Kids Carry on Luggage

Do kids need their own luggage? How should it look like? What are the features of kids’ luggage? This article is all about answering these questions in detail. And including some of the best kids carry on luggage that you can buy at the luggage store near you. Before we dive into it this topic deeply, there is a basic question that needs to be answered, which is “What is a kid’s luggage?” A kids’ luggage is specifically built for kids by paying attention to developing features that are attractive and beneficial for kids. According to the age of kids, different types of kids’ luggage are manufactured, and we will be discussing them in detail in the below section.

Best Kids Carry On Luggage

Kids carry-on luggage is one of the best luggage for kids. The important function of kids’ carry-on luggage is getting your kid’s luggage inside the airplane. Your kid’s carry-on containing all his favorite toys and books can be with him throughout the journey. Even parents have benefits with this because they can keep all the kid’s items inside them. This allows them to take care of their kid well. And down below, I will be listing the best suitcases for kids and parents. Have a look at them.

American Tourister Mickey Mouse Kids Roller Luggage

American Tourister Mickey Mouse Kids Roller Luggage

An American Tourister roller luggage that features a Disney character that is popular throughout the world. And this luggage is made up of durable ABS and the manufacturer provides you a 10-year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. So, for 10 years, you will have a smooth travel experience with this 4-wheeled spinner. Now, let talk about the storage facilities of this luggage. It is voluminous enough to hold all your kid’s travel items. After packing all the things, they can be tied down using tie-down straps. There are also pockets to keep things separately in places.

This Mickey-Mouse-Themed luggage can be bought online from Amazon Site.

  • Height: 16 inches (ca. 41 cm)
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs
  • Material: ABS
  • Cost: $52.1

Micro Keyboard Store Kids Roller Luggage

Micro Keyboard Store Kids Roller Luggage

One of the best roller suitcases for parents and a good sit-on for kids. Any kid who is aged above 18 months can ride on this. With an extended handle length of 42.9 inches (ca. 109 cm), parents will have less tension on their elbows. And the two large wheel in the front and two small wheels at the rear gives more stability to the luggage while moving. You can use this bag as an overnight bag or weekender. The large handle at the side will help you lift them.

This product can be ordered online from an Amazon shop.

  • Size: L 24.5″ x H 15″ x W 11.5”
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Material:
  • Cost: $75

American Tourister Store Mickey Mouse

American Tourister Store Mickey Mouse

Yet another Mickey-mouse-themed kids carry-on luggage. But This bag looks classic and suits people of other ages as well. Fancy features have been eliminated so that they can be used by people of any age. Like the previous American Tourister luggage, this luggage has a 10-year warranty too. It must be noted that this luggage is one of the highest-rated luggage on Amazon, with a 4.8-star rating.

Buy this one of Amazon’s highly-rated products from Amazon Store.

  • Size: L 23″ x H 23″ x W 11”
  • Weight: 6.1 lbs
  • Material: Durable ABS
  • Cost: $199.99

Stephen Joseph Suitcases For Kids

Stephen Joseph Suitcases For Kids

Soft-sided Suitcases from Stephen Joseph have different themes that kids would like to purchase. Since it is a soft-sided suitcase, it will be lightweight and less expensive. Hence, your kid can easily drag this rolling baggage with less stress. Talking about the themes, it has animal themes that include extinct species such as dinosaurs. Other than this, sports-themed luggage is available.

Select the kids’ carry-on luggage that has your kid’s favorite theme from their website, Stephen Joseph.

  • Size: L 14.5” x H 18” x W 6.5”
  • Weight: 1.37 lbs
  • Material: Polyester
  • Cost: $52

Heys America Kids Carry on Luggage

Heys America Kids Carry on Luggage

Heys America’s kids’ roller luggage is can be a perfect purchase for your daughter. Or you can even gift her this piece of luggage. This pink colored suitcase has a cute kitten on the facade. If she is a kitty lover or not, she would definitely adore this kitty on the suitcase. The exterior has looks shiny and smooth. This 18″ carry-on is made from Polycarbonate composite and hence the suitcase would be less in weight. Your daughter can carry this to during a family trip or even to her school.

Parents can buy this luggage for their daughters from the online Amazon Store.

  • Size: L 12.5” x H 18” x W 9”
  • Weight: 3.7 lbs
  • Material: Polycarbonate composite
  • Cost: $73.99

EKUIZAI Kids Travel Bags

EKUIZAI Kids Travel Bags

EKUIZAI is manufacturing stylish and fashionable carry-on rolling luggage for kids. The manufacturer has given attention to the design and style of the bag. And the result can be seen when kids take this luggage to their school. With this black rolling luggage, they would look cool as hell. Any feature that would make the bag look ‘Fancy’ has been removed. But kids being cool and stylish is the new trend. And this luggage stands as a testimony for such a fashion trend.

You can buy this smart rolling luggage from Online Amazon Shop.

