What Size Is Carry On Luggage?

What Size Is Carry On Luggage?

It is better to be proactive than suffer from unexpected hindrances in the future. If you are a person who is going to travel by flight, then being proactive about carry-on luggage size is something not to miss out on. Before that, what is a carry-on? A carry-on is a piece of luggage that can fit inside the overhead bin inside the flight. Along with carry-on, you should also know what is a personal item. Personal items are products like purses, laptop bags, etc. that can be stowed below your seat in the aircraft. Each airline will have its weight and dimensions that define a carry-on. However, 22″ × 14 “× 9” can be considered a common carry-on size in most American Airlines. Still, I would advise you to check the carry on luggage size and weight from the official website of the airline you will be using.

What Size Is Carry On Luggage? – Airlines And Their Luggage Standards

As I said before, different airlines will have different weights and dimensions limits to let your luggage as carry-on and personal items inside the flight. I have another suggestion for you, which is to visit this luggagepros webpage. This webpage has details regarding most American Airlines’ carry-on size and personal items. However, let us briefly discuss various airlines and their luggage standards for carry-on and personal items below.

United Airlines

United Airlines allows you to take a full-sized carry-on and personal item inside the flight. However, there are restrictions for people who are traveling with basic economy tickets. We can discuss in detail the luggage standards and restrictions of this airline below.


According to United Airlines, a carry-on should fit inside the overhead bin. And the dimensions of that luggage should not be more than 22″ × 14 “× 9”. Please note that the dimensions include the handle and wheels(For rolling luggage).

Personal Item

The dimensions of a personal item should not be more than 17″ × 10“× 9”. And it should perfectly fit under the seat.

Other items

Other than the above two luggage, you can carry a few other items on board with you. And they are listed below.

  • A jacket
  • An umbrella
  • Reading material
  • Products that are bought with the airport premise.
  • Assistive devices (Used by people who have medical conditions and differently abled people)
  • FAA-approved Safety seat for child
  • A diaper bag
  • A breast pump
  • A camera
  • A pet carrier

Restrictions On Basic Economy Travelers

There are a few restrictions for people traveling with a basic economy ticket, as listed below.

  • Only one personal item can be brought on board.
  • If you are bringing a full-sized carry along with you, it will be considered as a check bag at the gate. You should pay the fee for checked bag and another $25 as gate handling fee.

However, the following Basic Economy passengers can follow the normal carry-on bag policy.

  • Passengers traveling on trans-Pacific flights to or from the U.S.
  • People Traveling with the ticket reserved MileagePlus® Premier® members.
  • Star Alliance™ Gold members
  • Primary card members  who have qualifying MileagePlus credit cards.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines have a few restrictions for people who are carrying infants. Other than them, all the other people can take their carry-on and a personal item with them free of charge. Before I start sharing the Delta carry on size and personal items dimensions, I would like to inform you that there is no restriction on the weights of carry-on or personal items. However, there are a few exceptions in this case. At certain airport terminals, they have restrictions on weight, and those airports are listed below.

Singapore – Changi International Airport (SIN) – 15 lbs

 Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK)-22 lbs

Pudong International Airport (PVG) -22 lbs


Like the previous, the delta carry on size is 22″ × 14 “× 9” too. It can be a Duffel bag or rolling suitcase, or any other type of luggage that fits inside the overhead bin. And the combined length should not be more than 114cms. In case you are traveling on Delta Connection flights with 50 seats or fewer and the overhead bins are full, your carry-on will be checked in. And it will be delivered to you after landing for free of cost. Or if your bag doesn’t fit on the overhead bin, a flight attendant or gate agent will help you in checking the bags at the gate.

Personal Items

Personal items that are similar in size with a laptop bag or purse would be considered personal items.

Other items

  • A jacket
  • An umbrella
  • Food and other products that are bought within airport.
  • Assistive device
  • Duty Free Merchandise.

For further information regarding Delta Carry on Size, you can visit the Delta Airlines page.

American Airlines

American Airlines allows its passenger to travel their passenger with a carry-on, personal item, and a few other items that cannot be considered as personal items. And it is free of charge. American Airlines carry on size and the maximum dimensions for a personal item will be discussed below.,


The maximum dimensions for American Airlines carry on size is 22″ × 14 “× 9”. These dimensions are according to FAA guidelines. Federal Aviation Administration is a US government’s civil aviation agency that regulates and controls civil aviation inside the American and on the international waters around the USA.

