your luggage. In case, they are unable to unlock the luggage using your help, they would unlock the TSA-approved locks by themselves. If you are carrying luggage that has a lock that is not approved by TSA, they will be forced to break open the lock and this would damage your luggage. Nevertheless, you can prevent this collateral damage if you own a TSA-approved lock.

Screening Checked luggage

For security concerns, the screening process of checked luggage at the airport is not disclosed to the public. Sometimes there will be a few circumstances where they may have to open your luggage. Especially, if they find suspicious items stored inside your checked luggage. And if your luggage has a TSA-Approved lock, they will be able to open the checked luggage without damaging it. Speaking of the context here is how to pack alcohol in checked luggage bags.

TSA-Approved Lock

A TSA-approved lock will be opened by TSA officers without the help of the passenger. This is possible because TSA officers will have a master key that will let them unlock any TSA-approved lock. No harm would be done to your luggage during the process.

How To Remember The Code?

Forgetting the password or code is human nature. So we have to focus on how to remember the password again in case you forgot the code. Here, I will be suggesting various methods that can be used for remembering the code.

  • Try saving the code in your e-mail draft.
  • Enter the code in your phone(There are various apps for taking notes)
  • Watsapp the code to someone who you find trustworthy.

TSA Approved Locks

Various brands are selling TSA-approved locks. I will be listing some of the best TSA-approved locks that are available in the market. I will give more attention to the service provided by the manufacturer because if they have a good service you can reset the lock very easily with their help. In addition to that, I have included 3-digit locks majorly because people say “Piece of cake!” if they are asked “How to open a 3 digit combination lock on luggage” But before that,

What is a TSA-Approved Lock?

A TSA-approved lock can be opened by TSA without the help of the passenger. This is possible because TSA officers will have a master key that will let them unlock any TSA-approved lock. No harm would be done to your luggage during the process.

Word lock Store Combination Lock

Word lock Store Combination Lock - Lock Forgot Combination

Tired of numbers? Then buy this combination lock that uses alphabetic dials. This type of combination lock is easier to use than a typical number lock. Remembering numbers can be a challenging task and at the same time confusing. People, using number lock, forget their code often. But with this lock, you can set either a word or Acronym that is most personal and related to you. Choosing a word that is connected to your emotions(not known by others) can be the hardest code for others and the easiest code for you.

These locks are available in red, black, and silver colors on Amazon.

Brass Numbered Combination Lock

Brass Numbered Combination Lock - Lock Forgot Combination

If you are looking for a tough-to-break lock that also has the features for setting tough to crack code, then this is one of the best combination locks you can buy in the market. This lock is made from hard Brass material, and it has a 4-number lock system. Brass is a strong material, it is very hard to break or cut them. A 4-numbered lock system is more than 10 times tougher to crack when compared to a typical three-numbered lock system.

But this strong Combination lock from

Tumi Lock Box

Tumi Lock Box

This lockbox consists of three combination locks. The colors of these three locks are red, silver, and black. All three locks look decent and stylish. They are made from high-quality material and are very durable. It has a 3-numbered lock system. Tumi also offers lost and found service using their tracer program. But you should register for this program on their website to get this service.

You can order this Tumi Lock from

Tarris Store Combination Lock

Tarris Store Combination Lock

One of the best-rated combination locks available on Amazon, with more than a thousand and five hundred ratings. The high rating for this lock is due to its durability. It is made from a zinc alloy that has high strength and this provides toughness to the lock. If you need a lock that endures well for many years, you should probably buy this.

This durable combination lock is available on Amazon online store.

Ajetex Combination-cum-key lock

Ajetex Combination-cum-key lock

A one-stop solution for people who forget the code often. This lock can be used to unlock TSA007 lock without key by the number lock system. Not only that, but you can also unlock it vice-versa using the number lock system only. Keep the key securely in your purse or pocket and use this combination lock for locking the luggage.

Order this hybrid lock from Amazon Store.

Safeskies Combination Lock

Safeskies Combination Lock - Lock Forgot Combination

Safeskies is a popular company that manufactures combination locks that can be used for luggage carried via flight. Most of the locks from Safeskies are designed by keeping airport procedures in mind. This lockset consists of two locks. Both have a 3-digit dial lock system. And is made from zinc alloy, so it will last for a long time.

This lock can be ordered from this website,

How Does A Combination Lock Work?

Combination locks are used in diverse applications. And there are different types of combination locks, from mechanical to digital. In this section, let us discuss how does a typical combination lock work, what are its parts, etc.

Parts Of A Combination Lock

A basic combination lock consists of a metal bar, rotating dial, pin, metal body, and spring. However, combination locks with complex features it will have a lot of other parts.

Design Of A Combination Lock

Design Of A Combination Lock - Lock Forgot Combination

A combination lock has a series of wheels and a metal rod passing through them. These wheels bear the number that is visible outside when rotated, and it is called a rotating dial. And the bar would have a protruding under each wheel beside a pin connected to the dial.

Functioning Of A Combination Lock

The protruding rotate along with the wheel. For the lock to open, the pins and the protruding should align. You can refer to the above picture to get a better idea. You can see the positions of all the parts of the lock when the combination lock is unlocked and while locked.


In this article, I have included different types of techniques that can be used for resetting the code of the combination lock. This article has information regarding resetting combination locks in two different scenarios when you remember the code and when you don’t remember the code. While writing about how to reset TSA lock if you forgot the combination, I have additionally included Samsonite lock reset and TSA007 lock reset procedures too. Hope the information helped you reset your combination lock. However, my final thought about this is, instead of going through all these tedious procedures about how to reset luggage lock, one should take measures to remember the forgotten code. You might also find yourself interested in checking out our best packing cubes for travel recommendations from here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – How to reset luggage lock forgot combination.

1. Which should I prefer, a 3-digit or 4-digit combination lock?

Buying a 3-digit combination lock is advised because in case you forgot your code, you need less than an hour to reset the code. A 4-digit combination requires more than 5 hours. (If you are trying to open the lock by trying all the number combinations.)

2. How to remember the code without forgetting?

In my opinion, buying combination locks that use characters as symbols is the best way to remember the code without forgetting. Numbers are puzzling. A word should be easy to crack by you and hard by others. For that, a combination lock that has character in the dial is the best solution.

3. How to know if my checked luggage has been opened and checked by security officers?

There is no way to know if your luggage has been opened for checking unless your luggage arrives at the luggage lounge with a notification saying they broke your lock for security reasons.

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