  • Size: L 12.8” x H 19.2” x W 5.6”
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs
  • Material: Nylon fabric
  • Cost: $39.99

HONEY JOY 2 Pcs Kids Carry On Luggage

HONEY JOY 2 Pcs Kids Carry On Luggage

This is a 2 pcs luggage set that has a hardside trolley and backpack. This luggage set could be used in multiple ways. Your kid can carry the backpack as his/her school bag. And both the luggage can be used together while going for picnic or trip. The theme of the bag is monsters, and the facades of the luggage have been printed with funny monster characters. Another highlighting thing about this bag is, it is coated with a protective film to repel water. All your kid’s items kept inside would be safeguarded against accidental spills or water splashes.

This product can be ordered through Amazon Website.

  • Height: 12 inches (ca. 30 cm) (Backpack), 16 inches (ca. 41 cm) (Suitcase)
  • Weight: Info Not Available.
  • Material: ABS + Polycarbonate + Nylon
  • Cost: $69.99

VASCHY Store 18 Inches Kids Luggage

VASCHY Store 18 Inches Kids luggage

Soft-sided luggage with a dinosaur theme. It is a foldable piece of luggage that would occupy very little space when not in use. The dark blue and bright green color combination on the exterior gives us a nice look for us. Considering the storage features, the main section can hold all the items of your kid and the pockets outside can be used for placing essentials. This backpack-cum-roller suitcase can be used for multiple purposes. On top of all, the bag is water-resistant.

Order this bag from Amazon.

  • Size: L 13.8” x H 20.5” x W 6.7”
  • Weight: 3.13 lbs
  • Material: Polyester
  • Cost: $62

Minnie Mouse Kids Carry On Luggage

Minnie Mouse Kids Carry On Luggage

After buying Mickey-Mouse luggage for your son, don’t you wanna buy your daughter Minnie Mouse luggage? Brother and sister with their Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse luggage will look adorable together. This is a Backpack-cum-trolley available in a carry-on size. Speaking of which, you might want to take a look at our ‘what size is carry on luggage?‘ article from here. As a backpack, it has all the compartments and pockets needed for a school kid. The meshed pocket for a water bottle is something that you don’t find easily in other carry-on. In this way, it is really a good carry-on to buy.

This can be bought at a cheap price from Amazon Market.

  • Size: L 11.75” x H 14” x W 6”
  • Weight: 1.65
  • Material: Polyester Fabric
  • Cost: $44.94

GoPlus Store 2pcs Luggage

GoPlus Store 2pcs Luggage

A scratch-proof and waterproof luggage consisting of a trolley and backpack. This luggage is made from premium quality ABS plastic and hence it has more strength and durability. The ergonomically designed luggage can keep your kids comfortable throughout the journey. The skin of the luggage consists of birds and animals representing a forest. On a whole, it is a good choice for kids carry on luggage.

In order to buy this product, please visit the Amazon Shopping Site.

  • Height: 12 inches (ca. 30 cm)(Backpack), 16 inches (ca. 41 cm)(Trolley)
  • Weight: 1-2 lbs
  • Material: ABS
  • Cost: $65.99

What Are Some Pros And Cons Of Kids Roller Luggage?

Kids Roller luggage is an important piece of luggage among various types of kids travel bags. Though it is an essential part of travel, we tend to face some problems with it under certain circumstances. So, let us discuss in detail the pros and cons of using kids’ roller luggage.


Pack More Strain Less

This is a primary advantage of kids’ roller luggage. You can stow more items inside the suitcase when compared to a travel backpack. Since you have wheels, you will feel far less burden on your hands and shoulder when compared to the wide range of luggage used while traveling such as tote bags, backpacks, Duffel bags, etc.

Comfort Options

Kids roller luggage is available in several models depending upon the number of wheels in the luggage, handle type, material, etc. This means you have so many varieties of kids rolling luggage to choose from. You either choose a spinner with four wheels or choose a 2-wheeled suitcase for kids. The former performs well on smooth surfaces like the airport terminal. Hence, it is more suitable for people who travel on flights frequently. While the latter works well on both smooth and uneven surfaces. But, in this case, more load will be exerted on the kid’s hands.

Good For Air Travelers

Firstly, most Kids rolling suitcases can be folded and taken inside the plane as kids carry on luggage. Secondly, kids rolling luggage is absolute bliss when you are going for a family vacation on a plane or any other circumstances when you are traveling with your kid. If it had been other types of kids’ luggage, he would have been forced to carry a heavy load on this hand or shoulder. But here, the terminal surface and the roller blend well to give the kid a hassle-free traveling experience. Speaking of the context, ever thought what can you take on a plane? Take a look at it from here.



The Rolling suitcase for kids is rigid, and even the soft-sided ones are less flexible due to the frame. And, hence you will face difficulties while placing it on the overhead bin or under the seat in an airplane. You cannot compress it and make it fit inside the compartments. You should know what is the size of a kid’s carry-on luggage when folded.

Too Heavy For Lifting

This is the only part of your travel where you will feel heavy carrying a kids’ roller luggage. The weight of a kids’ roller luggage relatively more considering other types of luggage. This is because of the material used for manufacturing this product, the additional weight due to wheel and handle systems. In this situation, your kid will definitely need the help of his/her parents.