If your carry-on doesn’t fit inside the overhead bin, you may have to check in your bag. And you should also pay fees for it. But if you are traveling on Regional flights such as American Eagle®, you can get your luggage get checked in for free of cost. But make sure to remove batteries, electronic cigarettes, and other restricted items from checked bags.

Personal Item

You can carry a personal item whose dimension is below 18 × 14 × 8 inches (45 × 35 × 20 cm).

Other Items

Other than the above two, you can carry the below products on board.

  • Diaper bags (1 per child)
  • Soft-sided cooler bags with breast milk
  • Child safety seats
  • Strollers
  • Assistive device

But please be careful with what you are carrying because there are certain items that are not allowed in any case. Such products may be confiscated by the airport officials. To check what items you should not be traveling with, you may visit the American Airlines’ Webpage regarding Restricted Products. The webpage will also provide other details such as carry on luggage size, checked luggage fees, etc.

Southwest Airlines

Any Southwest Airlines passenger can carry with him a carry-on and personal item. If you are traveling with a pet, carriers will be considered either as a carry-on or personal item. Now let us talk briefly about southwest carry on size and maximum size of a personal item.


Southwest Carry on size is 10 × 16 × 24. If you are carrying any syringe or sharp items inside the carry-on, make sure to pack them safely so that they don’t come out and harm people handling the luggage. It can be you or some of the airline workers handling your luggage who will be getting hurt.

Personal Item

The maximum dimension of a personal item in Southwest Airlines is 18.5 × 8.5 × 13.5. Personal items include purses, briefcases, cameras, food containers, or laptops, etc. However, Make sure they are encased.

Other Items

  • Lithium batteries
  • E-cigarettes, and lighters
  • Assistive Devices
  • Outer Garments such as coat or jacket.
  • Food

If you need more clarity regarding carry on luggage size, visit the official website of Southwest Airlines.

Air Canada Airlines

Air Canada Airline does not have any restrictions over the weight of the carry-on or personal item. However, be certain that you can lift your carry-on and stow it inside an overhead bin by yourself. And the personal item should fit in below your seat. In case, you are traveling with an infant, you are allowed to travel with one additional carry-on. The carry-on may contain travel items related to the infant.


The standard size for a carry-on in an Air Canada flight is 18 × 14 × 8.

Personal Item

The maximum dimension of a personal item in Air Canada Airlines is 17 × 13× 6.

Other Items

  • A jacket
  • A purse (10 × 12 × 5.5)
  • 1 Diaper bag
  • Smoking related items such as Butane lighter, e-cigarettes, matches (Note: You are not allowed to smoke inside. Items like cigarettes must not be taken out from your carry-on or personal item)
  • Cannabis for medical purpose
  • Electronic gadgets such as phone, headset, iPad, laptops etc. (The seat back pockets cannot sustain the weight of laptop, avoid using them for stowing laptop)
  • Garment bags that meets the dimension limits of a carry-on.

For further information related to carry on luggage size, visit the website of Air Canada Airlines.

We hope that tells you everything you need to know about the questions “What Size Is Carry On Luggage?”

Luggage That Has Carry On Luggage Size

I am including some of the best luggage available in the market which also meets the airline’s carry on luggage size limit.

Monos Carry-on

Monos Carry-on - What Size Is Carry On Luggage?

This luggage has a perfect dimension for a piece of carry-on luggage. The exterior dimensions of this carry-on are 22″ × 14″ × 9″. And this is the majorly accepted carry-on luggage size by American Airlines. The design of the luggage looks fashionable and stylish. It is available in various monochromatic colors. But, bright colors have been avoided for a cool look.

You can buy this neat and sleek carry on from Monos.com

  • Cost: $225
  • Weight: 7.01 lbs
  • Material: German polycarbonate hard shell

Amazon Basics 21-Inch Hardside Spinner

Amazon Basics 21-Inch Hardside Spinner - What Size Is Carry On Luggage?

If you are looking for a carry-on at an affordable cost with high quality, then this is the one you have to choose. The bag has a decent look and is made with high-quality materials. The product dimension is 22″ × 14.9″ × 10″ including wheels. Note that, it is slightly above the standard carry on luggage size. It is available in four colors namely Blue, Navy Blue, Black, and Orange.

This product is available in Amazon Store.

