Kids Luggage Sets

Going on a family trip can be an awesome plan, but packing is a hectic phase that you have to go through before that. Especially, if you have kids, packing can be worse. This is because the responsibility of packing kids’ travel items will be on you. Throughout the trip, the kid will be dependent on you, and you have to manage everything for him. For moms, this is really a nerve-racking task. Hence, it is better to buy your kids Luggage sets that would help them manage their things independently. Moreover, this is beneficial to both of you. The kid would learn to organize things, and you will experience a hassle-free journey.

Top 10 Kids Luggage Sets

While preparing the list, I have given utmost importance to design and skin. Because the kids want pleasing luggage sets, and it is the first step in getting your kid to use the luggage set. After that, other aspects such as quality, facilities, storage, etc. have been considered. Please take a look at the list below.

High Sierra’s Kids Luggage Set

High Sierra's Kids Luggage Set

Every kid will have their favorite teddy bear, and they literally wish to carry them everywhere. But we have to keep in mind that the kid and teddy are pals. If you are going to pack his pal in the luggage, he would definitely miss him for a great time. Luckily, you can help him travel with his pal by buying these Kids Luggage sets. This luggage set consists of a trolley and backpack with beautiful space cartoons. And the main highlight of this luggage set is the teddy strap which holds your kid’s pal.

  • Size: D 5” x H 12” x W 10” (Backpack)
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Size: D 8.3” x H 17” x W 13” (trolley)
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Cost: $82.36

“Shaun the Sheep” Kids Luggage Set

“Shaun the Sheep” Kids Luggage Set

This is a creative and fun-to-use luggage set for your toddler. It consists of a trolley and backpack. The design of the luggage set is inspired by the famous cartoon show Shaun The “Sheep”. Both the trolley and the backpack resemble the cartoon character “Shaun”. But the amusing feature of this luggage set is, you can seat your kid on the trolley sheep and drag the four-wheeled sheep trolley as you put on the backpack to the kid. Or you can attach the backpack to the trolley and let your toddler pull his/her luggage. Your kid will have great fun with this kid’s luggage set.

  • Size: D 7.9” x H 17.7” x W 11” (Backpack)
  • Weight: 55 lbs
  • Size: D 17.7” x H 14.6” x W 9.4” (Trolley)
  • Weight: 3.6 lbs
  • Material:  Hard ABS plastic
  • Cost:$95.99

Costway Kids Luggage Sets- Unicorn

Costway Kids Luggage Set- Unicorn

Kids luggage sets for your daughter. Why specifically for your daughter? Because they have cute unicorn prints and are in pink color. In addition to that, your daughter can easily push or pull her luggage set through a bustling airport terminal because the trolley has four wheels. Four-wheel trolleys have high maneuverability and hence less hassle. I am sure, your daughter will have a good time with this luggage set.

  • Size: D 9” x H 33” x W 12”
  • Net Weight: 5 lbs
  • Material:  ABS + Polycarbonate + Nylon
  • Cost:$72.99

Costway Kids Luggage Sets- Animal cartoon

Costway Kids Luggage Set- Animal cartoon

If any of your kids is an animal or animal cartoon lover, they definitely want to have this. In this luggage set, both the trolley and backpack have animal print, or wild animals to be precise. Both luggage together has enough space to hold your kid’s clothes, toys, snacks, and storybook. And the multi-directional wheel will help your kid maneuver the luggage easily.

  • Overall Size: D 9” x H 32” x W 12”
  • Net Weight: 6.5 lbs
  • Material: ABS + Polycarbonate + Nylon
  • Cost:$78.99

D’s PARADISE Kids Luggage Sets

D's PARADISE Kids Luggage Set

If you have two lovable daughters, or you know someone who has two daughters, you can gift them this Luggage. This luggage set consisting of a trolley and backpack has the print of characters of two sisters from the frozen movie. They can share this luggage set while traveling and learn to get together with each other. The lightweight of the bag helps them travel lightly. This is one of the best Kid’s Luggage set you can buy for parents who have daughters.

  • Size: D 5.1” x H 13.7” x W 8.6” (Backpack)
  • Size: D 8.6” x H 16.9” x W 13.3” (Trolley)
  • Net Weight: 3.3 lbs
  • Material: ABS + Polycarbonate
  • Cost:$35.66

GAMME 5 Princess Luggage Set

GAMME 5 Princess Luggage Set

Every daughter is a princess for her parents. And the daughter loves being her parent’s little princess, too. You can enrich this experience by buying your daughter this princess Luggage set. The wall of the luggage set is printed with princesses with high-quality graphics. The theme of the print is inspired by Disney, and it is certain to be a treat for kids who are fans of Disney. You might also want tot take a look at the disney carry on luggage article from here.

  • Overall Size: D 9” x H 33” x W 12”
  • Net Weight: 4.4 lbs
  • Material: Info Not Available
  • Cost:$28.94

Kidsrun 4 pcs Luggage Set

Kidsrun 4 pcs Luggage Set

This luggage set consists of a backpack, tote bag, purse, and pencil case. This is a good option to pick because it can save you some pennies and reduce the stress of buying things at different places. And that is why buying luggage this way is more efficient and economical. Your daughter can carry the backpack and pencil case to school. The tote bag and purse can accompany your daughter during picnics, school excursions, etc.