Why Should A Kid Have His/Her Own Carry-on Luggage?

Parents are doing a great service to themselves and the kid by buying their kid Carry-on luggage. The kids will learn numerous things after they start using a carry-on, and parents can be less stressed as they can retire from their supervisor job in the coming days.


Buying your kid their own luggage would put a big smile on your kid’s face. And there can be so many reasons behind that kid’s smile. Kids will be on could nine after getting their luggage. Since then, their only concern would be, when to use it?. So, if you are planning for any trip, your kid would be the first person to show interest in it. Luggage would become a symbol of joy and adventure for the kids.


You will see your kid asking you to pack for the trip a week before you are leaving. He would carefully listen to what the trip is all about because he/she has to store all the items that are required. From the start to the end of the trip, luggage would keep the kid interested and curious throughout the travel.


By giving him a luggage bag, you are teaching him to manage his own items. He will learn the following things.

How to pack?

What to pack?

Where to pack.?

Apart from packing, he would also learn how to safeguard his items outside the house. A piece of simple luggage would go a long way in teaching your kids necessary life skills.

Save Money

Kids carry on luggage is not only useful for kids, but it will help the whole family while traveling. You can stuff some extra travel items in the Large kids rolling luggage and get through check-ins. This will eliminate the need for another checking bag that will cost you more. However, be careful. Don’t overload your kids carry on luggage because according to medical experts, kids are allowed to carry a load that is only 10-15% of their body weight.

Be Relaxed

Allocating a piece of separate luggage for your kid and letting him/her manage it by themselves is the best relief you can get while traveling with kids. Also, since you are not packing your kid’s item in your luggage, you will not be wasting time searching in the mess of travel items. You can be more organized and relaxed during the journey.

What Features Should We Look for While Buying Kids Carry on Luggage?

Kids carry on luggage has some key features which should be checked before buying. These crucial points will help you with better usage of the products after you buy. So, let us take a look at those crucial features that we need to look for.

Size Of Kids Carry On Luggage

Size is an important factor while buying kids’ luggage. Kids’ luggage of various dimensions is available at the market. Each size of kids rolling luggage can only fit kids from a certain age range. Most product descriptions would mention the age range of kids who can use their product. If that is not the case, look for the age range in other products and relate it with the product you want to buy. However, this method is not exact but can be used when you have no information available.

If your kid’s height is above or below the average height of kids of his age, it is better to make a mind evaluation relating the height of the kids roller luggage with the height of your kid.

Hard-sided Vs Soft-sided

Based on the rigidity and structure, the kids roller luggage can be broadly classified into two types. And they are hard-sided vs soft-sided kid’s luggage. Among these two, which is the most suitable for your kid?

I would choose Hard-sided kids carry-on luggage. Why? Two main reasons are as below.

Protection And Durability

Hard-sided luggage has a rigid and strong outer structure. This feature is crucial for kids’ luggage because kids do not go easy on their luggage. Rough handling by kids is something that must be taken care of. And the only solution you could find for that is buying them this rock-hard luggage.

Another significant thing about Hard-sided kids’ luggage is its durability. They can bear numerous scratches and scrapes. Not only that, but it can also sustain a high number of beats and sudden impacts. On a final note, hard-sided luggage is built to last.


Stop feeling unsafe while traveling. This fear would sustain throughout the journey if you are traveling with soft-sided luggage. You will be worried about both your and your kid’s luggage. The exterior of this type of luggage can be cut open with sharp equipment. However, the market also sells soft-sided luggage that is tear-resistant.


When your kid is traveling with kid’s carry-on luggage, he will never bear the complete load of the luggage. The majority of the load would be eliminated by the wheel system. If you are buying your kid a 4-wheeled kids roller suitcase, he/she would hardly feel any load. But, as we discussed below, the only place you or your kid would feel heavy is when you are lifting it to place it on an overhead compartment in an airplane or any other place you have to stow it.


Design of the luggage places a key role in attracting your kid to buy the product and later use it. The design of the luggage includes the shape, theme, graphics, etc. that would appeal to the eyes of the kid. A high-quality graphic containing the favorite theme of the kids is sure to get sold on any market. In addition to these, design is also important for luring the kid to buy and use the luggage.


Kids love toys, dresses, and many other things they use. Just like adults. But the difference is, they are not mature or tolerant enough to be away from them for a few hours. And, the kids carry on luggage comes to help at this place. You can store all the items of your kid and get them inside the plane. I have included various models of carry-on that kids can carry with them. Please have a look at them and choose the best one that would suit your kid. Also learn about what cannot go in checked luggage by clicking this link here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)- Kids Carry on Luggage

1. What is the size of a carry-on?

A carry would usually fit inside an overhead bin of the flight. The price size for a carry-on according to US airlines is 9*14*22

2. Who will be benefitted from buying carry-on luggage for kids?

Both the parents and kid would be benefitted from it.

3. Are kid’s carry-on luggage expensive?

No. Most of the kids carry on luggage is available at an affordable cost.

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