  • Cost: $76.86
  • Weight: 7.34 lbs
  • Material: Extra-thick ABS

Kenneth Cole Reaction Carry-on

Kenneth Cole Reaction Carry on

This 8-wheel spinner carry-on has high maneuverability. The dimension of this bag is 22″ × 14″ × 9-11″. It is expandable up to 2 inches (ca. 5 cm). This dimension meets the dimension standard of most American Airlines. The exterior of the luggage has a classic trolley texture. And it is available in a wide spectrum of colors.

Buy this carry-on spinner from Amazon Online Store.

  • Cost: $120.01
  • Weight: 7.85 lbs
  • Material: ABS

Original Cabin 22-Inch Wheeled RIMOWA Carry-on

Original Cabin 22-Inch Wheeled RIMOWA Carry-on

If you are looking for an elegant-looking and rich carry-on, then this carry-on is for you. The silver grooves outside show the legacy of RIMOWA. A good deal of luggage manufacturing companies has adopted this groove pattern now, however, one must not forget that it was first introduced by RIMOWA. To be a part of such a big legacy, you may have to pay a high price. The price of this piece of luggage is more than 1000 dollars.

You can order the legacy spinner from Nordstrom.com.

  • Cost: $1150
  • Weight: 10.25 lbs
  • Material: Anodized aluminum

Outbreaker Backpack

Outbreaker Backpack

One of the best soft-sided luggage carry-on you can buy in the market. This is a big backpack that holds enough items needed for a big journey. Since the bag is expandable, the dimension of the bag is below standard carry on luggage size. The exterior dimension of this backpack when unpacked is 20.3 × 12.9 × 8.2. It will be a perfect carry-on for international air travel.

Order this backpack from tourtubackpacks.com.

  • Cost: $299 (currently out of stock)
  • Weight: 4.6 lbs
  • Material: VX21 waterproof sailcloth

Travelpro Carry-on Luggage

Travelpro Carry-on Luggage

Soft-sided roller luggage that meets the dimension requirements of carry-on. The overall dimension is 17.5×14.5×8.5. It is also lightweight. It is available in four colors such as Azure Blue, Black, Dusty Rose, and Slate green.

You can buy this product from Amazon Store

  • Cost: $266.61
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs
  • Material: Polyester Fabric

Samsonite Hardside Spinner- Carry-on

Samsonite Hardside Spinner- Carry-on

This is one of the bestseller luggage on Amazon. Not only a bestseller but also the best-rated luggage in the category of hard-sided carry-on. It has a 4-7 star rating with more than Fourteen Thousand ratings. However, since it is a Samsonite, it is no surprise for us. Samsonite has been producing some of the best luggage in the market. Speaking about dimension, the 21 inches (0.53 m) version of this luggage’s dimension is 19 × 14.5 × 9.75. This is below the standard carry on luggage size in most American Airlines.

One of the finest pieces of luggage from Samsonite can be ordered via the Amazon website.

  • Cost: $129.99
  • Weight: 6.81
  • Material: Micro-diamond Polycarbonate

Travel Pro Tote Bag

Travel Pro Tote Bag

If you are looking for a piece of carry-on luggage that can be stowed under your seat, you should probably choose this. Moreover, this luggage is lighter than other types of luggage. The weight of this luggage is just 1.6 lbs. It is made from polyester and has good durability. Talking about the dimension, it has a pretty smaller dimension and hence it can be carried onboard in most of the airlines.

Visit Amazon Shopping Site to buy this product.

  • Cost: $77.42
  • Weight: 1.6 lbs
  • Material: Polyester Fabric

CAMTOP Store Tote Bag – Carry-on

CAMTOP Store Tote Bag – Carry-on

Hey Ladies! Are you looking for a stylish tote bag, that can be carried on board as a carry-on? If that is the case, buy this elegant-looking and fashionable tote bag made up of Canvas and Leather. While carrying this through an airport, you can attach it to your trolley through the trolley strap present at the back of the tote bag. The dimension of this bag is 16.2” x 14.5″ x 8″. It is way below the normal carry on luggage size of airlines.

This stylish tote bag can be ordered from Amazon Super Store.

  • Cost: $34.99
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs
  • Material: Canvas

Restrictions On Carry-on Luggage

Most American Airlines follow the guidelines provided by Transportation Security Administration(TSA). Hence, it will be good for you, if you take a look at the items that should not be carried during air travel. For that, Please visit the official website of TSA. Also, different airlines have different policies regarding what you should pack and what all items you should not pack inside a carry-on. So check their websites too.

