Kids Hardside Luggage

Kids Hardside Luggage

Most kids don’t travel smoothly or handle luggage nicely. And that is why kids Hardside luggage is preferred for safeguarding the travel items packed inside. Likewise, kids are not attentive. They easily get distracted by events happening around them. If they are not paying attention to their luggage, there are high chances of kids theft or losing things. Furthermore, Hard-sided luggage is more durable than soft-sided luggage because of the strong material used.

Best Kids Hardside Luggage

Hardside luggage for kids can be a boy suitcase or toddler suitcase, depending on the age of the kid. So, I have come up with a list that contains Hardside luggage meant for various ages of kids. Have a look at them and choose according to the age of your kid.

Lttxin Kids Hardside Spinner Luggage

Lttxin Kids Hardside Spinner Luggage

Lttxin has used extra-thick ABS + PC material for fabricating a highly durable hard shell. This bag will not allow scribbles and scratches. The designer of the luggage has dealt well with the security aspect, using an in-built numbered lock system. The print on the exterior looks fancy and is in sync with kids’ mindsets. Kids aged between 3 and 10 can use this kids’ hard side spinner luggage.

You can avail this luggage at the Amazon store.

  • Height: 18 inches (ca. 46 cm)
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs
  • Material:  ABS+PC 
  • Cost: $69.98

Rockland’s Kids Hardside Spinner Luggage

Rockland's Kids Hardside Spinner Luggage

Kids love pets and pet-related toys. Isn’t the bunny one of the favorite dolls for kids to date? They love any product that comes in animal form. This is a kids hardside luggage which also has similar theme. It comes in a puppy model. And the puppy on the outer wall looks cute and adorable. With 360-degree spin wheels, your kid will have a great time using this personalized kids’ luggage.

This cute kids hardside luggage can be ordered from Amazon Website.

  • Size: L 12” x H 19” x W 10”
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Cost: $58.51

American Tourister’s kids Hardside Luggage

American Tourister's kids Hardside Luggage

Buy this kids’ hardside spinner luggage that features a cute-looking Grogu on the exterior. You can gift this to your kid if he is a big fan of Star Wars. Another highlighting thing about this Grogu print is, it matches the kid’s playful nature. And there are two wheels at the rear and afoot at the front. Your kid can handle this kids hardside luggage easily since 2-wheeled rollers have more flexibility when compared to 4-wheeled rollers.

Buy this for your little kid by ordering it on the online Amazon store.

  • Height: 18 inches (ca. 46 cm)
  • Weight: 4.32 lbs
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Cost: $84.99

Rockland’s Kids HardSide Spinner Luggage

Rockland's Kids HardSide Spinner Luggage

I am back with another Rockland product with a sea-animal theme. It is a shark!. Your kid can open this shark’s mouth and place his thing inside the tummy of the shark. This spinner luggage is fabricated using ABS as raw material and hence the luggage will be lightweight. This is especially a boy suitcase until your daughter is not a fan of sharks.

You can get this fish on the online Amazon market.

  • Size: L 12” x H 19” x W 10.5”
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Cost: $53.41

Rockland Ladybug Hardside Spinner Luggage

Rockland Ladybug Hardside Spinner Luggage

After a pet and sea-animal, now we have an insect called “ladybug”. Kids who love collecting insects or are interested in insects can buy this luggage. This luggage is not a dangerous insect, but a happy-faced red bug. It has a single handle for dragging, which I consider a disadvantage as far as comfort is concerned. On uneven surfaces, we will be forced to use a two-wheel and in such situations, this luggage will not function as we want it to.

Entomophiles can catch this bug at the Amazon Shopping site.

  • Size: L 15” x H 19” x W 11”
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Cost: $50.99

Kiddietotes Hardside Luggage—Panda

Kiddietotes Hardside Luggage—Panda

Kiddietotes have been manufacturing innovative luggage for kids. This luggage from Kiddietotes is essentially an amazing combination of kid’s scooter and luggage. It has a panda face on the facade and scooter features on the rear. Any kid would definitely enjoy using or riding this luggage. I think kids are lucky to get such luggage. However, I would welcome it if this type of luggage is manufactured for adults too. For more such scooter luggage for kids, check out this article from here.

For now, parents can buy this luggage for their kids from Amazon.

  • Size: L 13.5” x H 19.5” x W 8”
  • Weight: 7.88 lbs
  • Material:  Plastic-free polyurethane
  • Cost: $139.95

Shaun the Sheep Kids Hardside Luggage

Shaun the Sheep Kids Hardside Luggage

This is another creative luggage that you can buy for your kid. Your kid can literally ride on this sheep. The theme of the luggage is inspired by a famous show called “Shaun The Sheep”. The sheep luggage will be so fun for kids and even parents. You can make your kid sit on the luggage and pull them while you are traveling. This can be a good gift to your kid if your kids watch the “Shaun The Sheep” show.