  • Size: D 4.7” x H 15.7” x W 11.4” (Backpack)
  • Net Weight: 1.7 Lbs
  • Material: High-quality Canvas
  • Cost:$19.86

Travelers Club Kids’ 5 Piece Luggage Travel Set

Travelers Club Kids' 5 Piece Luggage Travel Set

The best 5-piece kids Luggage set. This luggage set consists of a carry-on, backpack, lunch bag, neck pillow, and name tag. Your kid can use this luggage set on various occasions, be it in day-to-day activities or on a special occasion such as a family trip. That makes this the best multipurpose luggage set. Considering the special addition to this luggage set, a neck pillow, is really a good add-on. Because when kids are away from their bed, which is their most comfortable zone, need extra care.

  • Size: 18″ Hard side Carry-On Luggage, 15″ Backpack, 10″ Lunch Bag
  • Net Weight: 7.34 lbs
  • Material: ABS + Polycarbonate
  • Cost:$125

Heys Kids’ Travel Tots Owl

Heys Kids' Travel Tots Owl

Your kid will look adorable with this luggage set. It is due to the quirky and alluring look. The backpack and trolley are in the right size for any kid who is over 3 years old. Here, the back panel of the backpack is smooth and this gives your kid a smooth carrying experience. And the other side is sturdy to protect the items inside. Overall, this is one of the best kids luggage sets for kids who are studying at the elementary level.

  • Size: D 9” x H 18” x W 13.5” (Trolley)
  • Size: D 5.5” x H 13” x W 10” (Backpack)
  • Weight: 4.7 lbs
  • Material: Polycarbonate Composite
  • Cost:$69.99

CAMTOP Kids Luggage Set For Boys

CAMTOP Kids Luggage Set For Boys

This luggage set is specially designed for boys, with cars printed on the skin of the luggage set. It consists of a backpack and lunch bag which can be used for school. However, he can still use it for travel too. The backpack can store most of his items required for a picnic, or weekend visit to grandma’s house, etc. One other thing about this luggage set is its quality, which is one of the best. The water-resistant polyester and reinforced SBS zipper expand the life span of the backpack and lunch bag.

  • Size: D 5.1” x H 15” x W 11.8” (Backpack)
  • Size: D 4.3” x H 10” x W 7” (Trolley)
  • Net Weight: 1.45 lbs
  • Material: Polyester
  • Cost:$53.85

Factors to be considered before buying Kids Luggage Sets [Buying Guide]


The skin of the Luggage set plays an important role in the kid’s satisfaction with the luggage. Any kid will select a luggage set that has their favorite cartoon characters. So if you want to make your kid happy, please get to know what is her favorite cartoon character or any other fictional character that he/she adores. You definitely don’t wanna miss the joy and excitation your kid would get as soon as he/she sees the luggage set printed with their favorite cartoon.

Special Features For Kids

Please look for kid-friendly features in the luggage sets. They will be really helpful in managing your kids and their items. It is best if these Kid-friendly features can ease the travel of both the kid and you. But they are not meant to be comfort features every time, but also other features which the kid enjoys specifically.

Size and Weight

This is an important aspect to look for. You should prefer selecting a lightweight and carry-on-sized trolley. The lightweight helps your kid travel better and comfortably, and buying a carry-on-sized trolley can save you some bucks in an airport terminal.


Kids are always playful and even if you teach them security aspects, there is less chance that they are gonna listen to you. So, it is better to buy them luggage sets that have a better security system. Maybe a luggage set that has a lock system, anti-theft zipper closure, etc. should suffice. And by this way, you stay relaxed throughout the journey also you need not lay more stress on your kid.


There are two major materials used for manufacturing the kid’s luggage sets, and they are Polyester and Nylon. Considering the best properties of these two materials, one can select the best kids’ luggage set.


Nylon offers more strength with less weight when compared to Polyester. So if you wanna buy your kid a luggage set that is lightweight but also strong, one should prefer nylon material.


One of the biggest strengths the polyester has over Nylon is its water-repellent nature. No water is absorbed inside the polyester, but Nylon absorbs water. But this doesn’t mean nylon will let in water, the water will be stored in the pores of the nylon surface. This in turn increases the weight of the bag in moist conditions. And this is the disadvantage of Nylon.


Are looking for a luggage set that can stay with your kid until he grows up? If that is the case, you need a durable bag. And also the luggage set should be strong enough to withstand the rough handling of the kids who are still growing up. Keep in mind, all the parts of the luggage set should have high durability. But this durability depends on two factors, one is the material and the other one is the design.

Compartments and pockets

These features help your kid stay organized. The design of pockets and sleeves should be specifically designed, keeping in mind what materials an average kid would carry with him/her. A water-bottle pocket is a must if the luggage set includes a backpack. If your kid is a bunny lover, maybe a strap to hold his/her bunny would work well.