Safe Packing Pointed Objects

While carrying sharp and pointed objects, you must pack them in a way, that those objects don’t tear and poke out. This is critical because you may hurt someone on the way and also there are high chances that you can get hurt from that. So, for your and others’ safety, please pack the sharp materials safely.

Infant Carry-on

Certain airlines allow you to board with an additional carry-on if you have an infant. It is ethical and important that you use that additional carry-on to store the essentials that are used for your infant. The items can be a diaper, Milk Bottle, or any other accessories related to the infant and mother.

Pet Carry On

Any pet carrier would be considered as a carry-on only. So, if you are planning to board the flight with a pet, you either carry the pet carrier and a personal item or carry-on and pet carrier. You cannot board with a carry-on, personal item, and pet carrier on board. In such cases, your carry-on luggage would be checked in at the gate(Note:- Charges should be paid for this).

Benefits Of Carry-on Luggage

Carry-on luggage is beneficial in many ways when you are traveling on flights. Let me list a few benefits and explain them briefly.

Essential Items

You should store the essentials that you use frequently inside a carry-on. Because carry-on can be stored above your overhead bin or below your seat. Hence, you can easily reach those items.

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Overnight Bag

Most carry-on luggage can accommodate enough items required for a day or two. If you are doing intercontinental travel on a flight for meetings or conferences, a carry-on would be the best piece of luggage. Finally, we can call carry on as the most suitable luggage for Business people.


People with medical conditions would require medicines at any point during travel. A Carry on luggage can do that work effectively. If the concerned person has to carry syringes, it is better to inform the crew member priorly. Because they will arrange for the disposal of the syringe and other materials safely.

What Is Checked Baggage?

You can’t carry checked baggage with you. The luggage will be sent to the cargo section located under the flight. And you will be charged a fee for this. The average fee for checking in a bag is $25. It can be more depending on the airline. Speaking of the context, check out our other article on what’s not allowed in checked baggage from here.

Size And Weight

Any luggage size that is above carry on luggage size will be checked in. We call such luggage checked luggage. The maximum dimension or load of checked luggage varies from one airline to another. It also varies according to the ticket you are holding in your hand. Business and economic class tickets will have different sizes and weight allowances.


Each airline will have a limit on the number of checked-in bags a passenger can carry on the flight. It will also vary according to the start and destination.

All this information about the limitations of checked baggage will be available at the official website of respective airport websites.


If you are a member with partners of the airlines, you will have more benefits. For example, for members of Oneworld Sapphire and TrueBlue Mosaic, your 1st and 2nd checked bag will be complimentary if they are traveling on American Airlines. In other words, you don’t have to pay for them.

Fees Charged On Checked Baggage At Various Airlines

Various Airlines charge checked baggage with different fees. I have included fees charged by two popular airlines below. Please have a look at them.

United Airlines Baggage Fees

You can calculate United Airlines Baggage fees by visiting this United Airlines page. The aforementioned link will redirect you to a webpage that is dedicated to computing the fees after you enter a few essential details.

Delta Baggage Fees

The Delta baggage fees for your first checked baggage would be $30 and for the second it is $40. The aforementioned prices apply only to the checked baggage that weighs below 50 lbs. If you need to estimate the fees with or without booking a ticket on the airline, visit this website of Delta Airline. The website also provides details regarding carry on luggage size.


Traveling in flight can be a challenging task if we don’t have enough information regarding luggage restrictions and regulations at the airport. So, it is important to research thoroughly before you begin your journey. Visit the official website of the airport you will be boarding and the destination airport. Read their regulation and norms related to carry on luggage size and weight. I have tried detailing some common restrictions and regulations that exist in many airlines. I hope it helped you. Also check out our ‘What can I bring on a plane?‘ article from here to know about different restrictions that the airplanes authorities put on travel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Carry On Luggage Size

1. What items can we carry inside carry-on luggage?

Visit the official website of the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) to get a list of products that are not allowed to carry inside the flight and your luggage.

2. Which is a better carry-on Soft-sided or Hard-sided luggage?

If you ask me, I would choose hard-sided luggage. Because soft-sided luggage or expandable and hence your luggage may get checked in.

3. What is the standard carry on luggage size?

The carry-on luggage size will vary from one airline industry to another. It is better to check the carry-on size at the official websites of the airlines.

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