Buy this Sheep-themed luggage online from Amazon Online Merchandise.

  • Size: L 9.4” x H 14.6” x W 17.7”
  • Weight: 5.07 lbs
  • Material:  Hard ABS plastic (Polycarbonate)
  • Cost: $81.99

Frozen Hardside Luggage

Frozen Hardside Luggage

Frozen is a popular movie that is very familiar among kids, especially daughters. It is due to the impact of the characters of the movie, Elsa and Anna(She is my favorite). And we have the sister characters printed in this kids’ hard side rolling luggage. The sisters on the print are gazing at something that you don’t see normally. Yup!. This is how you ignite the fire of curiousness in kids. The quality of the graphics is amazing and overall this is one of the best kids hardside luggage for your little princesses. More kids rolling luggage recommendations from here.

You can order these kids hardside rolling luggage for your little daughter from Mumkins.

  • Height: 18 inches (ca. 46 cm)
  • Weight: Info Not Available
  • Material: Info Not Available
  • Cost: $81.29

Humpty Dumpty Barbie Retro Trolley Bag

Humpty Dumpty Barbie Retro Trolley Bag

Introduce your kids to the “Barbie” of your era. The barbie looks cute and stylish. The background theme is red, and it is maintained throughout the bag. Now, talking about other features. It is made from durable material which is also less in weight. You have 8 wheels that can rotate 360 degrees. The design of the wheels gives this hardside luggage high maneuverability and flexibility. The 8-wheel feature also gives a noiseless travel experience during travel.

Add Retro-styled kids hardside luggage to your cart on the Amazon purchase site.

  • Size: L 7” x H 5.5” x W 3.5”
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Cost: $71.22 (Estimated price)

D’s PARADISE’s Kids hardside luggage – Doraemon

D's PARADISE's Kids hardside luggage - Doraemon

Doraemon-themed kids hardside rolling luggage looks amazing with a blue theme that matches Doraemon’s character. The facade of the luggage is printed with a Doraemon having his favorite confection ‘Dorayaki’. The entire luggage is waterproof and will not let water enter inside. The inside of the Hardside luggage contains two sections, and both together give your kid ample space for placing all his items.

You can buy this Doraemon-themed luggage from the Amazon store.

  • Size: L 23” x H 14” x W 9.4” (Package)
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Cost: $35.41

Materials Used For Manufacturing Luggage

The luggage manufactured from different materials will have different applications and are used for different purposes. Materials used for manufacturing Luggage can be broadly classified into two types, one is the material used for manufacturing Hard-sided luggage and another type is materials used for manufacturing soft-sided luggage.

Materials Used For Manufacturing Soft-sided Luggage


Nylon is a silk-like material made using polyamides of higher molecular weight. This synthetic polymer is an important raw material in clothing, luggage, automobile, etc. It is commonly manufactured as fiber for various applications however, this is not the case every time. Nylon is the most popular material used for fabricating soft-sided luggage.

Benefits: Nylon is resistant to wear and tear. Hence, it has high durability. This toughness is the reason for its usage in a wide range of products from clothing to luggage.

Downsides: One downside of Nylon material is, it is hard to dye. This means we have very few color options. Most of the time, only dark colors such as black are preferred.


Cordura is a synthetic fiber that is often made using a combination of materials such as nylon and cotton. This material became famous after World War 2 during which they used this material for tyres. However, this material was initially patented by DuPont In 1929.

Benefits: Sometimes Cordura is more preferred over Nylon due to its ability to accept dye material. We can coat a wide spectrum of colors to this material. This is an important aspect for manufacturing kids hardside luggage. Additionally, Cordura weighs lesser than nylon.

Downside: The only downside of this material, when compared to Nylon, is it is less wear and tear-resistant. This reduced the durability or lifespan of the material.


Polyester is the cheapest material when compared to the above two materials. When we are speaking about the quality, we should take note of the ‘Denier’ rating. This indicates the thickness of the fabric. The higher the thickness, the higher is the durability of the product that has used this material. Likewise, the higher the thickness, the heavier is the product.

Benefits: Products manufactured using this material are cheaper and hence affordable. It almost has all the quality needed except for a few.

Downsides: When we were discussing the properties of polyester, we said there are properties that it lacks. And among them, the biggest disadvantage is lack of durability. The cheaper the price, the less is the durability of the material.

Materials Used For Manufacturing Hard-sided Luggage

Numerous types of materials are used for manufacturing Hardside luggage. We will be discussing different materials that are used for fabricating luggage. In addition to that, the pros and cons of using such materials in the luggage will also be discussed.


This is one of the widely used materials for mass-producing Kids hardside luggage. This is due to the fact that ABS is the lightest material when compared to other materials used for manufacturing hardside luggage. It is also used widely in other products too!. Another highlighting feature about the ABS is, they are scratch-resistant.