Kids should have a hassle-free travel experience with their luggage and for that, you have to buy them luggage that has high maneuverability. One of the important features that increase the maneuverability of the luggage is the wheel and retractable handle. The luggage can be either 2-wheeled or 4-wheeled, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you buy 2-wheeled luggage, you will have good flexibility even on uneven surfaces, but there will be more stress on your hand while dragging. On the other case, 4-wheeled luggage causes less stress on your hand, but you will struggle to drag them on rough surfaces. So it is better to buy luggage that can be converted to either 2-wheeled or 4-wheeled depending on the scenario.

Tips For Parents Traveling With Kids

Toys Will Help You In An Unimaginable Way

Kids are easily distractible, and that means you need to give more attention to them. This will in turn distract you from places where you need to stay in attention during travel. However, you can keep your kid engaged during the travel by letting him carry his favorite toy or you can even buy him a new toy during the trip.

Be Careful About Your Kid’s Medical Condition

Several kids have different medical conditions and during travel, there are possibilities of your kid getting sick. So while planning for the trip, stay attentive to the bottlenecks you may need to face during the travel and prepare for it well. If you are going by air, make sure you have informed the airline about the medical condition of your son. Always carry your kid’s medicines with you.

Get To Know What Your Kid What He May Need During The Travel

Kids do not voluntarily say what they want. It is the duty of the parents or caretakers to ask the kid what they would need during the travel. They may be shy or don’t remember, but you have to cajole them in order to get your kid’s list ready. This is important because if kids forget any items before the travel starts, they will stay adamant asking for his/her item if they remember lately.

Pack Necessary Items Only

As we were discussing priorly, it is important that we know what the kid wants during the travel. But it is not necessary that you pack all the items they say. If you are gonna overpack, then will have a battle throughout the journey with a hell of a lot of items in your hands. You should negotiate with the kids before you start your journey. They may feel sad for some time, but they will forget soon.

Tell Your Kids How They Are Gonna Travel

Before you start your journey, explain to your kids how they are gonna travel. This will give them a basic idea of the trip, and they will be better prepared.

Stay Attention To Your Kids

Always have an eye on your kids. While traveling in a bustling airport terminal or hoards of people in the street, there are possibilities that your kids are lost.

Teach Your Kids To Contact You

Kids are more curious and excited. And it is possible that these things can make kids lose track of their parents. Incidents like this can happen despite parents staying attention to their kids. So it is better to prepare for the worst and suggest ways to contact their parents. So, I would recommend parents provide their kids with their Name, phone no, address, and email address. Or at least any one of them.

Let Your Kids Travel With Their Own Luggage

As we discussed before, kids will behave more responsibly if they have their own luggage. In addition to that, it will also ease your load and responsibility stress. More preferably, buy them a luggage set that consists of a trolley bag and backpack. This will be more than enough for them.

Essentials That You Need To Pack For Kids

Napkins And Wipes

If are traveling with a toddler in flight, bring them enough to last for the trip. Please be aware that not bringing enough of them can be a disaster on the plane. You may also have a verbal spat with your co-passenger. Also, it is better to pack extra pair of clothes if the flight trip is long. You might also want to take a look at our best travel garment bags from here.


It is better if the kids have their teddy buddy with them. With these plushies on their hand, you can have a nap and take some rest. Or else you will have to spend huge energy entertaining them. I suppose the former one is a better option?


Don’t forget to pack snacks, especially if the journey is long. Kids go crazy if they are hungry, and it is not genuine to expect your kid to starve for some time. This is not the only place where kids will ask for snacks, they ask even if they are bored. Let alone kids, even adults pass their time with snacks. However, don’t pack more than what is required.

Story Books or Coloring Books

Seating in the same seat for hours without any activity is a punishment for kids. Don’t let them get upset here. You can bring some storybooks and read them. If not, bring coloring books and crayons that can keep them engaged.

Kid’s Tablet

This depends on the parent’s policy regarding child and technology. Be that as it may, I would suggest kids use the tablet under their parent’s supervision. You can uninstall applications that you feel are not safe for kids. Also, many phones or tablets have kid’s mode in them.


Unless your kid is not an infant or toddler, he/she can manage all the aforementioned items by themselves if they have a piece of separate luggage for themselves. This reduces the child’s dependency on the parent, and he will learn to travel independently.


Generally, for a kid, a combination consisting of a trolley and backpack is more than enough for any travel. But I have considered various combinations and circumstances in which luggage sets can be used, and have included luggage sets of different combinations. Luggage sets are economical and can be used for various purposes. So choose the one which apt for you in both the factors. Happy shopping! Also, take a look at our lightweight leather garment bag recommendations from here.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) ?

Which is the best kid’s Luggage set combination?

A luggage set consisting of a trolley and backpack is best for travel. But if you need a multipurpose luggage set, you can go for a 3 or 4 pcs luggage set.

Which theme should I prefer while buying a kids Luggage set?

Cartoon themes are more perfect for kids

Is it pressurizing if we are letting kids manage their own luggage?

Not really. Many kids love being responsible and if they feel pressured you should reconsider this.

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