Benefits: One advantage of using ABS material is it is light. But there is also another reason why people prefer luggage that is made from ABS. It is the ‘Cost’. Luggage made from ABS would be the cheapest in the market.

Downsides: The disadvantage of ABS is its rigidity. Due to this, the luggage made from ABS becomes more prone to cracks. If I have to explain it with an example, assume there is a sudden impact on the luggage, instead of withstanding or spreading the load, the luggage would crack. Another downside is, it is less durable when compared to all other materials.


Polycarbonate is another widely used material for luggage after ABS. It is a transparent plastic material used in a wide range of applications. This material is made using thermoplastic polymers that are built by carbonate groups, hence the name. Some downsides that are found in ABS are overcome by Polycarbonate.

Benefits: Unlike ABS, Polycarbonate is not rigid but flexible. Due to the flexibility, under the sudden impact, instead of cracking, the luggage will distribute the load and survive the shock. And this means it is more durable.

Downsides: We have to pay some extra pennies for the benefits we get by using polycarbonate. However, this is not the costliest material.


Polypropylene material is a polymer whose building blocks are Propylene. This material is popularly used in places that require a strong body. The strongest of this material can be understood by getting to know that in some places, Polypropylene is used in the place of metal because it is stronger and lighter.

Benefits: One of the main advantages of Polypropylene is, it is cheap in price like ABS but more durable. If a piece of luggage looks both cheap and durable, then it is most probably made from this material.

Downsides: They look cheaper and less durable. While the former is true, the latter is definitely not. This is one of the reasons why people overlook luggage made from propylene.


Aluminum is one of the lightest metals you can use for fabricating luggage. It is also resistant to rust because it is a non-ferrous metal. Due to these properties, it is used in a wide range of productions. However, luggage made from aluminum would be the least bought luggage in the market because other plastic materials are lighter and cheaper than aluminum.

Benefits: The durability of aluminum is unbeatable. It is stronger than any other plastic material. It will never break because it is malleable. So, there can be dents, but it will last for more years to come.

Downsides: Aluminum is the most expensive material used for making hard-sided luggage. And also the heaviest. As we discussed earlier, these two disadvantages make this material the least preferred material among other materials.

Best Material For Children’s Suitcase On Wheels

Analyzing all the materials used for both Hard-sided, I have chosen “Polypropylene” as the best material for kids hardside luggage. There are two main reasons for selecting it, one is its durability and another aspect is the cost. ABS is also a cheaper material like Polypropylene but not durable. The products that are made from Polypropylene, are more durable for their cost.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Hardside Luggage

Hard-sided luggage is preferred for various applications due to its properties. Let us take a look at how the innate properties of Hard-sided luggage become a pro or a con in the below discussion.



The strong and rigid structure protects the materials stored inside from big impacts. Hard-sided luggage is really a good choice to protect your valuables. It is naturally stable due to its rigid and flat base.


While using a few soft-sided luggage, the biggest threat would be someone stealing your items. Thieves can tear open the luggage using sharp materials, and there are chances that you may not realize that someone has stolen your item. But, Hard-sided luggage will not let it happen in any case. The hard shell of the luggage is really hard and thick for someone to unnoticeably slit your bag and rob the items present inside.


Hard-sided luggage can withstand rough handling. This unique advantage helps you in many scenarios. It will help if you are bad at handling the luggage, and it will also help you with the terrible journey the luggage may have to go through in the crowds.


Not Expandable

Even though the rigidity helps in protecting your items, at the same time it also limits the number of items you can store. You cannot store items beyond a defined volume. Another disadvantage due to rigidity is, you cannot keep objects that are beyond the dimensions of the luggage. While in soft-sided luggage, you can adjust or expand the luggage to a certain extent.

Fewer Pockets

Manufacturing hard-sided luggage with numerous compartments is expensive, and hence pockets on the outside or on the inside are avoided. Because of this, the traveler will face difficulty in organizing his travel items inside the luggage.


Features such as skin, durability, theme, etc. have been considered before enlisting the best kids hardside luggage. There is luggage for toddlers, tweens, and even teenage kids. Choose the best luggage that would suit your kid. Other than cost and display, knowledge of the materials used for manufacturing kids hardside rolling luggage. So, I have also shared the features of those materials and their pros and cons. Check out our other article on American airlines carry on size restrictions from here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)—Kids Hardside Luggage

1. Can we buy personalized kids luggage for our toddler?

Yup. Try buying the ‘Children’s suitcases on wheels’ type of luggage. It is even better if your kid can ride on the kids hardside spinner luggage.;

2. Which is more suitable for kids, 2-wheeled or 4-wheeled?

It depends upon your kid’s choice/ However, If your kid is a toddler, buy him a 4-wheeled suitcase as he cannot pull heavy weight.

3. Which is better for kids, Hard-sided luggage or Soft-sided Luggage?

Hard-sided luggage should be preferred for kids because such type of luggage is strong and tough.

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